1. i prefer bytebx….it gives 2 GB data storage on free sing-up

  2. actually i prefer zbigz but bytebx is also ok i guess…

  3. Fahim Amir says

    I am badly in need of a premium. Hope I will be one of the lucky winners..

  4. Have a good luck!

  5. this is amazing it worked

  6. Please i need it

  7. MIssy2mars says

    Great action!
    Hopefully I can win 1 price.
    Promoted it as much as I could πŸ™‚

  8. i need premium for bytebx ….can anyone help

  9. i really hope i win something

  10. Mohammed Kasmani says

    Kind gesture of giving free bytebx

  11. I’m very happy that I am a part of this competition & also I’m so excited for the ultimate result. πŸ™‚

  12. wanna win this giveaway


  14. hoping to win this to try bytebx premium!



  16. nice giveaway, hope this will provide me good downloading speed.


  18. Awesome work guys

  19. i won! thanks bdtrickz! and techspree!

  20. I need a cupon code for free access

  21. i can’t get premium why

    • This is a giveaway system. Only 30 people will get bytebx premium after 30th march. Tips: If you share this giveaway you will earn more points. You will have better chance.

  22. I’ve won last time & now I’m back again. πŸ˜€ Waiting for the result..


  24. This is fake
    They didnt give me coupon

  25. Just read the email …
    Thank you so much for the coupon!
    You’re the best!

  26. charlie says

    I hold a premium zbigz, pricing seem a bit steep in comparison.
    but reliability is factor. id like to try the premium account to consider.

  27. Nice giveaway like to win a coupon

  28. tim caldwell says

    this giveaway is agreat chance to get premium thx

  29. Imdadul Haque Munna says

    Last giveaway ended.Hope i win !

  30. Imdadul Haque Munna says

    I won a premium code ! Thanks goes to to Techspree !

  31. Nikhalesh Nagar says

    i also won premium code.. thx to “Techspree Team” ..!!

  32. Best site
    won last three πŸ˜€ giveaway

  33. I prefer filestream for freebies πŸ˜€ and Furk will be the best option for the slow internet users. πŸ™‚

  34. is the bytebx giveaway still available sir?

  35. It is the best torrent leeching website I have ever seen,its one of the best feature is resume capability,zbigz sometime shows resume error but bytebx has no problem

  36. GREAT GIVEAWAYS!!!! i already participated and i hope i can win this contest πŸ™‚

  37. Thank you guys for the generosity. I received an email saying that I won a premium pass for 14 days with 100gb storage. I love it. This is an awesome Christmas gift for me this year. Thank you again guys. You made my day.
    Best Regards

  38. sir need some new year premium code for zbigz or similar…..happy new year friends..

    • Participate on the Giveaway and Good luck.
      Happy new year to you too , Sujay!

      • SUJAY KUMAR says

        how can i participate give way .i am new here plz.explain

        • Giveaway is like Competition where you get points for doing some jobs like following our twitter profile, like our facebook fanpage, sharing this page with your facebook friends etc. After the giveaway is ended, we will select 10 users among all participants and give them Premium coupons. You will find a giveaway widget on this page. Follow it.

  39. Sean Vala says

    I really need this premium account… I have entered in 6 entry sites.. Really hope I win…

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