Best VPN for Torrenting: (5 VPNs with No Logs and high speeds)

VPN for torrenting helps you avoid getting caught while you download torrent files. These VPN will ensure high speed download so that your torrent download becomes blazing fast.

Downloading torrent files require a connection between your computer to other peers and it is very easy to track your IP while you download torrent files. Your ISP may track down your torrent activity if you don’t use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Not all VPNs support torrent download. So here we present to you 5 best VPN for torrent and P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing support. These torrent VPN will help you to avoid getting notice from ISP and Govt.

Some ISP throttle your bandwidth if you download torrent files hence you need to use VPN so that your torrent traffic gets encrypted and your ISP won’t be able to detect whether you are downloading torrents or not. VPN is a private network that creates a tunnel in your public network and sends the data packets securely. Some users prefer Zbigz like sites for torrenting online but a VPN can give complete anonymity. If you want to download torrent files with superfast download speed in uTorrent you can follow the guide – how to increase uTorrent Download speed by using more torrent tracker. Also you may be interested in knowing the differences between Public and Private trackers and how to create a torrent file from your computer.

5 Best VPN For Torrenting:

Provider Rating Price/Month Discount Link
1. Ivacy VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
1.41$ 86% OFF
2. Express VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
6.67$ 49% OFF
3. Private Internet Access VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
2.91$ 52% OFF
4. TorGuard VPN ★★★★
Read Review
5.00$ 50% OFF
5. Trust Zone VPN ★★★★
Read Review
3.33$ 60% OFF

Why You Need A VPN For Torrenting Or P2P File Sharing

You will need to use torrent VPN if you want to avoid ISP notice, slow internet connection imposed by ISP while downloading torrent files and improving online security.

Avoiding ISP warning by using torrent VPN

Torrents VPN are useful for helping you protecting your privacy and avoid getting fine for anti-piracy notice called “three strike” from your ISP. If you get caught while torrenting then you will need to pay the copyright holders a huge fine and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide your personal information to law enforcement agency. VPN for torrent does two things – first it changes your IP address and location. So your identity remains anonymous. Secondly, VPN for torrent encrypts your browsing and downloading traffic through secure tunnel (Server) so that your ISP can’t track your online activity. So if you download torrents with secure VPN your ISP will not be able track it let alone sending notice and warning. Thirdly, some ISP cap your Internet speed for Bit-torrent protocol, makes it super slow while downloading torrent files. To avoid bandwidth throttling , you can use Torrents VPN.

Improving online security by using torrent VPN

When you use bit-torrent software your IP address is exposed to the whole world. Anybody downloading the same content can view your IP address and track you to infect your home network. Torrent files are often bundled with Virus and Malware, so there is a good chance that you infect your computer with Trojan Horse type virus. Now these virus application requires a direct connection between you and the controlling hacking device implemented by the hacker. It can be a server or a simple computer. Now if you use VPN for torrenting then no direct connection possible between you and the hacker’s machine which prevents you from hack attack. Use a good antivirus software for your own safety.

Is Torrenting Legal and Ethical?

Torrent is a decentralized file-sharing protocol which is legal and ethical. But using torrent mechanism to download or share copyright files are illegal. So copyright owners contact with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to track down possible copyright violated users. So if you torrent a lot then you should use torrent VPNs so that your torrent activity become invisible to the ISP or NSA.

So you will not be punished if you torrent but if your ISP tracks that you are downloading copyrighted materials then they will send 3 consecutive warnings and violation will lead to severe financial compensation or law-suite.

So torrent VPNs are for those who take their privacy very seriously and don’t want to get caught.

Free Torrent VPN vs Premium torrent VPN

There is a phrase that tells “you get what you paid for!”. Some torrent users may search for free torrent vpn but there are many problems with free VPN. Running a VPN serervice costs money for dedicated servers. Free VPN keeps your browsing logs, Emails, Personal details etc for marketing purpose and the download speed is very slow due to large number of users. . Also most free VPNs don’t support torrenting, if you use torrent for a long time, they will detect and ban you. To protect your privacy you should never fall for FREE VPN for torrent. You can use some premium torrent vpn that doesn’t keep browsing logs, have torrent optimized servers and gives blazing fast download speed. Below you can find some of the best torrent vpn service that I have personally tested for torrenting. I know how important it is to have faster download speed, so you can use these vpn service for torrent download without any problem.

How can I avoid getting caught while downloading torrent files ?

Yes, you will get caught if you don’t use encryption tool like torrent VPN. Downloading torrent files exposes your IP with connected peers and your ISP can monitor your torrenting habit. Just tracking specific ports that are widely used for torrents, Your ISP can catch you.

You can avoid getting caught by using secure vpns for torrenting. When you are using VPN, although you are safe as long as your traffic is encrypted but still there are some possibility that your torrent activity is exposed if your ISP uses advanced tracking system like DNS tracking.

