The Best VPN Deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday April 2024

VPN black Friday & cyber Monday VPN deal 2023


For a lot of people, the beginning of November signifies one step closer towards Christmas. For other people, the start of November means that they can start preparing for the imminent black Friday sales. Just to make sure we include everyone out there, there are some people who combine these two together and look forward to black Friday sales, so that they can purchase Christmas gifts for their loved ones!

Wherever you fit on this spectrum, Black Friday warrior or Pre-emptive Christmas shopper – or indeed if you’ve never heard of black Friday before – it is worth doing some extra research when it comes to that legendary weekend: black Friday through to cyber Monday. Not only does extra research mean that you are able to home in on the particular items you want, it also means that you’ll be aware which deals are worth the effort and frenzy of being the first in queue, and which ones aren’t.

If you weren’t going to purchase a VPN service for black Friday, after reading this article you certainly will. We’ll also go into other problematic issues (after all, browsing the internet and purchasing consumer products is an activity fraught with danger in these days because of cyber fraud) such as how to avoid fake VPN deals this black Friday. It’s ironic, isn’t it – a service that was primarily devised to protect you online by making you anonymous could be advertising a fake product. We’re here to help you look out for such malicious software. Though if we’re honest, it seems pretty obvious – download Ivacy VPN, as we’ll explain exactly how to do so below, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Simple.


1. Ivacy Black Friday discount – 77% Off


blackfriday vpn ivacy

Ivacy VPN is one of the most generous VPN provider when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals. We have found that IVACY VPN is giving ONE FREE YEAR to all the subscribers who buy 2 years VPN deal. To top that off they are also giving 77% additional discount ( you get 239$ subscription with just 60$ with this black friday deal ).

Ivacy VPN will bring new offer on Cyber Monday and this Black Friday deal is valid from 15th November to until further notice. Should you avail this offer please use the below discount link. Don’t miss out this great VPN.

If you avail this VPN offer then you will not pay the normal monthly subscription of 9.95$ and instead pay only 1$ per month with 5 Year Plan. A big Win-Win situation for all new users, isn’t it?

Ivacy VPN is not a service to remain behind – they, too have massively slashed their prices in anticipation of this awe inspiring weekend- offering up to an amazing 87% percent off depending on which tarrif you go for! There is lots and lots to be said about this, but first let’s have a look at the weekend itself.

But the thing is, even if you end up paying a few dollars more on a black Friday deal it isn’t the end of the world. What is pretty catastrophic, however, is if you end up having to pay an awful lot more. Let us explain.

Big weekends when retail transactions are going to be taking place left right and centre online are every cybercriminals favourite thing in the world. They have ample opportunity to steal people’s personal details and use them to gain access to funds. Think about it, you’ve found something quite cheap on a website you’ve never been on – as you enter highly sensitive information like your bank details, name and address, a cyber hacker targets you and gains access to all of this. Within seconds, a seasoned cyber criminal could rinse you dry.

This is where Ivacy VPN swoops in to save the day. It allows you to spend to your heart’s content but in a way which is secure and trusted. It is difficult to express exactly how important it is to have a VPN service when it comes to massive retail occasions like black Friday. Ivacy VPN is one of the best and really easy to download. It has a plethora of benefits, which are what we’re going to explore. And, best of all, it has a Black Friday sale on ! Happy Days!

2. NordVPN Black Friday deal – Exclusive 75% discount


NordVPN Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer is something that you can’t refuse. 75% discount on 3 Year plan on this black friday deal is one of the lucrative offers that you can find internet this time of the year. If I were you, I would not spare the next few seconds thinking about other Black Friday deals and would just buy NordVPN because the service is top-notch, downloading or browsing speed is also faster, supports a wide range of devices and has huge number of servers.

11.95$ per month is the normal price which you can avail with just 2.99$ per month with this awesome Black Friday deal.


3. IPVanish – Black Friday coupons 2023

black friday deal vpn IPVANISH-VPN-3

From November 21 through November 27  all new IPVanish users can enjoy 3.33$ per month offer in Bi-Annual package. If you know IPvanish – this is the most popular VPN companies out there. It has huge number of subscribers because of it’s stable servers and blazing fast browsing speed while VPN is turned on. As a matter of fact, IPVanish doesn’t offer VPN deals if the occasion is not that great like Black Friday.

Without any coupon the price is 11.99$ per month. With this Black Friday offer you can enjoy the same top quality service for less than 3.33$ per month. Don’t forget to avail this offer while it lasts. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get to know offers like this in future.

IPvanish is known for it’s speed. So no matter why you need a VPN let it be torrenting, streaming kodi, or browsing anonymously it will never disappoint you. On this occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, use IPVanish exclusive discount and become worry-free for whole two years!

