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Searching in Google about Best Torrent Sites will not give you the popular and safe website link it is because the authentic ones are already blocked by the search engine. Hence, accessing torrent files from a safe address is very important because a fake torrent site can harvest your REAL IP address and hand the information over to the Law Enforcement Agency. To give you relief, I have compiled only the reputed torrent sites here and you must turn on a torrent VPN before accessing those websites because your ISP might block these torrent sites. The risk associated with torrent sites is that as torrent is a peer-to-peer network, your real IP address is public. Your ISP will receive a copyright infringement notice and forward the notice to you asking for compensation/fines by the copyright holder. Check our comprehensive and tested guide on Best VPN for Torrenting article here.

Have you ever wondered how your friend or colleague is enjoying the favorite music, movie, game, or show that was just released? How did your friend get access to this creative, valuable stuff that is difficult to purchase for an average consumer? How are they listening to the latest music and using the current applications without paying anything? Well, the answer in one word is ‘torrent’. Your friends and colleagues have gained access to this valuable digital content by using a file, known as a torrent file. A torrent file is just a single file containing information regarding the other files that are to be downloaded. It is also called metadata. BitTorrent network or protocol is used for this purpose. The process of downloading is expedited because instead of downloading files from a central server location, files are downloaded from the devices of other users who are connected to the BitTorrent network. It is a classic example of Peer-To-Peer (P2P) file sharing. When you download a special file from the torrent site having a .torrent file extension, the rest of the process is automated and you just need to execute the .torrent file. Some torrent sites also present a Magnet Link that directly leads you to the downloading of the required files. In the next section, I will explain the benefits of using torrent sites. I will also tell you about the best torrent site for many categories such as software, games, TV shows, movies, music, eBooks, applications, and 4K movies. There are also some security risks associated with using the torrent site, and your computer may also get infected with malware if you use a fake torrent site. Therefore, you must always use the best torrent site based on my recommendations. Please be aware that, Techspree doesn’t encourage piracy and the purpose of this article is entirely for educational purpose only.

Torrent Sites – Benefits and Risks

The biggest strength of torrenting is that there is not a reliance on a single, centralized server. Imagine a single web server and data server offering files for free that also includes copyrighted content. It is most likely that this server and website will be reported and removed from the web. But the files included in a torrent are not stored on a single server. They are accessed by the interactions of seeders and leechers. Seeders possess the required files and they upload them on the BitTorrent network. Leechers download these files by using a torrent client such as µtorrent or BitTorrent. To download all the required files, all you need is to download and install a torrent client. This program will then read all the information in the .torrent file and connect seeders and leechers to exchange data. The participating computers in this exchange are called peers and the whole network is termed a swarm.

The torrent client builds a connection to a tracker. The tracker holds the information of the relevant IP addresses in a swarm. When the torrent client gets the IP addresses, all peers are connected and the file-sharing process begins without the presence of any centralized server. This is the biggest benefit of torrenting, i.e. the parts of a file are available with different seeders, and therefore, it is almost impossible to prevent leechers from accessing these files. One key benefit of a torrent site is that the torrent client remembers the data that has been fetched so far. So, even if there is a sudden power-off or disconnection, the downloading process resumes from the point it disconnected the last time.

In the next sections, I will highlight the best torrent site available in different categories. When you download any torrent client, you will observe that there are free versions as well as paid versions for the clients. For example, µtorrent offers four editions known as Basic, Ad-free, Secure Torrenting, and Be Anonymous. Only the Basic version is available as a free download. But in the basic version, your site activities are not anonymous and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can know which of the best torrent site you have visited. Some torrent sites may not be accessible in a particular country. In such cases, you can use the paid version with secure torrenting and VPN services. These services hide your identity and you can also unblock a torrent site from your location.

Torrenting itself is not illegal because it is just a protocol or mechanism to connect seeders (uploaders) and leechers (downloaders) in a network (swarm). However, even the best torrenting site has file links and magnet links that point to copyrighted material. Therefore, when you download and share copyrighted material, it is illegal. Nonetheless, due to a decentralized network, and the involvement of multiple players in the file-sharing system, it is difficult for the law enforcement agencies to prove the crime and send a person to jail for torrenting. The situation becomes further complex when users hide their IP Addresses by using VPN.

Some countries have strict laws for copyright infringement. In the U.S., you may face up to five years of imprisonment and pay up to US$150,000 for each content. So, even if you access content from the best torrent site, ensure its limited distribution so that you do not emerge in the public domain as the distributor of copyrighted content without the permission of the owner.

