How to show your facebook profile picture on Chat or Comment

Facebook has introduced a new feature which enables facebook users to put Emoticon in STATUS/CHAT/EMOTICON. This trick is basically for showing your Profile picture as an emoticon to STATUS/CHAT/EMOTICON whatever you want. The thing behind this trick is Facebook customized code which is a very old topic 😀 . Okey now the trick goes:

Facebook profile as emoticon:

First you need to know your Facebook username. How? Well, just open your facebook profile (Timeline Eh!) and check your address bar, Is there anything like ? if yes then xyzxyzxyz is your username. So proceed to step two. If you cant see anything like this or you see any numerical numbers then most probably you did not make your username yet. Well, if this is the matter then you have to choose your facebook username now. Go to this link

Secondly now you know your Facebook username so when you are logged in your account you have to write like this to anywhere you want>>>>>>

It can be your status update or you can comment on a post etc.

Bonus tips: Want to show Blue text in your status/comment?


Just Change This YourTextHere With Your Desired Text.



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  1. Muhammad Asif says

    how i could find a frnd by his email on fb?

    • It’s very easy. Just type your friends email in the facebook Search Bar, it will find out the user who might uses the email. Good Luck !

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