Best VPN for China (Reviews + Complete Guide) [February 2024]

best vpn for china

Factors For Choosing The Best China VPN

There is a high level of internet censorship in China and the sooner you know how to go around that the better. Of course, this is only possible in none other way than choosing the best China VPN. This will enable you to unblock the content that you need to access in China. You need to choose the VPN with the strongest encryption. You will also need to know whether there is a China VPN ban, or not.

For anonymity, many things have to be borne in mind. One of them is the encryption. The AES 256-bit encryption is the best in the world and it is available in all VPNs for China. However, other things such as where the VPN servers are located also matter a lot. But even as you seek the best service to subscribe for, you must first ask yourself this question: Is VPN in China illegal? Depending on whom you ask, you will get conflicting answers to this.

If you live out of China and you would still want to access some Chinese content in China websites, there is no other option other than to look for the best VPN servers in China. In the same way, if you live in China and you would love to unblock some US content, this would only be possible if the VPN provider that you are using has servers in the USA. There is a strict China VPN ban especially for individual use, so you have to tread carefully.

Also make sure that the VPN provider for China that you intend to use has a strong no log policy. This means that when you are online, your activities are not noted at all and that no data is collected. The idea here is to cover all of your footprints on the internet and the VPN that you choose should be able to help you.

Before you can truly get down to enjoy access to some of the most popular websites in the world, you need to know how to download VPN in China. Some services are as easy as clicking ok when prompted and you are done. Some are not so straightforward.

Here are our top picks for the best VPN for China:

  1. ExpressVPN: In China ExpressVPN is the most popular and the fasted VPN provider and it works all over the China.
  2. Ivacy VPN: Cheapest China VPN with the strongest VPN server and top-notch service.
  3. StrongVPN: Best VPN that works with OpneVPN UDP and TCP prototocl in China.
  4. VyprVPN: Best for China with the additional “Chameleon” protocol to hide all footprints while online.
  5. NordVPN: Lots of servers to choose, very fast connectivity in China. Most users use the Hong kong servers of Nordvpn.
  6. Torguard: 100% working VPN to bypass the Great Firewall of china

1. ExpressVPN – Blazing fast China VPN


ExpressVPN is one of very few VPNs that still works in China. ExpressVPN is listed first because it gives top notch speed in China. ExpressVPN can easily bypass the Great Firewall and unblock all the sites that are blocked in China. Not only that, ExpressVPN has stronger encryption so you can be rest assured about the security and privacy.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows,Mac OSX,Android,Linux,Amazon and Kindle Fire,Apple TV,Routers on Linux,PlayStation,Xbox,Media Streamers like Chromecast,FreeBox etc. No VPN can beat this huge list of the devices supported by a single VPN.

If you are planning to go to China for not more than a month then you can take advantages of the VPN’s 30 day money back guarantee. ExpressVPN supports Netflix on certain servers and this VPN is also recommended for torrenting.

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2. IvacyVPN – Most affordable VPN for China

vpn for china

If you want a VPN that works in China and also gives you superfast download and browsing speed then look no further. Ivacy claims to ensure that each of its users has a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Fortunately for the service provider, this is true. Subscription to an Ivacy subscription does not take more than a few minutes. In addition, there are many payment methods to choose from, ensuring that interested customers are not limited in any way.

Ivacy VPN is relatively good for those who want to unlock content and even stream content online without compromising quality.

Users have more than 275 VPN servers in more than 100 locations . This translates into better access to online content, while being hidden from the monitoring agencies, including ISPs.

Another great thing about Ivacy VPN is the fact that this solution is supported on all major platforms. Whether it’s a Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android device, Ivacy will be available. If that’s not enough, Ivacy can also be configured on routers, providing better protection for all connected devices at the same time.

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3. VyprVPN – Superfast and reliable China VPN

VPN for china

VyprVPN offers stable VPN service in China. Also, this VPN is very easy to use. If you want a VPN that will fulfil your every needs while you are in China, you can blindly rely on VyprVPN.
The provider is based in Switzerland and has many features, including a global server network, strong encryption protocols, many proprietary software, and excellent customer service. Although its price is above the market average, I think its benefits justify its higher cost.

