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What is PUBG: Everything You Need to Know about PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG in short is an adventure multiplayer game packed with endless fun and entertainment. As name implies, the game involves fighting against each other in multiplayer gaming mode. As you enter a battle, you appear landing on an island through parachute. After you land, you have to search for weapons and armors in order to be able to survive and give tough time to your competitors. You can hide behind the covers if you prefer a defensive approach or can expose yourself in the middle to give an open challenge.

Same as in real battlefield, you have to pursue a well thought out strategy. At times, you need to improvise based on your skills and instincts. Players with excellent skills can manage to survive long and win the competition even with a small inventory of weapons. You must also not forget the adage, “practice makes a man perfect”. The more time you spend playing this game, the better results you can expect.

The game’s ultimate mission is to survive till the end. The player who remains standing after getting all others killed is crowned as the winner. As you progress, you will find safe area around you gradually shrinking. In this way, it keeps getting increasingly challenging for the players to survive. Furthermore, they have to encounter each other leaving all shelters and covers in a do-or-die scenario to secure their place in the safe area. The player who manages to make it to the end with all other fighters lying dead is the champion.

It does not seem as simple as it may sound. You will find it challenging to survive once you have to encounter highly skilled players who have already learned the art of battle based on their practice. As soon as you leave shelters, you will see fires and shells coming from all directions. You need to be agile enough to escape the fires and set up an effective counterattack.

We must salute Brendan Green for producing such a marvelous and thrilling piece of entertainment. The developer has extracted inspiration from the Japanese Movie, “Battle Royale”. The game is full of the elements of surprise. You have to improvise and react quickly to the changing situation in order to ensure your survival. There is no place for lazy people; who would better try their luck at snooker. Adaption is one of the fundamental undercurrents of this amazing video game. In this way, it contains a deep and profound message. You must keep adapting to changing circumstances and build the ability to use limited resources that you have gathered at your own. Only after building such capability, you can manage to survive in this world and leave your rivals behind.

When Green shared his idea, Bluehole (a leading video game developer headquartered in Korea) had no hesitation in appointing Green as the director for the company’s creative department. With his assistance, the company was able to launch one of the most remarkable multiplayer games ever in the shape of PUBG. Soon after its launch, the game received attention of multiplayer gaming lovers from all major parts of the world. Its platform remained crowded with millions of players even during the early months of its release.

In the early years of its launch, the game reached the heights of popularity as it broke all previous records after achieving the milestone of 1.3 million concurrent players at a time. Then, in 2017, it pushed that record further to a new height of more than 3 million concurrent players at a time. What people mostly liked about the game were its unique and challenging mission, smooth game-play, excellent connectivity, easy and full time availability of online players, and excellent graphics which created the impression of real battlefield. The game has precisely mimicked the dynamics of real battlefield except for the gradual shortening of the safe area.

The game was earlier released on XBox One. However, realizing its demand and after a bombardment of requests from game lovers, the team decided to create its lite version for android and other light-weighted devices. Now you can download PUBG Lite version using the step-by-step tutorial that I am going to share with you later.

What is a VPN and Why You Need One for PUBG?

As you use an unsecured internet connection such as a public Wi-Fi or similar, you are at a high risk of losing your sensitive information and getting your identity exposed without your consent. These risks are inherent to internet connections as your information goes back and forth through an open channel between you and your internet service provider. Any third party and even your provider has a fair opportunity to eavesdrop, control, and manipulate your data or steal it for the sole purpose of blackmailing you.

What a VPN does is to create an encrypted tunnel to make the information flow through a secured channel instead. It masks your online identity and safeguards your protectable information. However, this is not the only feat that a VPN does but it also bypasses geo-restrictions and enables you to have hassle-free and seamless connectivity to your favorite platforms, streaming channels, and other stuff that you don’t want to lose as you enter a territory marked with geo-blocks.

Now the question arises as to why you need to subscribe with a VPN provider for PUBG. You will better understanding this after you learn about the limitations of this addictive game. Even though it is gaining worldwide popularity with the growing buzz and excitement that it has created so far, it is disappointing that the lite version of PUBG is accessible only in a few countries. It is not only frustrating for the people who live in other than authorized countries but also for the people who happen to lose their connectivity to PUBG due to their international traveling needs.

But you need not worry in either case as you have a solution out there. As mentioned before, one of the core functions that a VPN performs is to let you enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite stuff anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you want to enjoy PUBG Lite in unauthorized countries, don’t forget to set up a reliable VPN on your android device. It will let you download and play the game irrespective of your geo-location. You will also enjoy t foolproof privacy and data security service as the byproduct, which is one of the greatest advantages in itself.

