How to Earn Money with Microworkers Website

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Many of my friends ask me How they can earn money online while they don’t have any technical knowledge and they are still in the dark. I tell them if you can update your status in Facebook surely you can start earning money online. For beginners they easily become victim of some Scam like Pay per click etc. and then they think that all freelaning or working Online Ideas are fake and can never be accomplished. My dear friend you should give this another shot and follow my tutorials. We spend many time online but most of the time we Just check our email and surf Facebook and do nothing else. But you actually can earn money online if you just have curiosity of learning. Well, Now-a-days Freelancing is being popular day by day. All prominent companies are now hiring people all over the world throgh the concept of Freelancing. And people are not dependent on 9am to 5pm Jobs anymore. People seek flexibiliy and Freedom of work. That will be possible if you give your service through Freelancing. There are many Freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance , Freelancer which have become the Next Era Workplace virtually. Don’t you like to drink some coffee with your family members and work some 5 or 6 hours per day and earn much more than others who are into corporate life . Though I am here to introduce with you a Online earning site which will be very much useful for newbies. So start earning money from MicroWorkers and in the mean time you can enrich your skill .

Money with Microworkers

What is Microworkers?

This is an online earning websites which pays money for doing very small jobs.

What type of works?

Facebook Like, Twitter Follow , Forum post , Blog Comment , Blog post , Website sign up , Youtube comment , Social Bookmark etc. are the most common work offered there.

Why Microworkers?


No need to bid for works and no need to worry about job interview as you will be hired as soon as you wanted to be hired.


Small work and small Payout. Minimun payout is 10 USD. You can payout through Paypal, Payza and Moneybookers.

Lets Register from here

In the homepage Click on Register for free


Give all information and press Submit Button

You will get a verification email. You must verify your email by clicking the verification link.
microworkers online earning3

So Registration is Complete?? Now the question is How to Get Job?
Login to Your Microworkers account. You will immidiately see how many Job is opened for you. Like below picture:


You will see Job Title and Payment details. You have to click on Any of them which you think you can do. Remember You have to send proof that you actually did the job. Buyers will post it in the Job description. Just provide the information he/she asked you to. Don’t put any “Thanks you” or anything else. Be professional and never send fake proof lest you might get low ratings on your profile. Read carefully What is expected from workers? Now click accept this job (a form will open below) you need to write the proof after you finish your job in that text field. After finishing job provide what is written on Required proof that task was finished? and press I confirm that I have completed this task. OK Done. Now wait till Client check what you have done and he will verify it and give you your expected money within one week. Small job – Small payment. But if you write forum post or write review post on your PR 2 + blogs then you will earn a handsome amount of money. OK, Lets give it a try.

Some Other Top 20 Micro Job Websites

  1. Centworkers
  2. Rapid workers
  3. Clixsense
  4. CloudCrowd
  5. Cashcrate
  6. Amazon mechanical turk
  7. Fiverr
  8. Microworkers
  9. Taskrabbit
  10. Minijobz
  11. Onlinemicrojobs
  12. Peopleperhour
  13. Swagbucks
  14. Instantbucks
  15. Mylikes
  16. Clickchores
  17. Taskarmy
  18. Inboxdollars
  19. Easyshiftapp
  20. Gigwalk

Last but not the least , if you have any question you can ask me by commenting and don’t forget to share 🙂


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  1. this site pay too less amount why you select this in your list.

    • To be honest , this was the first site which paid my first online earning 🙂 I wanted to post more ways to earn money but could not due to my exam. I hope I will be writting about oDesk/Elance/Freelancer sites very soon.

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  3. àm a Nigerian can i do this job and get paid here

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