VyprVPN has several exclusive features and exclusive technology. It claims to be the “fastest VPN in the world”. VyprVPN owns and manages its own data and servers, no third parties are involved! The server network of this VPN includes over 200,000 IP addresses and more than 700 servers across five continents.

Chameleon is a technology that is owned by Golden Frog. It is available and supported by Windows, Mac and Android routers.

Chameleon uses unmodified 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and works by scrambling OpenVPN package metadata. The result is an open and uncensored browsing experience, as users can bypass restrictive networks (such as those set up by oppressive governments) without sacrificing security.

Swiss supplier, VyprVPN is an ideal solution for users who do not want to sacrifice privacy for speed. This VPN has a network of servers that spans the globe and a number of powerful protocols. Better yet, his elegant client is the same on different platforms. However, great confidence is needed when using VyprVPN because its parent company is partially based in the United States. This VPN has many decades of experience, a great reputation, and is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.

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4. NordVPN – Best VPN for China with blazing fast download speed.

vpn for china

NordVPN not only works in China but it can also bypass the great firewall of China using it’s Double VPN feature. You can also use it’s VPN with Tor browser if you want 100% anonymity. We found no issue using this VPN in China.

Well for the torrent and p2p, NordVPN easily adapts and bypasses geographical restrictions on some sites like Netflix.

When I tested NordVPN with Netflix, it seemed to work normally.

Eyes closed! I recommend NordVPN.

In conclusion, it’s secure, safe and fast. In addition, its presence on the market is less old than other VPNs such as TorGuard or AirVPN.

In addition, their server farm is the largest I know, about 3350 servers in more than 60 countries.

NordVPN does the job very well, however it is not as fast as ExpressVPN.

By maintaining good performance and low prices, they will soon come to the fore.

So, I recommend NordVPN for limited budgets.

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5. StrongVPN – affordable and easy to use China VPN


StrongVPN is truly a strong VPN to use in China. It’s is so strong that the Great Firewall of China is just a stone gate to him. StrongVPN can circumvent the blockage of the Chinese Govt. But you have to make sure that you are using OpenVPN UDP or OpenVPN TCP in china because VPN protocol was getting disconnected from time to time. This is not a fault from the StrongVPN side , it is the way GFW acts against VPNs.

StrongVPN has 650+ servers in 20+ countries and 46 cities. StrongVPN recommend “San-Francisco” server for China and USA users so you may choose this suitable server location. StrongVPN gives 5 devices per account so you can use all of your computers and mobile devices from the single subscription.

StrongVPN has impressive 24*7 technical support team to solve any issue that you may be facing. StrongVPN also gives 30-day money-back guarantee which is great if you want to test the service before committing for Yearly package.

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The Great Firewall of China

Is VPN in China illegal? Many people ask this when they hear of the Great Firewall of China. This is the name that has been assigned to the strict censorship in the country of China. However, officially, it is known as the Golden Shield Project where the internet traffic is strictly monitored and regulated by the Internet Service Providers in China who are owned by the state.

The external restriction of the internet enables the state to monitor the internet traffic of its local users. To do this, the Great Firewall of China uses different tactics such as fiddling with the DNS, URL and keyword filtering, Deep Packet Inspection and IP blocking. These are just a few ways as there are many more.

How websites are blocked and content filtered

Most of the web services in China are censored as this country has some of the strictest policies when it comes to internet censorship. The only way you can overcome this is by using a credible VPN service.

The state goes much further than that. As well as censoring what content you can access online, they also go a step ahead and censor what material you can upload online. This censorship is done by the Great Firewall of China.

The GFW does the censorship by scanning and filtering all the content that is either received or sent through the internet gateways in China. This means any content that is related to hate speech, revolution, protest or anything else that could render a threat to the government and the political leaders of the country, the content will be blocked.