VPN use is good for accessing the torrent site because your actual IP Address is hidden from any tracker. In that case, IP Address is even hidden from the ISP. Nonetheless, ISPs also track VPN traffic using their accounts. Some countries have even put a ban on using VPN such as Russia, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. Therefore, you should consider these factors while purchasing a VPN plan or using a VPN. Don’t have time to research on the best VPN for torrenting? Here is our compiled list of only the best one that gives blazing fast download speed on torrent with top-notch privacy and security. During our test, NordVPN turns out to be the fasted torrent VPN because of their optimized torrent VPN servers.

Best Torrent Sites: How to choose best torrent site

Several factors are considered for evaluating and designating the best torrent site. There is no doubt that the availability of required content is the most attractive factor that will persuade the visitor to access the best torrent site. However, other factors also contribute to the health, stability, and viability of a torrent site. When you search for a product such as software or music content on a torrent site, you will see a count of seeders and leechers for each link. If a product is available but there is a very low count of seeders and leechers such as 10 or 20, the product will either not download successfully or take a huge time for file sharing. Therefore, the availability of a large number of seeders is a critical factor regarding the speed and response time from a torrent site.

Although many torrent sites are available with public BitTorrent trackers, yet there are also private BitTorrent trackers available on the web. The accessibility to these trackers is selected and limited. Unlike the public torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay or isoHunt, in which anyone can search and download torrent files, private trackers are accessible only by invitation from other users. Account creation is mandatory for using the service in the case of private trackers.

Your internet connection is governed by the policies set out by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs may block some of the best torrent sites, and the governments may also impose restrictions in a particular country. You can use different methods to access those torrent sites such as using a Torrent VPN like NordVPN, changing the DNS server, or using a Chrome browser extension. The next sections are devoted to introducing you to the best torrent site in different categories:

Best Torrent Site for Software

Software is one of those digital assets, for which the users frequently look for the best torrent site. It is because procuring the license of software is highly expensive. Imagine you have a laptop with no licensed software. You will need to purchase a licensed operating system, Microsoft Office packages, Adobe Photoshop, and much other software. The overall cost of these licenses may even exceed the cost of the laptop. And here is even a more painful story; within a few months, you will find that a new version of the installed software is available, and you need to pay for the new version of the software! Therefore, in the digital world, it is not prudent and advisable to ‘go by book’. You need to search for those avenues that could satisfy your requirements, and at the same time, you incur minimal or no cost. Torrenting is one of those strategies. When it comes to the best torrent site for software, here is the list you should always consider:
RARBG is the best torrent site for software downloads. Although the Home Page of the site lists various categories of torrent files such as Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, and Software, the dominant area that attracts users to this site is Software. The site even offers the facility of top 10 torrent lists under each category to know the trends and patterns of downloaded torrents. The site is banned in different countries, and you may have to use a VPN. The site also shows too many ads that may be frustrating, particularly for beginners.

1.2. Torrentdb
Another popular entry in the list of the best torrent site is Torrentdb. As of July 07, 2021, the website shows the number of available torrents as 21,789,251, and it also includes an extensive collection of software. On the Home Page, torrents are classified into different categories, and Software is one of the main categories on this site. You will need to download and install a free TorrentDB binary client to get the new releases of software. According to the website, this measure is taken due to security issues and hard regulations for BitTorrent users.

1.3. 1337X
You can search for torrents on this website under different categories, and one of the most widely-used categories is Applications and Software. The website has an intuitive interface and all categories also show Popular Today, Popular This Week, Trending Today, Trending This Week, and Top 100 Torrents This Month. For each torrent entry, the website also shows the number of seeders, number of leechers, file size, and id of the uploader. You will have to visit this site manually by entering the address because Google hides this torrent site from the search results. The website frequently shows sleazy ads, and you should be cautious about opening this site at your workplace.

2. Best Torrent Site for PC Games
Game lovers find the PC a great tool for playing games. Moreover, they want to learn and play the most recent and famous games. The following entries in the best torrent site for PC games will enable you to enjoy and play your favorite games with minimum or no cost.

2.1. The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is considered the best overall site attracting users to various torrent categories. However, PC Games is one of the biggest strengths of this site and enthusiastic and avid game users consider it as a heaven for downloading recent and the latest PC games. The website also has the distinction of being the most popular torrent site in the world. The website also assigns tags to trusted users and VIP users that indicate whether a given torrent is legitimate and safe to use. The website shows millions of torrents and the magnet links are also available. The website owners have not focused on updating the user interface that looks almost similar since its inception. However, still, the rich content available on the site concerning PC games makes it a one-stop-shop for the torrenting needs of the PC games.

