Download more than 100 MB in PD-proxy [trick]

Well, Bangladeshi users are already enjoying free GrameenPhone internet trick via PD-Proxy. So I am not going to repeat the trick. But GrameenPhone users are facing two major problem while using PD-Proxy trick. So I am going to share a trick which will solve those two problems.

Problem 1: 100 MB Bandwidth limit

Well, PD-Proxy gives a free trial of maximum 100 MB for downloading or uploading everyday and which is very low for Cyber Freak like us. From now you will not be disturbed by this limitation.Today I have downloaded several files and suddenly PD-Proxy disconnected. It says

BANDWIDTH limit exceeded. Please Upgrade to Premium version.

So I need to pay them for their service. LOL ! But who cares!

So first I tried to find out how PD-Proxy detects my PC. I tried Several methods. I tried changing my IP address, Spoofing my MAC address etc. But all of my efforts were in vein, because they did not work. Then suddenly I did a crafty trick. What I did was changing my C drives Volume ID. You may already know what is a Volume ID of any drive. Well, Volume ID is a 8 digit unique number for your Hard disk’s drives. 🙂 This trick worked.

pdproxy unlimited usage trick:

  1. First download this small size software from Microsoft Official site.

  3. Now extract the zip file and give it Administrative permissions. Follow picture:
  4. Right click on the File Volumeid.exe and Go to Properties.


    Click on the “Compatibility” window.


    Check the box of “Run this program as administrator”.


    Now Press Apply.

  5. Now move this file (volumeid.exe) to system32 folder.

    move to this folder C:WindowsSystem32

  6. Now the most important part: In the same folder C:WindowsSystem32 find out cmd.exe and right click on it. Run as administrator.
  7. Now in the cmd window type as follows:
    volumeid c: 1234-5678
  8. cmd1
    Here 1234-5678 is a hexadecimel number. You can only write Hexadecimel number as VolumeID. Some more example 1a2a-3a4a, 12a4-4587 etc
    . After you press enter your C drive’s volume ID will be reset and thus PD-Proxy will get confused.

  9. >Restart your computer
  10. Open PD-Proxy and Now change your PD-Proxy login ID. Its very important. Once an ID reach 100Mb its server ban the id till 12 am. So you can’t use the ID agian. But you can use another ID. You can Register a new ID. You will be able to connect to the internet Now.

So what is the difference?
Normally you couldnot connect with pdproxy once exceeding 100 MB though you changed your ID. But if you are going to follow this trick you will be able to connect with Pdproxy With a different ID…………

Problem 2: PDproxy is connected but speed is 0 KBps.

For this install Cproxy . After connecting pdproxy also connect cproxy. Don’t forget to set proxy in firefox as if you use cproxy. For using only pdproxy there is no need of any proxy setting in firefox. Enjoy!


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  1. I tried to connect again but it said Bandwidth limit exceeded again and again. ????

    • Well, I forgot to say that if ONE OF YOUR ID EXCEEDED 100MB LIMIT then do not connect it again in that day . Sign up a new ID and then connect. Normally if PD-proxy blocks you , you can’t connect PD-proxy that day again. You needed to wait till 12:00 am. But This trick will help you to connect again though you are blocked for that day

  2. WOW ! Thanks admin. I want your email . I need to talk to u plz..

  3. Do I have to connect my id again and again after changing the volume id? And will it increase my bandwidth limit?

    • Dear Sabbir, thanks for your comment. Pd-proxy Demo server 1 has a bug. Sometimes It will not say anything if you cross 100 mb. Oneday I have downloaded 300 mb and when I finished download It said “bandwidth limit exceded” . You should sign up 10/12 accounts in Pd-proxy. Then when one account is blocked, try volumeID trick and use another account.

  4. Muhammad Asif says

    mobile diye pc connect korle pdproxy diye chalano jAbe??

  5. Md. Sumon Rahman says

    While using PD proxy we face a great problem is that every after 3 minutes it disconnects even it disconnects before 3 minutes. I wish to have a proper solution of this problem.Is there any solution of this problem.Please feedback or e-mail me.

  6. after conect to pd proxy my doomo sim balance is cut after bowsig

  7. who i use company sim on pd proxy

    • sorry bro, could not get you? I think every sim company supports pdproxy but if you wanted to use it for free then you should search a bit.