From the above paragraph, you can see just how serious this censorship is. However, there are ways to by-pass this censorship and one of them is using a VPN service. Hide your footprints online from the prying eyes of the state and enjoy the liberty to access the information that you need. China VPN ban is real, so you will have to use a service that is highly reviewed by many users after having helped them access internet content in China.

How to escape DNS server block in China

GFW (Great Firewall of China) uses several strategies to deter online information access and DNS filtering is one of them. When you visit some sites in China, you might note that the information is restricted. The restriction comes from the DNS server block. Lack of website access could be frustrating especially when in need of urgent information.

Well, you could take a few steps to secure your site. One of this is to rectify the DNS server you are using. Second, you could make use of a Mainland VPN service. Rectifying your DNS server does not just happen. First, you should use certain software to know whether the server you are using is a Chinese DNS or not.

Tools like or are designed to assist you in that regard.

After checking, you should proceed to change the DNS server through a few strategies. First, you can replace using the DNS server you got from your VPN service provider. Second, you can make use of Google Public DNS – or

Lastly, you can use Open-DNS server – or You can see it is a bit technical, but once you know how to download VPN in China, it should be easy.


FAQs about China VPN ban

What does VPN in China mean?

The Chinese government has imposed stiff regulation towards website and content access. The state bans around 18,000 websites, which includes commonly used ones like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you are in China and try to access pornographic sites or sites that show violence, you will be blocked. GFW has blocked any site that publishes information about state policies. Luckily, you can use a VPN. This service will help you to visit any blocked site or service.

What happens with VPN in China is that it encrypts all of your network traffic, which hinders cyber surveillance or GFW from acknowledging your activities. Thus, you will enjoy information from any website anonymously.

Is it possible for GFW to block VPN?

China has dedicated itself towards blocking any VPN service in the country. China reasons that if they block a certain IP address, people will certainly look for other alternatives. That is why GFW blacklists VPN servers, IP addresses and websites. Therefore, it is high time for VPN providers to find alternatives for people to access blocked websites and content.

A VPN and a Proxy: is there a difference?

Routing network traffic via IP address is done by a proxy service. This means a proxy service can help you to view content available in only the blocked websites. On the other hand, VPN goes further than a proxy service.

Once you have known how to download VPN in China, it takes an IP address and masks it with another VPN server located in a different location. Consequently, VPN encodes your network traffic using safe tunneling strategies. As a result, your data becomes unreadable and encrypted to spy agencies, hackers, cybercriminals or ISPs.

Comparing a proxy service and Mainland VPNs, they both provide pure online freedom, great online experience, constant online security and premium anonymity.

Must I have a VPN when I relocate to China?

You cannot access blocked sites if you do not have a Mainland VPN-service. This means you cannot log in to your Twitter or Facebook account to connect to your friends and family. China also restricts people from logging in to their Gmail accounts. Besides accessing blocked sites, a VPN China will protect you from cyber bullies and enable you to access Chinese content that is streamed life.

What are VPN services blocked by Chinese authorities? 

Even though China aims at blocking any traffic VPN across the country, they must balance their actions. The government argues that the information from service providers targets Chinese readers. Also, they state that these providers break the rules and regulations set forth by the GFW concerning online content access. However, you can know how to download VPN in China and you will get other choices to view the content that you want.

How can I know the best VPN in China?

The most important indication that you have the right VPN service is the customer support. You should buy the VPN that takes you through its signup procedure. Also, lookout for the one that gives you details to help you to use the service while you are in China.

How can I make my VPN faster in China?

Your VPN functions slowly due to several issues. If you are making lots of downloads, or facing high-traffic load leading to network congestion, then your VPN will slow down some. Other issues that could hinder the performance of your VPN could be the firewall of your system and the VPN protocol that you are using. You can have direct chats with VPN Mainland’s representatives and they will help. From this alone, you can see the answer to your question: is VPN in China illegal?

Which VPN protocol works best in China?

GFW has placed restrictions to VPN users. China Great Firewall has come up with serious strategies to block the SSTP protocol, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. This hinders the functionality of many of the Mainland VPN services. However, you can escape these rules when you know how to use the right VPN in China as they will have details to assist you.