Best torrent VPN Features that will ensure anonymous torrenting :

You must choose a torrent VPN that has the following features

  • Optimized server for torrent or P2P file sharing.
  • Fast download speed.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • WebRTC leak protection.
  • ipv6 leak protection.
  • SwitchKill protection: as soon as the vpn connection fails, automatically closes internet connection to prevent unwanted IP exposure.
  • Huge number of Servers in different locations/countries.
  • BitCoin payment accepted or not

We reviewed 5 most secure VPN for torrent with these features so that you can download all your torrent files without worrying about getting caught. If you want the setup guides and tutorial on how to enable these features with proper screenshot and step by step guide, then please check the review post.

5 Best VPNs For Torrenting & P2P File Sharing

VPN for Torrenting

Torrent VPN 1:

torrent vpn editors choice

IVACY VPN for torrenting


vpn for torrenting 5 star

vpn for torrenting advantagesPros

☑ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
☑ No Usage Log
☑ Torrent & P2P Optimized Servers
☑ 200+ Servers in 100+ locations
☑ Fastest VPN Service for unlimited torrent downloads
☑ 5 Multi Logins for Mobile and PC simultaneous connection
☑ Split Tunneling feature to prioritize traffic
☑ Secure DNS and IPv6 leak protection
☑ Internet Kill switch for complete anonymity
☑ Bitcoin is supported
☑ 24×7 Customer service

VPN for torrenting disadvantagesCons

Costly if you buy monthly package. But they provide 86% discount for 5 year subscription with 30 day money back guarantee which is the lowest price among all alternatives.

IVACY VPN for torrenting

IVACY VPN is the most secure vpn for torrent because it is based in HongKong so no US company or govt. can ask for user data. Ivacy VPN doesn’t store any user log as per their privacy policy. DMCA request is ineffective and complete anonymity is guaranteed.

Now lets look into the extra features IVACY VPN offers for torrent lovers. First of all, IVACY VPN has torrent and P2P optimized servers which offers blazing fast download speed for torrent files. On top of that you can enjoy more than 200 servers worldwide for anonymous torrenting. IVACY VPN allows you 5 multi-logins so that you can enjoy 5 devices at the same time. Your computer, tablets, mobiles all can be connected simultaneously.

Now let me tell you about DNS and IPv6 leak protection by IVACY VPN. Some ISP tracks the users torrent activity by employing their own DNS server so you can easily be caught if you don’t take your privacy seriously. IVACY VPN has DNS and IPv6 leak protection so you can become worry-free while downloading torrent files. IVACY is the best torrent VPN because it also offers you Tunneling Traffic feature so that you can give priority to your torrent download over other traffics and vice versa.

Among all torrent VPNs discussed here, I found the price of IVACY VPN very cheap. You can enjoy complete anonymous torrent vpn for only 1.66$ per month. You don’t need to worry about the payment processor also. IVACY supports BitCoin as well as other payment options like PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards, Perfect Money, WebMoney etc.

When you torrent on your computer or mobile just turn on IVACY VPN and voila! Complete anonymous torrenting and P2P file sharing is possible. With IVACY – Privacy is truly made simple.

Torrent VPN 2:

PIA VPN for torrenting1

Private Internet Access

vpn for torrenting advantagesPros

☑ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
☑ No log policy
☑ Torrent download allowed
☑ OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec supported
☑ Multiple VPN gateways for torrent download
☑ 5 devices can be connected
☑ 3342+ Servers in 24 Countries
☑ VPN kill switch, Secure DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection
☑ PIA MACE technology blocks ads, malwares and trackers
☑ Bitcoin is supported
☑ Excellent customer support

VPN for torrenting disadvantagesCons

US based company

Private Internet Access VPN for torrent download

Private Internet Access is very popular as a torrent VPN for many years. TechSpree, TorrentFreak and LifeHacker recommend Private Internet Access for completely anonymous torrenting. Private Internet Access also implemented VPN kill switch i.e. your internet connection drops if your VPN connection is not available so that you can avoid getting caught while downloading torrent files in the middle of the night. Private Internet Access has state-of-the-art “PIA MACE” technology that blocks site tracker, ads and malwares which I think a great feature for anonymity lovers. Also you will enjoy DNS leak Protection and IPV6 leak protection. If you want complete anonymity please confirm that you are using these features.

Private Internet Access VPN the best choice for torrenting. The price of Private Internet Access is $39.95/year which is not much costly if you consider all the special features that you are getting with premium support. You can use Private Internet Access VPN both computers and mobile devices. iPhone, Android clients are also available.