4. PureVPN Black Friday – Exclusive Deal (73% discount)


PureVPN is giving 73% discount on the black friday. So don’t miss out this great offer. PureVPN is known as the best VPN for streaming. Most Kodi users love this VPN provider. Other users are not dissatisfied either.

Normally PureVPN costs 10.95$ per month, after discount you can get this with only 2.99$ per month. Techspree readers can  enjoy one or two cup of coffee per month with this discount, isn’t it? When you’re in the coffeeshop don’t forget to turn on your purevpn so that you can keep yourself safe from Credit Card theft or Password stealing by the Wi-fi hackers.

5. ExpressVPN Black Friday– 49% discount deal


ExpressVPN is another very popular VPN service. In this Black Friday, ExpressVPN is giving you enticing 49% discount and 3 months for free when you buy the yearly subscription. ExpressVPN is the best for Netflix unblocking and works great for several regions like Netflix USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, China etc.

ExpressVPN monthly subscription will convert from 11.95$ to 6.67$ per month if you use this awesome Black Friday deal. Also you will get 15 months by just paying for 12 months. This offer is not something that you should miss for anything…

Pick your credit card or try to remember your PayPal password and hurry!! This won’t last long.

6. CyberGhost VPN– 6 months bonus + 77% Discount


CyberGhost VPN gives you 77% discount and not only that, you may also get 6 months free with the yearly package in this Black Friday exclusive deal for techspree readers.

CyberGhost VPN has over 10 million satisfied customers and it is the ONLY VPN company that gives you 45 Days money back guarantee period.

11.99$ is the normal price per month basis but using this Black Friday deal you will get it within 2.75$ per month.

CyberGhost has apps and softwares for both PC and Mobile and the servers are top notch. As the VPN company allows 7 devices per account and 45 days money back guarantee , I assume this one is surely attract you.



LeVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal 70% discount

Le VPN is running a merged Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special from Friday, November 23 to Monday, November 26th:
2-year plan for $69.60 or $2.90/month, or 70% OFF the monthly price!


We’ve all heard of clickbait haven’t we? It’s used to entice people into traps, and many websites will be using it as a weapon to advertise fake VPN deals this black Friday. It is imperative that you go into these ventures with a clear head on your shoulders. Think about it, no VPN service will give away their services for practically free – given the technical complexity of what a VPN is , it is completely unfeasible. Go to a trusted website that isn’t practically selling a VPN for a few pennies. So , our first piece of advice is:


There’s a popular culture of people banding together and using their collective knowledge to further the good of everyone. Blog sites are also like this – they review services depending on a series of categories and then give their honest, unbiased opinion. If you’re going to do your research, then these blog sites are an excellent starting point. Perusing them not only allows you to make an informed decision, but also gives you a wider knowledge about the features that are most desirable in a VPN service that you perhaps hadn’t thought of before. Team work makes the dream work people. Ivacy VPN, for example has been recommended by countless bloggers and holds an impressive 9.6 stars on Trust Pilot. Incredible credentials if we do say so ourselves. And it’s on sale – what more could you possibly ask for? Our second piece of important advice therefore is:


Moving swiftly on, it is important to note that this idea applies to other areas of consumer life as well – you must buy from the original source. Secondary sellers often manipulate information and offer dodgy products. When it comes to VPN’s, it is not different at all. Make sure you go to the VPN service providers actual website, as opposed to an advert you just clicked on while scrolling aimlessly. This is vital – the actual website of a VPN Service provider, given that it has good reviews , shouldn’t be an issue to purchase goods from . Ivacy VPN has a brilliant homepage, with a Trust Pilot bar running along the top so that you can ensure that there isn’t any dodgy business going on. Naturally, our third piece of advice is to:

  • Always put your trust on Authority blogs like TechSpree

If you follow all of this advice down to the last point, you shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to identifying fake VPN deals this black Friday. Remain vigilant, and if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There’s still a fair bit of time before Black Friday, so really take your time with things. The worst thing you could possibly do would be to get a financial hit before black Friday … how are you going to find the money to spend then?

All of your trouble and effort will be rewarded when you end up downloading an efficient VPN Service. Ivacy VPN is a shining beacon of excellence when it comes to VPN service providers, so it can serve as the perfect model when we discuss the features that you should be looking out for when purchasing a VPN deal. Let’s explore everything that makes us love Ivacy VPN so much,  and by extension  other things that a good VPN service should provide for you. We’ve got to admit that Ivacy VPN certainly sets the standards high.


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  1. These are great Black Friday deals! I was just planning on subscribing to Nord, because I enjoyed their product while using Free trial. Sadly, I didn’t really have the money. With this deal you provided I’m sure to commit long-term.

  2. Rick Martin says

    Just purchased the 86% off on the PureVPN offer of early the day after Thanksgiving

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