Top 6 Secure Dropbox Alternative 2024

Cloud storage has now become  new trend in this Technology Era and we occasionally save our files online to minimize data loss due to hard disk crash or stolen device.

Dropbox is one of the oldest companies which ignited the online storage trends in the past. Dropbox is still very popular in the sense that everyone knows about it. But there were security breach now and then , hence we will discuss about some Free and Premium Cloud storage for your backup which are secure, giving more amounts of storage than Dropbox.

Dropbox Alternative 2017

Dropbox Alternative

Top 6 Secure Dropbox Alternative for 2018

In this post, We will show you Top 5 Secure dropbox alternatives which offer suitable security and allot much storage than Dropbox.

Dropbox alternative 1

dropbox alternative 2016

Box gives you 10 GB storage for free. You can upload you files from both Desktop and mobile. You can sync your mobile and desktop both on the same box account. Amazing! You can Drag and Drop files right into it’s desktop app. As far best dropbox alternative. It has a catch in free account, that is 250 MB file size limit. You can extend this dearth amount of filesize by upgrading to Starter account (6$ per month) . There are some unique features of box like you can save,edit and share Microsoft office files without closing the files, You can manage your folder’s with personal comment on each folder and even you can replace your files on a folder but keeping the old URL. You can share your files publicly with Box.

Dropbox alternative 2

dropbox alternative

Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted file sync & share service, having more than 10,000 business users globally. Dropbox doesn’t have end to end encryption and it was hacked in 2012 and most of the passwords are still available in the web. Tresorit has more secure, โ€œzero-knowledgeโ€ method to store your files which makes it strong dropbox alternative candidate. You are enforced to use strong passwords and your passwords are encrypted hence your files are secure in the Tresorit servers. If you need a secure dropbox alternative than you can choose Tresorit both for your company (business) and personal need. 1000 specialists were challenged to hack the Trsorit security in a hackathon but Tresorit proved to be unbreakable . You can also turn on two factor authentication if you want more security for your files. This allows you to upload files on the Tresorit servers and become worry-free about being hacked or leaked.

dropbox alternative 2017

Dropbox alternative 3 :

Dropbox alternative 2016
Google Drive

The list of Dropbox alternative will be incomplete if we do not include the very best Cloud Storage service provided by Google – Google Drive. Get 15 GB free Cloud storage and access your files anytime from any device. It’s known to everyone that Google Drive will store your files securely ๐Ÿ™‚ . You can also copy other’s Google drive files directly onto your own Drive account. You can share specific folder of file to public so anyone can download it.

Dropbox alternative 4 :

dropbox alternative 2016

Mega is the one of best Dropbox alternatives. Mega offers generous 50 GB FREE cloud storage. If you need more storage you can buy it’s PRO service with 500GB storage and 5TB Bandwidth at 99โ‚ฌ. Mega offers HTML5 end-to-end Encryption of your files so even Mega itself will never be able to decrypt it. If you are very concerned about your Business files then you can choose Mega. You must use latest version of Firefox or Chrome Browser to use the HTML5 end-to-end encryption properly and Mega’s firfox Addon and Chrome extension is ready to serve you. Mega offers desktop client and Mobile app to sync your computer with Mega’s Cloud Server. You can also share your files and folders with your friends. You can think Mega as of best secure dropbox alternative.

Dropbox alternative 5 :

dropbox alternative 2015

ByteBX is new in this industry but already got numerous customers because of it’s Secure Cloud Storage service as well as innovative and fully responsive web design. You don’t need to install any apps for your IPhone , Android or Windows phone. You can upload and download your files online because of it’s adaptive site design. You will get 2.5 GB free storage in your free accounts. I recommend it’s premium service because it’s affordable. 100 GB storage for one month cost you only 9.90$. This is a great Dropbox alternative because ByteBX allows you to download a full folder into zip file. As a plus point you will be able to download files from BitTorrent networks.

Dropbox alternative 6 :

Dropbox Alternative 2016

Degoo gives 3GB Storage for free signup. You can upgrade it free upto 100GB by sharing your drive with others. Install it’s desktop client and Select files you want to backup. All files will be uploaded to your degoo account even if you power off your desktop. Upload will be resumed as soon as you power your Computer on. Ok that’s convenient but what about security? Your files are divided into several pieces and stored on different locations all over the world so your files are safe.

Update: The list of Dropbox alternatives was updated on 01/06/2016

Dropbox alternatives 2017 Summary

These are the best 6 dropbox alternative for 2016 that you can try instead of Dropbox and they provides much security and storage capability than dropbox. We hope that you liked this post. Please subscribe and share !!