Do I get VPN China free trial?

Whether you will get VPN China free trial depends on many things. One of them is the provider that you subscribe with. Some may offer free trial while others may offer a refund policy. It is better to read and understand the terms and conditions in the refund policy or money back guarantee before you buy it.

Which protocol has bypassed the GFW China?

OpenVPN is the best and the right protocol to use if you would like to go around the GFW. With this protocol, you will enjoy efficient speed connection and enough security due to its 160-256-bit encryption. Just as it is with the other protocols, OpenVPN has its challenges too. For instance, it is not compatible to certain mobile operating systems like iOS.

Is the law against the use of VPN in China?

Is VPN in China illegal? Under the law, it is not illegal to use VPN. You can use your VPN in China without restrictions from the authorities. VPN services help businesses to take care of their employees. However, your freedom changes when you connect your VPN to a Mainland-VPN. You should note that Chinese GFW blocks and filters any content with incitement to protests, hateful words or the one opposing government projects.

Does a VPN China have a multi login option?

Yes it does. You can use one connection on different devices, thanks to the multi login option from VPN providers. You will find best VPN that enable users to make three or more logins from a single virtual private network. Therefore, you can use the VPN on your console, mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

How do I know if a VPN is the best?

The best VPN service in China has several qualities. The service you select should give attractive advantages and many server options. Some of VPN servers that meet these criteria include PureVPN, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Is VPN in China illegal?

It is legal to use a VPN in China. However, you should not use it for unlawful objectives.

Free or paid VPN China service: Which is best?

There are paid and free VPN services to consider. Both of these give security and online protection. The only difference is how they do it. For instance, a free VPN gives both security and protection but at minimum levels. Alternatively, a paid-for VPN in China offers better security, technology and other features, which is something most users like.

Besides protection and security, a premium VPN provides additional features like unblocking abilities, reliability, stability and high speed. Therefore, you should go for a paid VPN to enjoy those features and more. With a paid VPN, you can make live streams or connect with friends and family through social media. Most importantly, a premium VPN will protect you from GFW blocking.

Can I get a free VPN?

Unpaid VPNs in China come with several limitations. Their services are of poor quality and face many issues in comparison to what premium VPNs provide. Trustworthy web security is what VPN users look for, but free VPNs do not offer that feature. Note that the free VPNs do not let users select the servers they want and they have slow connections as well. That said, you probably should not consider getting a free VPN in China because you will face those challenges and many more. Instead of looking for an exclusively free VPN, look for VPN China free trial.

I love my SnapChat: can I access it in China?

Unfortunately, GFW has blocked Snapchat usage in China. However, you can follow a few steps to unblock it. Snapchat ranks top among all apps used in social networking. It has 7 billion video views daily and more than a hundred million users. That number would be more if the Chinese government allowed its use.

Chinese government banned Snapchat use due to its nature. What happens with SnapChat is that whenever a user shares a video or whatever information, it cannot be visible to others as long as the receiver has viewed it.

According to Snapchat’s security and privacy policy, once information has been shared it automatically becomes unavailable to other users. This means the information is erased from the servers of the service provider. The Chinese authorities were not comfortable with this functionality and that is why they had to ban SnapChat.

Which mode of payment is best to buy my VPN in China?

So far, Bitcoin ranks the best among other modes of payments to buy a VPN. It is secure since you do not have to disclose your sensitive details regarding your card.

Are there restrictions to the use of Facebook while in China?

Every month, Facebook has more than 1.71 billion users, which makes it the number one social media site mostly used in the entire world. There are Facebook users in all parts of the world. This increase in active users is contributed by its informal stands and ease of accessibility. As long as there is internet connection, you can login to your Facebook account.

However, you cannot access it while in China without unblocking VPN server. Just as it has done on the other social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and others, China GFW has imposed the same regulations on Facebook. You can use China Mainland VPN to escape these regulations. Thus, you will be able to login to your Facebook account easily as you do when you are in your country.

Can I get Youku Services outside China?