2.2. TorrentsGames
TorrentsGames is one of the most curated sites and its popularity has grown over time. The site is famous for presenting high-quality torrents, and the torrents are classified into PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Linux, and Macintosh. When you click on any entry, you are also presented with a brief description of the game along with a YouTube video. Most of the entries download .torrent files and magnet links are rarely seen.

2.3. TorrentSnack Games
It is a dedicated games’ torrents site and features all the aspects of a good torrent site. The top menu bar on this site has separate sections for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. These sections are further classified into different variants such as PS2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, Xbox One. The Home Page also lists the latest games torrents. When any entry from the search results is clicked, the site presents a brief description of the game along with the user reviews.

3. Best Torrent Site for TV Shows
Popular TV shows, reality shows, talk shows, and entertainment shows attract a huge audience. You may want to see the latest TV show at your convenient time and ease. Or, you may also like to see your favorite old show that is not easily available on YouTube or other video streaming platforms. Nowadays, many TV shows are not uploaded on YouTube or other video-sharing websites. Instead, they are accessible on subscription on OTT (Over The Top) platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can save money and avoid this subscription by accessing the same TV show from the best torrent site. Below, I have listed the most popular, 100% working, and the best torrent sites for TV shows:

3.1. Kickass Torrents
It is a popular torrent site for TV shows and the torrents are listed on the Home Page right away. These torrent files are categorized into TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Applications, and Anime. For each torrent, the following information is available in a single row of the grid; the size of the torrent, userid of the uploader, the time elapsed since the upload, number of seeders, and number of leechers. At the right side of the Home Page, the latest searches are also presented to facilitate the website visitor.
When any torrent entry is clicked, the site shows the information categorized into main and technical information. The main section contains the general info including the genre, director, stars, and plot. The technical section mentions the names of all trackers. The site has all the features of the best torrent site and contains more than 16 million torrent files.

3.2. Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay is rated as the best torrent site in many categories including TV shows. For many users, it has been the first choice for searching TV shows. It has gained this reputation because it has been the oldest player in torrenting and hosts torrent files under a variety of categories. The site has a collection of the best and the latest TV shows including those that are streamed on video-on-demand sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The site received a wide appreciation from users when they were successful in downloading the famous TV show Money Heist from the best torrent site. Some users complain that the site also includes unsafe and unverified torrents that make their computers vulnerable to catching viruses and malware. In some cases, TV shows are devoid of HD quality torrents.

3.3. Torrentz2
Torrentz2 possesses the capabilities of a metasearch engine and it combines the results of various search engines offering torrent files. Due to this unique feature of Torrentz2, it is considered as a preferred and the best torrent site for searching TV shows’ torrents. It is a successor of the Torrentz site and also presents the results for accessing in-demand TV series. The site is also lauded for its superfast torrent download speeds.

4. Best Torrent Site for Movies
Many people love watching movies and the plot and storyline make a far more impact than a TV show. The latest movie with your favorite casts is worth watching. In the current situations, where people avoid social gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a great idea to search for movie torrents and enjoy your favorite movie at home without any ads and interruptions. The best torrent sites listed below will make your journey memorable and watching your favorite movies will make you spend quality time.

4.1. EZTV
It is regarded as the oldest, trusted, and best torrent site for movies. The site was established in 2005, and it is still accessible for downloading torrents. Besides torrent downloading, the site also offers to register to an active community where people share their experience of using this torrent site and the experience of torrents in general. The site not only offers torrent files but also magnet links that make it easier to download the required files. Search filters are available for episode names as well as seasons.

4.2. YTS
It is the best torrent site that is dedicated to movie downloads. The movies can be downloaded in HD format with the smallest file size. The site shows the Trending Movies at the Home Page and movies can also be browsed under different categories by using the Browse Movies option. One of the limitations of this site is that the use of a VPN is required to download torrents. The site owners believe that one should be protected from expensive lawsuits and fines. Therefore, VPN should be used to prevent the disclosure of IP and private data to the ISP and the government agencies.

4.3. IPTorrents
It is a great torrent site for movies. The membership is required for downloading torrents from this site because it is a private torrenting site. The invitation needs to be sent by an existing user. The site not only has a big collection of movies but also features an active community. No ads are displayed to distract you from your main objective. The site is safer than other sites because the user base is trusted and there are minimal chances of spreading malware. The site also has an extremely high downloading speed because members are required to comply with their seeding and leeching quotas. At present, the site offers membership on a donation of $20 and receives around 5 million hits a month.

5. Best Torrent Site for Music Albums
If you are a music lover, you will be surprised by the abundance of music content available on the torrent website. The content is available for all genres and with the latest music albums in no time. Whenever any new music album is released from your favorite musician or singer, you can expect its torrent file on the best torrent site for music albums. Below, I have listed some torrent sites for music albums that will provide you free music content for all your needs.