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  1. Good collections of free dropbox alternatives.
    Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Its welcoming knowing all the alternatives to Dropbox. My mind always go to Google Drive and OneCloud. I guess there are other reliable and safe alternatives. Mega’s review fascinates me. I am going to test it to know how it works. Thanks for sharing!
    This comment shared in kingged as well.

  3. great post, thanks

    i love it so i make it in arabic in my blog

  4. Hey Muminur,

    Nice collection of alternatives for dropbox. The only one I’ve heard of was Google Drive which I also use for work. Now Mega is unheard of. 50 Gig Free space for your pleasure is something you can’t beat thus far! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

    • Hi Sherman
      Actually Mega was founded with the thoughts of giving top security and protecting our privacy. I think this is great and they have also told that they will pay $$$$ if anyone can break their security. So I think Mega stands best as dropbox alternative. Most of us already know about Google Drive as usual another Google Product.

  5. Hello,

    We do use Dropbox and Google Drive on the work and never ever actually thought or tried other 3 alternatives. Thanks for mentioning them out, Munna! We now know what to try as alternatives to Dropbox and Google Drive!


  6. thank you very much

  7. Thanks for the great collection of sites! I am going to check a few out. I had never used any of them before.;)

  8. Great list. I use both Dropbox and Google Drive. Most people have a Google account already, making it super easy to sign up and use Google Drive.

  9. Very useful – I recently signed up for cloud storage and was limited on the amount. I couldn’t even back up all the existing files on my pc., which is why I signed up for it. I’ll definitely look into these alternatives

  10. This was a great list. I appreciate how you are able to make my life easier by comparing the alternatives to dropbox. It is a little expensive, but I have used, and it was secure, but it worked brilliantly.

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  13. We’ve been very happy with Google Drive. My husband actually upgraded to more space so he can use it for all of his work files. It’s so nice to have everything on our local computer as well as on the cloud! (And being able to access it anywhere is pretty convenient as well.) I hadn’t heard of the other options, but will pin this post in case it helps someone else. Thanks!

  14. We’ve only used cloud storage on a very limited basis, due to our small data cap, but it’s nice to know what we should look at when that eventually (hopefully) gets lifted. Thanks for the info!

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  18. I use google drive & I love it. I ran out of space of dropbox almost immediately after signing up and was not interested in purchasing more.

    • Hi Katisha,
      You can invite your friend to dropbox to get additional free space. Myself got some GB more by doing so. On the other hand, Google drive is also nice option.

  19. This is a great list. I’m definitely keeping this list on hand in my blogging file folder.

  20. This is a very timely post for me as I find myself switching between computers a lot recently. I’ve used Dropbox and been happy, and also use Google Docs, but find it sometimes annoying that the programs (excel vs. speadsheets) are slightly different. Thanks for introducing me to a few new ones.

  21. Ohh, I’m definitely a Google Drive fangirl. I love that I can just drag and drop files from my computer into the Drive folder and it automatically uploads. SO awesome. Thanks for sharing these other alternatives, too! I’ll have to definitely check them out when I get a chance!

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  26. That’s a good collection. I like to use Google Drive, iCloud, Amazon Cloud, and recently started using Dropbox for blog and book related things. I used google drive the most while I was in school. I am more of a frequent Amazon Cloud user now as well as Dropbox. There are so many different ways available to store your files. I like using cloud drives when I know I will be traveling and need access to various files.

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    Dropbox is great, but I’m just loving the ease of using Google Drive.
    Love all the other suggestions, too!

  31. I hadn’t heard of the other ones besides Google Drive that I use all the time. Thank you so much for sharing these resources because one never knows when they are going to need them.

  32. I love dropbox and also use Google Docs as a great alternative as I can work in and out of my spreadsheets from anywhere! Thanks for noting the other alternatives!

  33. I’ve always loved DropBox and it did save me a couple of times. However it got very expensive for me as I got more to store. Thanks for sharing these alternatives.

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  41. Hi:
    I have used DropBox and Google Drive for several years. Thank you for this additional information which I will share with both my UG and GR students.

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  43. Bettershark says

    Great useful post Munna!

    BOX and Google Drive are my personal favorites in this list. I use Yandex as well to store my files.

  44. We do use Dropbox and Google Drive on the work and never ever actually thought or tried other 3 alternatives. Thanks for mentioning them out, Munna! We now know what to try as alternatives to Dropbox and Google Drive!

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