Add REPLY button to your Facebook Status and comments

Add reply button to your Facebook status by following this Facebook trick. As you are reading this post I guess you might have seen Reply button on Popular Facebook pages or Profiles where readers can engage in a conversion with others by using reply button. But your Facebook post doesn’t yet have this feature? And You want to add reply button to your Status then read the rest of the article. This Facebook Trick is working . I have tested it before writing this post.

Add Reply button to your Facebook Status and comments:

Add REPLY button to your Facebook Status and comments 3

How this Trick Works:

Facebook has different features based on the user’s Location. So some users can have different additional feature but others will not get it right away. As Facebook has very high number of visitors so it instantly does not add or modify User Interface or Features for all visitors rather it adds or modifies User Interface or Features by Location preference. So, we will use this method and add Reply button feature on our Facebook post or comments.

Add Reply button to your Facebook comments:

For Google Chrome Browser:

Step 1: Add this Manual Geolocations extension to your Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Now Go to Facebook Touch .

Step 3: I hope you have installed Manual Geolocations extension . If it is installed successfully you will see a Circle Area on top right corner of the browser. Click on it. A box with map will appear. In the search box type New Zealand and hit the search button. Now select this location . Click anywhere on the window and this box will be hidden.

Add REPLY button to your Facebook Status and comments
Step 4: Now Go back to and Click on Check in . Wait sometimes, and some locations name will appear. Select any one of them marked green on the below image. All of them are location from New Zealand.

Add REPLY button to your Facebook Status and comments 2

Step 5: Okay. It’s done. Now Go to and update your Status and comment on your status. You will get the Reply button there.

Add Reply button to your Facebook comments:

For Firefox Browser:

Procedure is the same. But for Firefox you have to add this Firefox Addon and change your location as New Zealand.

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  1. They have adopted the very same concept that Firefox has used to
    catch up with Internet Explorer. I can give you literally dozens of reasons why an add-on will slow Firefox down. The greatest thing about networking sites is
    that people can meet other people.

  2. maaaan!! this works awesome… btw no need to install geolocation… just “check in” then u ll get the reply button
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks !

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