What is BrowserProtect.exe and how to remove it?

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Browserprotect.exe is a MALWARE. Firstly it disguises as it is made to protect your Browser from hijacking by hackers or adwares. But actually it does suspicious activity in hidden and Explorer.exe can’t stop its process. Thus it runs on your PC without your knowledge and disclose your privacy to attackers. Unfortunately if your pc got this extremely foul rootkit and can’t figure out how to fix it then continue reading. Hope this will fix you after following the instructions.Lets First know what is this and then fix it.
This executable is part of the performance suite from PerformerSoft LLC – the Application Manager. Check their pages for list of the products – http://www.performersoft.com/index.php. On many forums some users have problems with uninstalling of some of their soft.If you want to remove this file but file is locked.

BROWSER PROTECTION.EXE is known as: Trojan AVKill

Download this software
Install it. This software will remove the rootkit. Reboot if necessary.


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