  8. how to contect pd proxy pls help

  9. Vance Xander says

    Is there an update for this sir? I know that you could get at most <70 mb/account, dc that before it reaches 70 mb, and use another.(Without using the "trick") But its kinda annoying. I know its a bit too much. But do you know anything out there comparable to PD Proxy with higher bandwidth limit/day?

    • Not a free vpn as compared to high speed provided by Pdproxy because a proxy server costs a lots of money for the developers. So if you want high bandwidth you should pay some bucks per month. Although I know some free vpn but I am not sure about speed. They may throttle your speed. Such as Flyvpn , Cproxy and . Paid vpn with some trial such as , and

  10. ca donne pas chez moi l’astuce volumeid je suis sur windows7

  11. So you mean every time bandwidth limit is reached I have to do the “Volume ID” trick?

  12. ami kivabe android e pd proxy use korte pari? janale kritoggo hobo.

  13. i downloded droinvpn software.but i can’t use i need help to can i use it? please tell me…

  14. hello sir, I am from nepal , i am not able to connect internet in pdproxy with zero balance it shows that could not connect to the server. can you give me some clue to solve it.

  15. Satnam Sidhu says

    i am not able to use your trick it shows error

  16. sir,
    please tell.
    what is pd proxy?
    how use it?
    i am waiting for your answer.

    • TrickMaster says

      PD-Proxy is a vpn which is used by many to tweak their Internet Service as some of the ISP has open port for UDP/SMTP/HTTP etc.

  17. When i copy volumeid.exe in system32 folder, the copy is done. But when I am trying to find volumeid.exe in system32, i can`t get it. and when i run cmd it shows volumeid is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable programme or batch file.
    What should I do??

    • @Ankit. Did you give Command Prompt Administrative permission? Be sure you have extracted and moved volumeid.exe [NOT VOLUMEID.ZIP] to system32 folder. Bro I have just tried again and it worked. Hope you will also make it worked. Please reply if it is working.

  18. Thank you very much it is very helpful.

  19. karokola says

    very funny to read “PD-Proxy will get confused.”
    but much thanks to you

  20. Vaibhaw Rai says

    My pdproxy is not connecting ,,, always saying for to create a premium account

    • make a new account in pdproxy. Now use my tutorial and rename drive id. Then open pdproxy and login with new user account you have just created. will work.

  21. kumah branford says

    volume id is not working any more
    is there any other way to bypass pd limit

  22. PDproxy is connected but speed is 1 KBps

  23. working trick is that when you reached 70mb just disconnect and login with new id..100% work


  25. After i use this tricks, Its stuck on “authenticating…..” then failed to connect.
    So what i gonna do?

  26. I found that there is a vpn that provide bandwidth capacity of about 300kbps in free acount its name is proXPN make me know if it works in your area.

  27. iam using airtel sim…i cannot connet pd proxy…plz solve this prblm sir
    Waiting for tunnel to stop…
    Cannot resolve address: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.
    Downstream inactivity detected, closing tunnel…
    Please make sure your internet connection is still working!
    Restoring old routing table…
    Resetting DNS of interface…
    Reconnecting to server…
    Default gateway is:
    Server address:
    Windows version: 0x0006
    Checking for prerequisites
    Winsock send autotuning is enabled.

    • It is because your proxy address is not working properly. When you don’t browse or download anything, PdProxy automatically closes connection after 2 or 3 minutes. So don’t keep it idle. Hope this will solve your issue.

  28. Bhupender Singh says

    thank’s a lot your trick worked ,but i had one issue – before formatting my system i was able to use trial account with much greater bandwidth up to 800kbps of downloading speed ,i don’t remember how i have set my local area connection 3 adapter(usually ipv4 setting) before formatting, but now(after installing new window) it is showing local area connection 2 adaptor(in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections) when connected with pd proxy and i am getting downloading speed of 5-10kbps. What to do? i hope there will be a solution for it from u.

  29. pd proxy problem
    it hangs like this
    Checking internet connection…
    Connecting to UDP Server…
    Scanning open ports…
    Open port 9200 found…
    and nothing more

  30. sometimes work sometimes not….maybe it is for the bandlimit reached in every account so make sure to have many accounts and change te id every time that you want to connect…

  31. hey i tried but after i tried to open ma disk D and it said i should format disk first plz i need a solution i dnt want to loose ma files

  32. I have connected pd proxy successfully but no browser works shows error message no connection why pls help

  33. how to change the volume id default after changing it into 1a2a3a4a..

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