Private vs Public Trackers – Know the Differences between them

Public vs Private trackers The Complete Guide.

Trackers are special servers with specific program installed on that server to help one seeder/leecher to find other seeder/leecher interested in the same torrent file. You can think the trackers as Mirror download link as you can find in many sites. The only difference is that, you need only one mirror link for direct download and for torrents, the more is the tracker , the faster is the download speed.

Ever wondered what is the difference between Public trackers and Private trackers? Did private vs public tracker bother you ever? In this post, we will tell you exactly what differs a tracker from one another and which one should you opt for and which tracker is the safest one and gives fast torrent download speed.

Before we dive into the differences lets first face what each of these trackers really are, shall we?


What are Public Trackers?

Public Trackers are also known as “Open trackers” for the obvious reason. You can access public tracker using the tracker address and port. Public trackers don’t require any registration or login and they are open for all. As Public trackers are open anyone with the address can use it. We have collected 200+ public trackers on this torrent tracker list.

What are Private Trackers?

Private Trackers are hidden trackers available only for the community. You will need to register on their site and then you can use those trackers. There are some basic rules to get entry into the private tracker. Some sites allow registration but most of them are invites only. Also some private trackers site takes interview and you get employment there with all the access. No matter how you get into a private tracker site, you must maintain your upload and download ration. This means you should not actively download torrent files without participating in uploading that often. If your download exceeds your upload then you will be banned. A registered user gets a fixed amount of invite code which they can use to invite others. Now, if you try to sell invite codes and get caught, then also you will be banned from the private tracker site.

Public Vs Private Trackers

Public trackers are open and have large userbase. If you are downloading recent & popular torrent file then public trackers will give you slower download speed because more people are downloading the torrent file at the same time and only less people are seeding (uploading) the same torrent file. But Private trackers don’t have this speed issue because only registered user with good reputation of upload/download ratio are participating so you will get higher speed because more seeders are available with high speed connection to give you faster download experience while torrenting.

Comparing with private and public trackers, private trackers are good for people who doesn’t mind being part of the uploading very often. Public tracker is free and openly available so you don’t have to suffer much for the upload or download issue or you don’t need to wait for somebody to send you an invite. If you don’t add any additional public trackers, your torrent client like Vuze, uTorrent or qBitTorrent will use the default and most popular trackers.

Advantages of Private Trackers


As it is hard to get into a private tracker site (you must have an invite), Hollywood Copyright Protection agencies can’t track the peers using a private trackers. If you use public trackers there is high chance that your IP address is leaked because every connected peer can see your IP address and port on the torrent client. Please check the below image if you still not sure if they can track you that easily:

connected peers torrent trackers public vs private

2. Speed

Due to fact that only handpicked users are found in private tracker sites who maintain a good upload to download ratio and seeders with a very speedy internet connections, private tracker will give you blazing fast torrent download speed. The heart of torrent protocol is their seeders and private trackers are the heavens of good seeders.

3. High quality torrents

Private torrent trackers are like forum with rating for each torrent file. So, if one user finds a fake torrent file or an infected torrent file he will surely report and at one point the file will be deleted because of the negative reports and comments. The culprit who uploaded the fake or infected torrent file will be banned for such action. This is why, private torrents have only the high quality torrent files.

4. Community of the good people

Private tracker users are helping each other by seeding the torrent files for prolonged time to get more points so that they can download more, they upload the requested torrent files by other users, even will help you with your first torrent download from the private torrent site. This is just great.

How to get into Private Trackers

The most common question regarding private trackers is how to get into private tracker sites? You can sign up on a private tracker site using an invite link for fully private sites but there are also some torrent files with open signup means anyone can just register and download torrent files.

Getting an invitation link is not easy as one user is given a limited number of invite code. Most strictly private trackers have recruit link on their homepage so you will be contacted by the Admin or moderators and they will allow or reject your joining request. But don’t worry, we have collected working open signup private tracker which you can use from below:

Open Signup Private trackers by Reddit users

On reddit site, many working and open signup private trackers are shared and we think you might be interested in those trackers. Unlock the list by sharing or liking this article.


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