Antivirus is not enough to fully protect your data

If you are currently using an antivirus solution to keep your data safe and secure, know that it can’t provide 100% protection. Online threats have evolved greatly and antivirus is only a single layer of security that you need. It does a better job at covering threats like worms, viruses, trojans, while advanced malware strains (ransomware, phishing or social engineering threats) manage to evade antivirus detection.

Nowadays, cyber attacks are brand new and unlisted in antivirus databases, which are designed to sneak past your antivirus product and compromise your computer. People rely on antivirus as their only protective layer, but it’s just not enough. Antivirus is often ineffective in blocking advanced malware attacks.

What Heimdal PRO Ransomware protection can do for you

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Heimdal PRO (< – click to get a special discount) is built to protect from advanced malware (like ransomware or banking trojans) that traditional antivirus can’t detect.

Heimdal PRO can block different malware infection sources such as malicious email attachments, infected links you may receive in your email, infected web pages or malicious web apps that appear legitimate at first, but are actually aimed at spreading malware.

How Heimdal PRO works

Heimdal PRO is an antimalware solution that includes 3 layers of protection against advanced malware attacks:

1. Traffic scanning and filtering

With its DarLayer Guard feature, Heimdal PRO (< – click to get a special discount) proactively scans all your incoming and outcoming Internet traffic to identify all types of malicious connections. When the engine is enabled, Heimdal PRO will apply a filter on the network adapter that will scan for infected sites and other web locations (servers, online ads, etc.) with the potential to install malware on your computer.
You should know that all the filtering process takes place quickly and will not affect your Internet connection speed.

2. Detection and blocking of advanced malware (VectorN Detection)

With the malware scanning feature, Heimdal PRO (< – click to get a special discount) works proactively to detect and block second generation malware like ransomware that tries to compromise your computer and encrypt your files.
VectorN Detection feature works hand in hand with the DarkLayer Guard feature and uses Machine Learning Detection to perform an in-depth analysis of all incoming and outgoing HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS traffic.

3. Automatic and silent patching feature was created to silently keep your software programs and applications up to date and patched, without annoying you with notifications.

In Heimdal PRO, the patching system is split into two sections:
• software patching (designed to monitor and update the programs installed on your computer)
• recommended software (here you have the option to install a software program with just a click).

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You should know that Heimdal PRO is compatible with any antivirus product available on the market. It’s not meant to replace your antivirus, but complement it, so you can benefit from multiple layers of protection to better fight against advanced malware threats.


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