Youku is the biggest video hosting service in China, with more than 800 million views on videos every day. Youku is headquartered in Beijing, and it provides a myriad of media centers with famous movies, music, TV series, arts, news and entertainment among many more. This conventional upon demand service has however been restricted to China alone because of a content licensing agreement. 

Other Youku’s fans outside China are therefore be unable to access its services. However, the good news is that other users outside China’s boundaries can now enjoy Youku entertainment services courtesy of the best VPN for China. This VPN has is a great solution for all the users around the globe because it has made the services accessible from any part of the world.

How does the Great Firewall of China Function?

In China, no one is allowed to use the internet as freely as they would love to. This is because the Great Firewall monitors everything that is exchanged via the internet.

The Great Firewall (GFW) achieves this by employing the use of revolutionary technology to restrict any information that can be considered unsafe to the Chinese residents. Among the revolutionary technologies that the GFW uses include URL filtering, IP address blocking, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), keyword filtering, DNS blockages, resetting connections and packet filtering.

Deep Packet Inspection

The Great firewall examines the unencrypted data package and searches for any sensitive keywords therein. In case the keywords have been blacklisted, the user cannot access the information contained in those packages.

Filtering the URLs

The Chinese government has additionally blacklisted some URLs in order to make them inaccessible to its citizens. On other instances, some websites can be accessible although some of the information therein is filtered out.

It Resets Connections

The GFW can also restrict the exchange of information between a blocked site and the user’s device for a certain period. It does this by resetting the connection between the device and the site where one is restricted from communicating with the other.

Filters & Blocks DNS

When you search a websites address via your browser, your device communicates with a DNS server that searches for an IP address. On condition that the DNS is commanded not to provide the IP address, then you will not be able to see the websites information and in most cases will tell you that the site is not found.

Blocking IP addresses

The GFW has blocked a great range of IP addresses to restrict the users from getting access to various websites. The GFW for example blocks the IP address of a site such as Facebook in order to make it inaccessible to people in China.

Apart from using the above strategies, China’s web traffic goes through only six gateways. This enables the Internet Police to scrutinize, filter and restrict information. Reporters Without Borders reports consider China to be the largest Netizens prison in the world.

China has engaged more than 2 million people in the Internet Police Force, which looks into every content, filtering and blocking any information that is deemed as a threat to the citizens. Among the ways that Chinese citizens can protect their privacy and access the whole internet is by using China VPN.

What factors make the Best VPN for China?

Having looked at the importance of engaging the services of a VPN in china, there are some crucial features that you should consider before choosing VPN in China.

Below are some of them:

Pricing Plans

Considering the price packages offered by a VPN service provider is quite important. For example, if you are going to be in China for only a short while, say for a month, a monthly package would be more ideal for you.

Considering your needs look into a package carefully and go for one that will suit your needs because different packages may be offering varied services.

Refund policy/Money Back Guarantee

A VPN that offers money back guarantee is better than one that does not. This is because some may connect better in some areas than in others in accordance to the intensity of the GFW in that area.

Choose a VPN service provider that offers money back guarantee such as the Express VPN, so that you can be refunded your money in case their services are not helpful in your area. Again, look for the terms and conditions governing the VPN China free trial.

Customer Care

A service provider that has a great customer support system is worth considering because you can be assured of assistance any time you have a problem or you want to enquire something.

Look out for the providers support channels such as live chats, emails, FAQs among others and choose one that has a variety of them. Before settling on your choice, test how effective their support system is by probably emailing them, enquiring about their services and see how fast they respond to your enquiries.

Factors to consider in a VPN service plan for China

You can consider various factors while looking for the best VPN service plan in China. Such may include features like free trials, privacy policies, money back guarantee and pricing plans among others.

Looking into these factors can help you to make a better decision concerning privacy while online, so that you can access your preferred content privately and securely.

Best free VPN in China

In China, unfortunately you cannot secure your online privacy using a free VPN. This is due to the fact that free VPN services do not engage the technology that hides your VPN traffic into the usual web traffic. This means that you will face challenges when you want to access your desired content in China.

You can however check our suggestions on best free VPN in other countries apart from China.

