How to create a torrent file and launch it on public trackers

Have you thought about publishing a torrent ? Incredibly, it’s not hard to create a *.torrent file and publish it on a public tracker.

First, you’ll need a torrent client – our recommendation is not to use uTorrent. There are many uTorrent alternatives to use which are more secure than uTorrent.. For this post, we will use Transmission in macOS, but the steps should not be too different for the program you are using there.

1. Go to File> Create Torrent File . On several torrent clients, this option is in File, although the name may vary according to the program;

create torrent files 1

2. Choose the files and folders that will make up the *.torrent file (remember that copyright infringement is a crime, do not publish copyright materials ).

3. Review your files and torrent settings. Unless you are submitting it to a private tracker, do not check Private.

create torrent file 2

Now just put the public trackers of your choice, so your torrent gets picked up by the sites that distribute this type of file. Here are the most popular torrent tracker site.

You can also find a list of public trackers from Torrent tracker list page on TechSpree or learn about the differences between Public and Private trackers. Just be careful when entering a number of addresses you do not know so as not to compromise your privacy . Overall, the above trackers are enough.

Ready! Now just distribute the *.torrent file to your friends and cheer for it to gain strength. If you want, you can still send the file to the most popular torrent sites for them to appear listed on the search.

See how easy it is?

What to do after you upload Torrent file

Torrent relies on seeders or distributors. So all new torrent files must have a significant number of seeders. If your newly uploaded torrent files don’t have enough seeders then you should seed the torrent file for awhile and after it attracts few seeders you may leave the torrent file.


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