Hack or Recover locked folder and files [Trick]

One of my friends came to me yesterday saying that he had forgotten the password and was unable to recover his locked folder and files.
Every time he tried any password , a warning box popped up with dialogue: :@

Wrong password!

He used a Software named Winmend Folder locker for locking his personal files. Then I told him this simple but crafty trick which worked for him to recover his lost files. This trick also worked for me when I try to pry into my friends Locked files in his/her computer .

Recover locked folder Full instructions:

  1. This trick is working for the following softwares:
  2. GiliSoft File Lock Pro
    Winmend Folder locker
    Folder Encryption by kakasoft
    Folder lock 7
    You can try other folder locking softwares

  3. Download and install 7zip file manager from the below download link
  4. Download 7 zip

  5. Check below pictures to discover how I unlocked a Folder “portfolio” in pendrive K:
  6. recover locked folder1

  7. After downloading, Run 7 Zip file manager.exe and Navigate to the location where you have the locked files.
  8. recover locked folder

  9. Open folders one by one untill you get the hidden folder. There may have many folders inside folders .
  10. recover locked folder

  11. Finally you will get the locked folder 🙂 😀
  12. recover locked folder

    Mission successful :D. You have got access to locked files without knowing passwords 😉

  13. Now copy these files to another locations .


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  1. gagner de l'argent sur internet says

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to
    do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create
    my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.

  2. Abbas Hosini says

    really thanks, i had a big problem in this case by you instruction it solved ….
    soooooo much thanks.

  3. You rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………thanks a ton…………

    • I am very happy to hear that this post helped you out. Could you please share our posts on your Social Media so that more people can be benefited and it will be a appreciation we really opt for . Thanks Sristi

  4. all iranian 😀

  5. Really helped …..
    thanks a lot..

  6. I made a terrible mistake, actually i locked both of my disk drivers along with the installed data of the folder lock Gilisoft file locker inside it. Now i m helpless i dont know how to get my data back . I know the passward but since the installed data of the Gilisoft file lock is locked inside the disk it wont open . If you could help……

    • There are two ways to get the files back . First method, Install LIVECD Ubuntu on your pendrive and Power on your PC and use this OS . Now you will be able to see your files. Use an external harddisk to copy files. Second method , If you could open your windows PC then use the method described on this post.

  7. Superb bro!!!
    THANX a lot…you saved me!!!

  8. Thanks!!! You saved my life with this!
    By the way : if you edit the hide-password.ini in that folder, you can see the password. 😀

    • Hi Pascal,
      Glad to know that this trick worked for you. And thank you very much for the hide-password.ini thing. Did not know that 😀

  9. Hi,

    I tried your method on the newest Folder Lock. If i want to open the locked file with 7zip it still asks for the password.

    And there are no hidden files in the directory where the locked folder is.

    Are there any other solutions to recover my files?

    • HELLO
      Please try winrar. If failed then you will need to make a pendrive Bootable and install any Linux distro. You will be able to open your files.

      • I can display the locked file in Winrar. It has Windows text. Can i convert Windows text to normal text? Also i will try with a linux distro.

        • Hi
          I did not get what you meant. If you can please take a snapshot and upload it on Imgur . com so that I can understand. All locking system in windows become useless if we use Linux. Please remember you don’t need to install Linux on your HDD for this . You can install Linux on your Pendrive and boot it. Then you will go to the location where the files are and you can move it somewhere else.

          • Screenshots:
            http:// imgur.com/5meq9Tr
            http:// imgur.com/rMcabrn
            http:// imgur.com/NWRk4Jn

            I’m trying to boot from usb. It doesn’t work. Don’t know why, it has worked with dvd-rom. Will try it with dvd.

  10. Hello Munna,

    Just in case you didn’t know i’m not talking about locked folders made by windows. I used the program Folder Lock that’s is being made by New Software’s.

    • Hi
      I am aware which software you meant. Please read this carefully it’s all about third party locking softwares like Folder Lock, Winmend Folder lock etc.

      • locked~out says

        same problem with “A”
        using folderlock locked folder is saved as FLKA file and winRAR/7zip cant open these type.

  11. MR. NIlesh Patil says

    it is really working. thanks a lot…………………..

  12. MR. NIlesh Patil says


    will you tell me the how to crack password protected zip folder/file.

