Airtel Bangladesh Free internet trick

This trick has been Updated at 1:00 am , 25th July 2013

Indian Airtel users are already enjoying free internet trick in their country but the same provider is available in Bangladesh. So why Bangladeshi Users are deprived of any tricks? This trick was shared by one of our reader. So he takes all the responsibilities.

This trick is mainly for Nokia S40 and symbian phones but you can also configure it for any devices including Android and China mobiles.

Airtel Bangladesh Free internet trick


For NOKIA S40 mobile:

First Go to
>>Personal configurations
>>Add new
>>Account name : bdtrickz
>> Home :
>> Use preferred access point : no
>>Access point setting
>>Proxy eanable
>>Proxy address
>>proxy port : 80
>>bearer setting >> pocket data account
access point : internet

Now open Official Operamini and Bookmark the following address:

If you want to visit


If you want to visit 🙂

Finally Facebook will redirect you to the URL you want to go . After browsing sometime you may face some kind of ERROR message , Just dial the bookmark again and it will refresh your session.






Afjalur Rahman Rana & Salman Abedin
Thanks to Proxy hunter team

For China mobile:

Go to
>wap/ internet
>data account
# account name: Bdtrickz
# Access point name (APN) : airtelinternet Save it..
Then goto wap/internet
>select sim
>add new
# Profile name: bdtrickz
Home :
Data account: bdtrickz (that you created already)
#Connection type: http
>use proxy=yes
Proxy address: Port: 80

Now save.

Follow above instruction with your default Browser go to

Airtel Free Internet with UC browser:

USE default phone settings and use this UCBROWSER

Courtesy : Sagor


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  1. kaj kore 🙂

    • CGI Proxy for Airtel:

      01. FrontQuery: (Resume Supported)

      Port: 80
      Apn: airtel
      Prov Link:

      02. FrontQuery:

      Port: 80
      Apn: internet

      * nokia s40 hole proxy ,port, apn diye prov make korben.
      ** jekono handler menu te sudhu front query bosaben, r kichu change korte hobe na.
      *** sim e obossoi mb rakhte hobe.
      ***Symbian /other phn hole Proxy, Port,apn diye manual config create korte hobe.

  2. vai a trick dia ki download korar kono way asa?

  3. Vai amr set hoilo nokia xpressmusic 5130..aita te pack kine address a geleo net kate..abr package shesh hoe gele ar chalano jay as u go pack tao chalu krte pari na..amr set a ki ai trick kaj krbe??naki onno kisu kra lgbe?

    • Airtel sob sim e free deini. tai apnar sim change kore dekhe paren. oneke amake boleche je ai trick ti kaj korche, oneke apnar moto complain o koreche,

    • Hello Jabed, Ami amar nokia 5130 e ei trick ti try kore dekhechi and eta kaj korche. apni configuration setting set korechen ki? apni Settings>>Configuration settings e giye default configuration hisebe personal config. select korun , ebar preferred access point e giye bdtrickz select korun. Ebar apnar phone er Operamini browser diye ei trick ti agian try kore dekhun, Kaj korbei.

  4. Vai pay as you go kmne chalu krbo??shob sim a fb free na korar karn ki??

  5. 400 mb er moto free download korci…thnkx vaia…thnkx a looooot

  6. tanjil2009 says

    thanks admin its working on my java china phone

  7. vai amar set samsung s5222. Ami airtel use kori. . Kivabe free dwnlod korbo? Jodi kono upay thake tahole plz ektu help korle valo hoito. R amar set java. . . .

  8. Bai amar airtel no.atate ki
    system ta ase ki na bujar upay ki pls help me.
    Bai ami ki tahole free net use korte parbona.

    • Now Airtel has given this opportunity to all airtel users . You have to configure your mobile accordingly. Its working on my nokia 5130 xpress music now.

  9. ami free download korte partesina, kono suggestion Munna bhai

  10. boss, jodi operamini handler na thake, onno browser diye hobe? internet setting e change kore kaj chalano jabe? ami phone r desktop e use kori. Ajke try korsilam but kaj hoe nai, taka katse

    • pc te eta kaj korena. pc te apni handler opera use korte parben. Techtunes e erokom ekta post recently publish hoyeche. Onno browser diye browsing / download kichui somvob na.

  11. bhai ami samsung gt-e1282t sat use kori ai trick ta ki amar handset a use kora jabe???????

  12. boss ami samsung galaxy s3 phn & airtel sim use kri but free cholena mb and taka kate vasy vasy soo apni jodi kono free chalanor tips diten too amr jonno valo hto.

  13. boss ami samsung galaxy s3 phn & airtel sim use kri but free cholena mb and taka kate vasy vasy soo apni jodi kono free chalanor tips diten too amr jonno valo hto.

  14. bhai… parle nokia 5530 te kibhabe settings gula apply korbo sheta jodi ektu step by step lekhe dite to khushi hotam…..:D

  15. [sociallocker] First tell me if it is Java or Symbian. If it is a Jav mobile then just download official operamini 4.2. Download operamini 4.2 and follow my post. I don’t know the process for symbian. [/sociallocker]

  16. munna vai ami apnar ei airtel er tricks diye gp te freee net chalate partesi.. tobe akhon ki eta diye unlimited download korte parbo???

  17. OMG. Thanks a lot. I am using this trick on Banglalink with Nokia 5130. Ai proxy ta Banglalink eo kaj kore. Thanks again coz atodin por akta free net trick pailam.with 0.00 balance.

  18. vaia amar handset ar model symphony xplore w20 ame airtel a thea search korla fb use kora jai but taka kate…..
    apne pls amake bolban akhon ke kora jai…..

  19. Munna bhai amar handset ar modal symphony xplore w20 ame ke airtel free Internet use korta parbo…?

    • munna bhi pls android a airtel free facebook browsing ar setting ta deban..
      Handset model-Symphony Xplore W20 dea facebook use korla taka kate……

    • first download operamini v 4.2.apk for your phone. now change internet configuration setting as it is said here.

  20. ami kibabe symphony s103 java mobile airtel free net chalate parbo.please tell me MUNNA BAI

  21. vai android a chalano jabe

  22. amar phone trick ta kaj korche. but akta error massage show kore. chara onno kono page asena. can u help me?

  23. opera mini handler a front query bade onno option gula ki dibo?

  24. ar jei uc browser ar link ta deya oita broken. Pls ekta notun link dan.

  25. vai android e kivabe setting korbo? ?? par si na. .

  26. Samratmoinul says

    Vi windows phn ER jonno kono free trick dite parben khub upokar hoto

  27. Vai amai ki maximus max4 version 5.1 at a chlate parbo…..?
    Alto bolben kosto Kore……..
    R kibhabe Kore setao akto bolen…..?

  28. Do you have any configuration for redmi S2

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