5.1. RARBG
Rarbg is known as the best torrent site for software torrents. However, the site has gained a great reputation for music album torrents as well. The site has a wide range of torrents for all music genres and regular uploads are made to the site. The files can be sorted by name, seeders, leechers, and upload date. One of the greatest features of this site is that only verified torrents can be downloaded that reduces the risk of infection with malware.

5.2. LimeTorrents https://www.lí
It is the most popular, 100% working, and the best torrent site for music torrents. The Home Page features a dedicated section for Music. As of July 8, 2021, 843,006 music torrents are listed on the site. For each entry, upload time, size, seed, leech, and health status are displayed. The site also mentions popular searches at the end of the page. The great aspect of this site is that it is ad-free. So, you can enjoy hassle-free downloading without any interruption.

5.3. TorrentDownloads
This site has a large collection of music albums. Music torrents are listed with size, seeds, leech, and health status. The site has an easy-to-use interface, and it automatically hides your IP Address using NordVPN for staying safe. The site, however, does not filter verified downloads.

6. Best Torrent Site for Anime and Ebooks
Anime and e-books are popular among the younger generation. EBooks provide instant access to the relevant material instead of searching the content from page to page in a print edition. Heading styles make the navigation easier and eBooks also serve as a handy reference for technical instructions and concepts. Below, I have listed the best torrent sites that can be used easily for searching anime and e-books torrents.

6.1. Animetosho
The best torrent site for downloading the most popular anime series is Animetosho. The majority of the torrents on this site are verified. The user interface is simple and intuitive and displays torrent file links as well as a magnet link. The latest comments and the latest updates are also shown on the Home Page.

6.2. Anime Layer
It is the torrent site from Russia and the Home Page is displayed in the Russian language unless you change it to the English language. The site offers torrents as well as hosts a forum. Anime Layer displays detailed information about all anime downloads including the genre, country, type, resolution, and size.

6.3. Ebookee
Ebookee is increasingly gaining the reputation of being the best torrent site for e-books. The books are classified in different categories and tags such as Technical, Study, Novel, Nonfiction, Medical, and Tutorial. The site also features the sections of Recently Viewed eBooks, Latest Added eBooks, and Top 10 eBooks.

7. Best Torrent Site for Applications
You may be interested in learning and implementing an application as a desktop or a web-based application. Torrent sites can enable you to access these applications free of cost without any subscription. Below, I have listed the best torrent site that will help you in downloading application torrents:

7.1. Extra Torrent
Extra Torrent has a vast collection of applications, and each entry presents extensive details including the torrent description, category, trackers, health status, language, uploader, and the users’ rating. The Home Page of the site recommends the user to download a free binary client for safe downloading and uploading.

7.2. Zooqle
Zooqle has a huge collection of verified torrents and applications that can be downloaded for multiple devices including PC, Mac, Android, and Unix. Torrent files are nicely categorized into different sections on the Home Page. It is a public torrent site, and therefore, applications can be downloaded without any registration process.

7.3. 01Torrent
This site has a dedicated section for Application. Applications are listed with version numbers and offered with crack files as well. The size of the torrent file and the country of origin are also mentioned in the list of applications. This site is the best torrent site for downloading new software.

8. Best Torrent Site for 4K Movies
With the advancement in technology and digital revolution, viewers now prefer movies in HD or 4K UHD format for a better viewing experience. You may be successful in downloading a movie torrent but not satisfied with the quality and resolution of the movie. Therefore, below, I have listed the best torrent site for 4K movies.

8.1. Nyaa
This site has a huge collection of 4K movie torrents. However, the site is mostly focused on East Asian media including Japan, China, and Korea. No spam ads are shown while downloading the torrent file. The category is highlighted for each entry on this site and you can filter the results based on a specific category or sub-category such as Anime, Audio, Literature, Live Action, Pictures, and Software.

8.2. ETTV
This site is regarded as the best torrent site for 4K movies. The search box at the Home Page can be used to search for 4K movies. It is comparatively a new site but has attracted a large user base since its inception. The torrent files are downloaded quickly no matter what type of torrents you select.

8.3. BitPort
The unique aspect that makes it the best torrent site is that BitPort presents the torrent clients as well as the torrent search website. All available torrents are secure and encrypted. The torrent site also offers the facility of video streaming in 4K. VPN use is not mandatory for this torrent site and the site can also be accessed by using a smartphone. The torrent fetching assumes the IP address of Bitport that saves the users from any liability and responsibility.


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