  13. oh my god….thanks buddy you really pulled me off from a big problem….kakasoft sucks!!!! hihihi thanks again

    • I am very happy that this article helped. Please share this post on your Facebook account to let your friends know about this trick. This will help us to grow. Can you do it? 🙂

  14. Sir i have forgoten the Pasward of folder protector all the imp document i have save in plz help me that how colud get my imp file back

  15. Sir have forgoten my folder protector Pasward plz help me

  16. Oh thank you so much this blog helped me! Was using Winmend and I forgot password!

  17. vijayakumar says

    Hello Munna,

    This is vijay actually i m used winmend folderhidden ( this one activation for folder lock in registry type ) not exe file, i forget password now my files and family photos are hidden by winmend folderhidden…….. winmend folder hidden installed registry in G drive i mean (G:\folder lock\Folder Hidden\Activation Key for folder lock.reg ) and folder are locked in D drive in the name of videos and G drive in the name of software plz tell me the solution how to reopen my folder plz help me to reopne my folder plz waiting for ur reply

    • Hi
      I used winmend in this post to show you how to do that. You have to download and install 7-zip. After installing open 7-zip. Now you have to browse to the locked folder i.e. D drive or G drive. In the drive you will get a folder “Winmend Hidden”. Open this folder. You will get more folders inside this folder. Open one by one. At last you will see your video files there. Now copy the files to some other place. If you can’t do this way then take help from your friend to help you install Linux on a pendrive Min 8GB or more. Now Boot your computer from this pendrive. THis way you can see your files because Winmend does not run in Linux OS. Hope this helps.

      • vijayakumar says

        Hello munna ,

        Thanks friend ya sure i cant see in win zip 7 and one more doubt im using 2TB hdd and and 2nd 500 GB hdd in 2nd hdd get problem ( i mean folder hidden in 2nd hdd) i connect another pc freshly installed os but i cant see y wat is the reason

      • vijayakumar says

        and sorry for question redhat linux or kali linux or ubuntu linux which can i use

  18. thank You x 100000000000000000000000000000000 :D:D:D

  19. I lock folder with lock professional but i forget the password, I reinstall the windows and uninstall the folder lock but still cant have access on folder

    • You can use 7zip method if it doesnot work then install Linux to a Pendrive and use this as a LiveBoot . Using linux you can locate the locked file

      • Many thanks, if I installed the linux then how i can get access on my locked file via linux,
        if you can please give me the steps will appreciated,

        thanks in advance

      • After installing Linux on a Pendrive. Boot your PC from that pendrive. Suppose you have the locked files in D:/ drive then you need to go to that folder. Basically you will find your file there unlocked because Windows software does not work in Linux environment.

  20. Your a life savior bro …. salute to you AWESOME!!! thanks

  21. you are perfect thanks a lot

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  23. That worked like a charm… Thanks much.. Highly appreciated…

  24. Jam Faheem Unnar says

    Thanks a lot . . . I have recovered all my lost stuff

  25. süpersin 50 gb lık arşivimi kurtardın

  26. Hi Munna,

    I followed your instructions install 7zip and open my drive C try to find “Winmend Hidden” folder as you said but I found nothing even I looked in other sub folder that my hidden folder located please help!!! .

  27. Worked for me , thank you !

  28. Dude! Damn lifesaver!!!!
    Owe you one!

    All those wondering, works on 2020 Jan 24 for kakasoft usb security 2.20

    Please use this ethically and not for stealing something that doesn’t belong to you!

  29. Hi Munna
    I used the Trial version of Gilisoft File Lock Pro (FLP) to hide the folder in my external hard drive. Now I can not see my folder in window explorer or in FLP. I followed instructions to use 7-zip and go down to the folder with the actual name ../../../hidefolder/hide_pro but no files under that folder.
    I used Cygwin 64 Terminal to look at my external hard drive, I do see the folder name \1777\177\…..\177 but permission was denied when tried to open it. Please help. Thanks

    • Could you please turning on “show hidden files” and try again. Also try to open cygwin as an administrator.

    • Thanks for the response. I followed your advice but still could not see anything. Open cygwin as an administrator I got the permission but still could not see anything. I wonder that if I buy the license instead of the trial version that could fix the problem.

  30. Hi,

    I am using newsoftwares folder lock (FLKA file).
    I tried live boot from pendrive, but the linux can’t open the FLKA folder.
    Other idea? What to do?

    Thanks in advance


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