FAQs for Best VPN for China

Users around the globe would still want to find out about the best VPN services in China. This is because most of them cannot find a solution to various enquiries within the shortest time possible. Below are some of the frequently asked questions and their brief answers.

How do I know the best VPN protocol in China?

There is quite a list, from which you can select your preferred VPN protocol, some of which include IPsec, IKEv1, IKEv2, PPTP and Open VPN among others. Using the Open VPN protocol is better because it uses 256-bit military grade encryption to ensure that your online privacy is secure.

How to improve the operation of your VPN

As much as the GFW of China looks like a massive and solid system, there are some loopholes to exploit. This is mainly in relation to it being able to effectively work in some areas and being ineffective in others. There is also an inconsistency in blockages throughout the country where some sites are partially blocked in some areas whereas in other areas they are totally blocked.

This is why a VPN for China is very important. Choosing the best VPN service can however be a challenging task since there are so many services that are blocked in mainland China. The Chinese government has employed the use of modern technology to deter the operation of VPNs in China.

To enhance the use of your VPN and to make the correct choice, below are some of the things that you should put into consideration.  You should also ask for customer support assistance in how to download VPN in china

Protocol  – OpenVPN with TCP Port 443

Now that we know about China VPN ban, when looking for the best VPN, choose an OpenVPN protocol/TCP Port 443. If you do this, your internet traffic will look like the regular HTTPS traffic.

The main reason why this is very important is because HTTPS is the cornerstone of every security protocol on the internet and blocking it means interfering with the internet. Most sites use HTTPS as their common protocol for securing their users contents.

It is crucial to choose a VPN that provides an Open VPN protocol and TCP Port 443 and if you are not sure that the provider offers this protocol and supports this port; contact their customer support to be sure of it.

The range of Protocols offered

While the rage is all about the OpenVPN protocol with TCP Port 443, do note that there are other available protocols.

Because the GFW has been blocking various VPN services, look for a provider that provides various protocols such as SSTP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.

SSTP is another great protocol that uses TCP Port 443 although unfortunately, most providers do not offer it and it is available on few servers.

Stealth Servers

The number of servers is crucial when selecting a VPN. Various providers also offer stealth servers that are located in areas that are free of the GFW.

Some of the locations where these servers are located include Hong Kong and they employ the use a technology incorporated by Tor to disguise its nodes. This works by concealing your VPN connection in SSL or SSH tunnel. By using these servers, your privacy is secured and your content is protected from the GFW monitoring and filtering. With stealth servers, it won’t matter whether there is a China VPN ban as you will bypass all bans.

The Encryption Levels Offered

Because of the China VPN ban, encryption is very important when boosting VPN performance is concerned. Different providers offer different encryption keys although the best VPN for China should provide 256-bit encryption level. So far, this is the highest and the strongest level of encryption.

When securing your privacy from the GFW monitoring, encryption is very important because it encrypts your information into alphanumeric characters that are unreadable to everyone including the internet police.

VPNs to access Chinese sites

In case you are not in China and you wish to access Chinese sites, you must engage the services of any of the VPNs below:

  • PureVPN – available in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai
  • ExpressVPN- has the strongest encryption when compared to other providers
  • NordVPN – very fast and reliable
  • Ivacy- optimized P2P server giving you absolute anonymity and has more than 250 servers including in China
  • PrivateVPN- very fast and great online security


Does China have any VPN servers?

Most of the Chinese VPN service providers offer to unblock content and access from inside China. For the Chinese people who live outside China and wish to access the local services such as Youku and Tudou among others, some providers have their servers in China. These providers allow such people to still enjoy their local services while still abroad and they include:

  • PureVPN
  • HideMyAs
  • Astrill
  • FlyVPN

Famous Websites & Social Networks that have been prohibited in China

Is VPN in China illegal because so many websites are not accessible? Believe it or not, you will not access search engine Google and any of its associated sites. You also cannot access other social sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Sound Cloud and BlogSpot among others because they have been blocked by the Chinese mainland authorities.