Torrent VPN 3:

vpn for torrenting expressVPN


vpn for torrent advantagesPros

☑ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
☑ Zero Traffic log
☑ Torrent download allowed
☑ OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP, IPsec, PPTP and SSTP protocols
☑ 256 Bit Strong Encryption
☑ Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, and Linux supported
☑ 1000+ servers across 100+ locations in 78 countries.
☑ In-built DNS leak protection and kill switch
☑ Simple user interface and one click connection
☑ Bitcoin is supported
☑ Provides after sale support

VPN for torrent disadvantagesCons

Trial account not supported and costly subscription

ExpressVPN – Most secure VPN for torrent users

Torrent users looks two things in any VPN they want to use. First the number of servers a vpn provides and secondly the price of the VPN software. Express VPN provides thousands of servers which are comparatively fast and secured by encryption. While torrenting our main concentration is our privacy and expressVPN integrated DNS leak protection and kill switch features so that you don’t need to worry about unwanted notices from ISP or Corporations.

ExpressVPN costs only 8.32$ per month. The price is little higher because they have quality servers and maximum uptime with tight security and strongest encrypted servers.

ExpressVPN has stealth servers in Hong Kong so that the users can enjoy torrent download without worry. Also you are getting 30 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose if you don’t like their service.

ExpressVPN has VPN software for Windows computer, Linux, Router, Android, iPhone, iPad etc. with 3 simultaneous connection facility allow you to use all your devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN is one of the best torrent vpns because of its P2P support from every servers. Some readers left positive feedback after using Express VPN for torrenting. You can read their comments on the comment section below this post.

ExpressVPN is recommended for torrenting and P2P file sharing by TechSpree Team because they have torrent support from every servers they use. ExpressVPN has 1000+ VPN servers across 100+ locations in 78 countries which made it perfect choice for anonymous torrenting and P2P file sharing.

Torrent VPN 4:


TorGuard VPN

vpn for torrenting advantagesPros

☑ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
☑ No log policy
☑ 7 days moneyback policy- no question asked
☑ Free Anonymous Email with VPN
☑ Best torrent optimized servers
☑ OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/SSTP/iKEV2 protocols
☑ Multiple Ciphers AES128/AES256 encryption
☑ Various operating system support
☑ 1600+ Servers in 50+ Countries
☑ WebRTC leak protection, DNS/IPv6 Leak protection
☑ Strealth VPN service (undetectable)
☑ Bitcoin is supported
☑ World class customer support team

VPN for torrenting disadvantagesCons

No trial account

TorGuard VPN for torrent and P2P filesharing

TorGuard VPN is one of the dedicated torrent VPN companies out there. All of its servers support torrents unlike other VPN companies that have few servers for torrents.

TorGuard VPN stands for “Torrent Guard” and has already attracted torrent downloaders as best vpn for torrent. So if you are searching for best vpn for torrenting that ensures your privacy with no log policy then TorGuard VPN should be your first choice.

TorGuard VPN also provides free anonymous email account with it’s VPN so that you can send and receive encrypted email. This is the most unique feature of TorGuard as one of the best torrent VPN providers.

Numerous servers to choose from ensures High Speed and low latency. You can send payment via BitCoin for complete anonymity.

What we liked most about TorGuard is their great customer service. You can use “LiveChat” features if you encounter any problem and they usually reply within 5 minutes in business hours. Apart from that, they give you 7 days money back guarantee so you can be rest assured of their premium service. TorGuard is becoming one of the best VPNs for torrenting with Quality servers, Comparably reasonable price with great customer support.

TorGuard also has stealth VPN mode which is helpful for users who face constant restriction like Great Firewall of China and Packet Level restriction. TorGuard makes it completely undetectable that you are using torrent files.

TorGuard has Android, iPhone, MAC, Linux and Windows VPN client so you can use VPN for torrenting from any device at any time.

Torrent VPN 5:

vpn for torrenting tz

Trust Zone VPN

vpn for torrenting advantagesPros

☑ 2 Day Free Trial.
☑ No log policy
☑ P2P file sharing and Torrent supported
☑ Unlimited Bandwidth
☑ Cutting edge servers for torrent download optimization
☑ OpenVPN & L2TP encryption
☑ AES256 encryption for total anonymous torrenting
☑ Windows, iOS, Android and more OS supported vpn for torrenting
☑ 69 servers in 23 countries
☑ WebRTC leak protection, DNS/IPv6 Leak protection
☑ Kill Switch feature available
☑ Bitcoin is supported for VPN payment
☑ 24×7 Live support if you face any problem.

VPN for torrenting disadvantagesCons

Limited number of servers

Trust Zone VPN for torrenting and P2P file sharing

Trust zone is a perfect choice as Most Secure vpn for torrenting. All trustzone servers support torrenting and gives pretty fast download speed while downloading torrenting files or participating in p2p file sharing. In our speed test, it performed very well giving 20 MBPS download speed on our 21MBPS dedicated line. If you want to be anonymous while torrenting then buy it’s premium plans after two days trial. You can personally test the speed while torrenting. TechSpree recommends Trust Zone for torrenting. You can use OpenVPN/L2TP vpn protocols with AES-256 bit encryption which is much secure than traditional vpns. Trust zone runs well on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS devices perfectly so that you can use vpn on all your devices and enjoy torrenting.


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