Best VPN for PUBG

Now you can understand how important it is to have a VPN set up on your device before downloading and playing PUBG. The next question that may come to your mind is “what is the best VPN for PUBG?” A simple Google search may give you hundreds of suggestions making it hard for you to make an ideal choice. However, you may find the right way to find the topnotch VPN if you have right criteria in your mind. You can put faith in a VPN that has an excellent track record, positive reviews from existing users, years of experience, and an ability to create value for its customers’ money under its belt.

Ivacy VPN is arguably one of the most reliable VPNs to be used for downloading PUBG from anywhere and enjoying unrestricted access to it from any part of the world irrespective of any geo-restriction. Alongside, it also heightens your data security and privacy. Ivacy VPN outshines its competitors for many good reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features and offers of Ivacy that make it a superior choice.


A trusted name

Ivacy is not like many other VPN providers in the market that appear, steal your money, and run away. Having its head-office in Singapore, Ivacy prides itself for having spent more than 11 years in the global marketplace which makes it a highly trusted name. Not only this but also Ivacy VPN has earned love from thousands of customers from all parts of the world with its customer-centric approach. Ever-growing clientele of Ivacy says it all and leaves no doubt over its ability to outperform its contemporaries. All this is enough for you to trust Ivacy VPN with your eyes shut.

Bypassing geo-blocks

As mentioned, PUBG lovers exist in all parts of the world but limited availability of its Lite version restrict its fans to only dream of having real experience of playing it. Some regular players may also have to suffer while traveling to a country that is marked by geo-restriction. Ivacy VPN provides a simple solution to all these issues by allowing you to change (fake) your location. From the built-in country list, you can choose the location from where you want to appear online. In this way, you can easily enjoy hassle free and unrestricted access to your favorite pastime anywhere and anytime.

A huge variety of servers  

Number of servers is one of the areas that majority of VPN providers take for granted. A limited number of servers may trouble you when you want access to a restricted channel, game, or website from a certain location and are unable to do so due to unavailability of a relevant server. At the same time, you also have to try different servers unless you get your desired server speed and connectivity. Here again, Ivacy VPN stands out with an exhausting list of more than 400 servers. You can easily navigate and switch among them thanks to its smooth and user-friendly interface.

Server speed

Multiplayer action games require excellent server speed as you have to move and react quickly. Frequent distortions and glitches make you feel highly irritated. If you don’t want to feel so unfortunate, I would recommend you to choose Ivacy VPN for playing PUBG. Not only does it offer you 400+ servers but you also enjoy excellent speed with most of its servers. This is one of the key advantages making Ivacy VPN an ideal choice for PUBG fans.

Heightening your security

Besides the bundle of benefits and features discussed earlier, Ivacy also goes out of its way to ensure your online privacy and data security with its foolproof security system. It leaves nothing to create temptation for hackers as it safeguard your information with as thick as 2 GB RSA security key. With its encrypted tunnel, you also make it impossible for your internet service provider to eavesdrop on your data or determine your location. In this way, you can safely bypass the geo-restrictions to satisfy your hunger for multiplayer gaming even when you happen to be in an unauthorized country.

Incredibly low pricing with 30 day money-back guarantee

Whereas scammers claim tall only to demand high prices, Ivacy offers everything at ridiculously low prices despite its proven track record. This is with a passion to create value for the money of its family of customers that Ivacy VPN offers the bouquet of its features at a price as low as only $1 per month for its 5 yearly plan. Ivacy’s package plans range between 1 month to 5 years and you can choose the time period according to your own preferences. A 30 day money-back guarantee makes it look more like a dream!

How to Download PUBG Lite from Anywhere (Step-by-Step Guide) for Mobile

You can follow the steps as below to bypass geo-blocks and be able to download PUBG Lite from anywhere in the world:

Ø  First, setup Ivacy VPN on your android device.

Ø  Open Ivacy VPN and log in to your account.

Ø  Now set your server location as Philippines or Brazil as these countries provide access to PUBG Lite.

Ø  Tap or click on “Settings” on your android device; and then, go to “Apps”.

Ø  Now you should look for “Google Play Store”.

Ø  Click on “Google Play Store”.

Ø  Next, click on “Clear Data” and “Force Stop”.

Ø  Then, exit/close “Settings”.

Ø  As you reopen Google Play Store, you will be able to download PUBG from anywhere in the world.

How to Download PUBG Lite from Anywhere (Step-by-Step Guide) for PUBG PC lite

You first need to change your time settings to match with the server that you will select on your VPN.

For example, If I choose, Philipines as my VPN server, then I will set my timezone as “GMT +8”

Go to your Windows search bar and type “time” , from there, select the date & time settings.
Now select GMT +6 as your computer time.


Now you can open your VPN and connect with the server.

Then click on PUBG lite launcher from your desktop, login , and start playing with your gangs.

I hope you get a chicken dinner 😀




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