To access these sites, you must install a VPN for China. The VPN will disguise your IP address and shield you behind one of its many proxy addresses. If you are in China and you wish to stream all online services, it is  recommended that you connect to a UK or a US server.

On the other hand, local services such as Youku and Tudou only work in China and the Chinese who live abroad will have difficulty accessing them unless they use a VPN whose servers are located in China mainland.

Android & Google Play

As earlier mentioned, GFW has already blocked all the Google services including Google store. Android users are therefore forced to use a third party app store that contains limited apps.

China can effortlessly command its domestic app store to block VPN apps from their list and the VPN providers have no say about it. Therefore, in case you use an android device and you are planning to visit China, ensure that you subscribe to VPN service in advance.

App Store & iOS

Apple Inc has been allowed to operate its app store in China but under certain regulations. This means that in case China wants to get rid of a certain app from App Store, Apple store will have no choice but to remove it.

For example, China has already gotten rid of ExpessVPN and the VyprVPN from the App Store and there was nothing VPN providers could do about it.  China also plans to do a crackdown against every VPN provider that is not licensed to operate in the country.

Apple gets rid of Skype from App Store in China

It is not a wonder to hear that an app is being shut down in China and this time around, its Skype that is exiting.

Skype services were operating well in the China until reports emerged that it was going against the local laws. This made Apple get rid of this internet phone call feature from its app store.

Apart from Skype, Apple has removed other apps in China.

This is a great disappointment to many users considering that China has already blocked other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Goggle, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Microsoft spokesperson has however said that the removal of Skype is only temporary and it will be back once the corrective actions have been taken.

There is yet any report that shows that Skype is no longer working in China, and therefore if you already have the app, you can continue enjoying the service while the new users can contact the Microsoft official website to get the app. Is VPN in China illegal such that you cannot access services like Skype stealthily? Definitely not.

VPNs to avoid in China

If you want to access online content in China, ensure that you avoid the following listed VPN China providers:

Private Internet Access (PIA)

The management team of PIA have said time and again that they are not able to give their users the very best connection to access blocked content in China.

Hide MyAss

The logging policies of this VPN service are not exactly the best and they could retain some data. Now the whole point of going online with a VPN is to wipe your footprints away and HMA may not do this 100 percent. Besides, some users have said that they experienced connection issues with this service.

VPN Gate

Avoid this one in China. It simply stopped working but only on China as it works in many other places, but not here.

What lies in future for VPN usage in China?

Whole things are not looking up for VPN usage in China, if you live there, are headed there or would like to visit this vast country sometime in the near future, there still is a lot of hope for you. There is the best VPN for use in China.

The state authorizes the internet service providers to restrict their users from using VP services and this alone has made it hard for the internet anonymity providers in China to offer excellent services all the time.

In fact, VPN services that offer internet privacy to individual users are on their toes with the state continuously threatening to take strict action against them. This means that only the very best VPN for China is going to survive there. Thankfully, all hope is not lost.

Reviews for VPN in China

So, how did we arrive at this list of the best VPN for China? Well, we used a few factors as below:

  • How compatible the VPN is with different devices and operating systems
  • Features like Kill Switch and multi-usage at the same time
  • Comprehensive privacy policy for the user
  • Encryption protocols and tunneling

Our verdict and recommendation

China has without doubt the strongest censorship policy for internet users. Its internet police force is the biggest in the world. They know what you are doing online, what you are accessing and who you are accessing it with. Streaming services, web-hosting services and anything else that has been red-flagged is already filtered by the Great Firewall of China. To escape the China VPN ban, make sure you know how to download VPN in China and set it up just right. If you get the best service, you should have a glitch-free browsing experience all the time.

For this reason, only the best VPN China will suffice. With the providers that we have recommended here, you are going to enjoy internet access in China. In this report though, it is important that you note that we are not in China and all the information that we have comes from internet users based there. You too are welcome to share your internet usage experience in China.



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  1. I used NordVPN when traveled around China. It ran fine under blocks of the government. Gave me access to social media and gmail. But don’t forget to set up it before your flight 🙂

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