How to make Free Call to Bangladesh trick

I have searched over internet how to make free call to Bangladesh but there is lack of resources available.Also some tricks do not work anymore. So I have decided to test it by myself and then publish it to here. Calling to Bangladesh is costly for those who are now in other countries but need to call Bangladesh frequently. Thats why I will try to update my posts on free call to Bangladesh regularly. OK, no more gibberish talking, Lets focus on the topic now.

Today I am going to introduce you a website which allows each user to call maximum 50 seconds per day. But 50 seconds can not be enough for you. So we will again make a trick and call unlimited time everyday. For this we need to change our IP.

Must Check: Make Free Call To Bangladesh/India/Pakistan

Brief Description:

    No sign up Required
    No credit card required
    No software needed
    Limited to 50 seconds per day but we will use a trick and make unlimited call
    Only for Computer. Headphone with microphone required

So follow the instructions:

  • You must have Adobe Flash . If you don’t have adobe flash then download it from
  • First go to call2friends Website
  • If you are using this website for the first time then you must ALLOW adobe flash to control your microphone. Just select allow when prompted
  • Now insert your friends number to call . See below picture

Click on the picture to enlarge it:

Allow Adobe Flash To Use Your Microphone:
Free call to bangladesh

  • You can call only 50 seconds per day.They detect your IP address. So change your ip to make another 50 seconds free call


  • To change your ip Install this software ULTRASURF and firefox add-on
    . If you use other browser then just install the software. Add-on is required only for Firefox.

Ok now visit call2friends Website again and make free call. Change ip and make free call . Its that simple.

More ip changing software:

Use these softwares mentioned earlier and call freely to your dear ones.
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  1. Definitely, what a great blog and informative posts, I will bookmark your blog.All the Best!

  2. Thanks working fine

  3. cant make it got cyberghostvpn running but couldnt make it.they dont mae through the call .help me pls

    • @Rahi, There may be another user who already tried it that day . Thats why you did not get it. Would you please try another day , If does not work then try changing VPN and try FLYVPN

  4. Also , You can try online proxy browser.

  5. SENAT1831 says

    Best free calling trick…Everyone should use this…

  6. abhishek says

    thanks for your comment…bt i want to cl more than 50 sec at a time from india to bangladesh mobile….so is there any different way out? Any site like call2friend… which wl allow to call atleast 2 min at a time..

    • Follow all my post specially “free 30 minutes international call using toolani” you can try 5 minutes free website there, it may be gloovovoip, it supports more than 50 secs.

  7. as per ur advise i was in toolani….after giving details and after entering the was showing general error occured…i don’t understand what does it mean..i have entered the no. in international format…like my no. as 919748****** and the destination no. as 919999******….i tried several times..but it was showing the same error everytime…plz help…

  8. sabbirahmad says

    parlam na.jokhon sobuj button press kori kisui hoi na help plz

  9. sabbirahmad says

    firefox a add korbo ki kore?

    • Did you select your country? From left side of your Number select Bangladesh . Then you will see that 880 is added before the number. Now type any Bangladeshi Number like 1819898989 so overall it will become 8801819898989 . I hope you understand.

  10. sabbirahmad says

    software add korbo kivabe

  11. frre call


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