Best Kodi VPN Updated June 2023

Kodi VPN is the solution to avoid ISP tracking, unblock Geo-Restricted Addons and Copyright Infringement Legal Notices.

Now enjoy all Kodi add-ons, like Exodus, Covenant, Poseidon, or SportsDevil with a Kodi VPN.

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VPN for Kodi to make sure your Kodi streaming traffics are anonymous and also to unblock Geo-restricted Kodi Addons. Kodi is a very popular software to watch popular TV Series, Movies, Sports etc. and most of the time the users don’t have to pay hefty subscription price to Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer etc. I can assure you that the use of Kodi is perfectly legal and many will argue that using third party piracy addons are not! If you are going to use the third party addons to watch torrent movies then you must use a Kodi VPN to protect your privacy. Check our torrent tracker list page for faster torrent downloads.

When you need to access Geo-restricted programs of HBO, Netflix, BBC iPlayer then you have to change your IP address and use one which will spoof your location to somewhere else where these TV programs are allowed to watch. This way a Kodi VPN saves you in both way. It not only hides your browsing activity but also allows you to stream Geo-restricted programs.

Why you need a Kodi VPN?

Below are some of the main reasons to choose a VPN while you are using Kodi on Android TV, Apple TV, Firestick, Windows, Mac, Android etc.

  • If you want to hide your internet traffic from ISP and Govt. Agency to evade copyright notice and warnings from them. When you are connected with VPN, your Kodi traffics are completely encrypted.
  • If you want to watch Geo-restricted TV programs like Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer etc then you have to connect with a VPN and select the right location.
  • Third party Kodi Addons aren’t safe so to protect your privacy you should use Kodi with a VPN for security.
  • Streaming torrents over Kodi? One more reason to use a VPN with Kodi.
  • If your ISP throttles speed while streaming then you can overcome speed throttling by using a Kodi VPN. Some of the Kodi Addons can’t be used everywhere – they are geo-restricted. Hence a VPN can unblock these type of blockage.

Kodi VPN considerations – How to choose the best Kodi VPN

When you want to use VPN with Kodi then your main concern will be two. First, what is the encryption technology the VPN is using – will they protect your privacy? (OpenVPN is a secure encryption protocl used by most of the Kodi VPNs). Secondly, what are their server speed. This is important, because if their servers don’t have enough bandwidth then you won’t be able to stream bufferless HD videos via Kodi. Now some of your concern should be about LOG-keeping policy. If they state that they don’t save any logs then you are good to go. Last but not the least, the pricing is also important. To save extra bucks you should look after yearly or 2 yearly package to save big bucks compared to the monthly package. Most premium VPN companies have 30 day or 7 days money guarantee for your test drive. So at least utilize this opportunity to try out their service and then decide if you are going to stay with the same provider or not. Number of servers offered by the VPN company is also important because if you connect with a VPN server nearer to your location, you will get more speed than the far one.

Best VPN for Kodi

Provider Rating Price/Month Discount Link
1. Express VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
6.67$ 49% OFF
2. PureVPN ★★★★★
Read Review
2.42$ 78% OFF
3. Ivacy VPN ★★★★
Read Review
1.99$ 78% OFF
4. IPVanish VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
5.20$ 46% OFF
5. Private Internet Access VPN ★★★★★
Read Review
2.91$ 58% OFF

Kodi VPN

Free Kodi VPN vs Premium Kodi VPN

Not all VPN can give you complete anonymity and faster download speed at the same time. Many VPN providers claim to give blazing fast streaming speed but in reality when their server will be overloaded you will face both streaming and browsing speed issue. And one thing you must avoid while selecting Kodi VPN is the free one. FREE vpns are good for nothing. Free vpns are suspicious because they are more likely to sell your personal information to third party advertisement companies or secretly installing adware in your system. When you are streaming on Kodi would you like a popup of advertisement by these so called ‘free vpn’ companies? Remember, when you are not paying for a product it actually means that you are the product. Did I forget to mention the bandwidth and the speed of the free VPNs are somewhat limited? You can’t expect dedicated server speed from these free VPN provider, can you?

So to avoid these you should consider premium VPNs that ensure the privacy by not storing any logs and giving you blazing fast streaming experience with the peace of mind. Also premium VPN follow the strict no log policy as stated in their Privacy Policy page (you should check their official website). Premium VPN means hundreds of VPN server to choose from and you have the freedom to choose the encryption method. So if you want to use VPN with your Kodi device then you should always choose a premium VPN and seamlessly switch between locations e.g. if you want to watch BBC iPlayer you will want to choose UK locations , if you want to watch Netflix USA then you will want to choose USA locations.

1. IPVANISH VPN for Kodi

Finding the best VPN for Kodi depends on the type of the device you want to use the Kodi VPN. If you are using Kodi on a computer then you can choose from a wide range of VPN services that we have mentioned in this post because every single VPN providers has dedicated software for Windows, Linux or Mac.

Most of the Kodi users are using Kodi player on their Smart TV like Fire TV stick, Android TV boxes etc. If you are using Fire TV Stick or Android TV Boxes then IPVANISH is the best Kodi VPN for you to use. Now I am saying this because I have tried some VPN services and found IPVANISH works perfectly on Amazon Fire TV.

IPVANISH VPN works perfectly on any devices where you are running Kodi App and it’s wide range of Addons. IPVANISH VPN has blazing fast VPN servers to give you high speed streaming ability and it’s encryption techniques are the strongest and most rigid in the VPN industry.

Some official Addons like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, IceFilms and NBC Sports etc. has geo-restriction which can be easily circumvented by IPVANISH VPN on your Kodi device. Some Kodi Addons like Acestream source the content from Torrents and other p2p method and hence prone to your ISP tracking down your real IP address. Your ISP can easily finds out your home address/email address by looking into the IP address alone. On the other hand, the users protected by IPVANISH VPN while they watch their favorite programs on Kodi already changed their IP address by the one provided by IPVANISH hence your ISP can’t trace your real identity. Moreover, your all internet traffics are encrypted hence your privacy is safe and secure with IPVANISH.

What security benefits IPVANISH VPN for Kodi provides

IPVANISH VPN provides a secure tunnel between your KODI device and the internet. This tunnel uses military-grade encryption technology hence the data transmitted or received is fully hidden and unreadable for your ISP,Govt., Third party advertizers etc. What they see is the garbage value. Your IP address is changed and you can select any server location that you like hence it can’t be identified from where you are streaming the content on your Kodi device.

IPVANISH is the most popular VPN for Kodi and some of the main reason is that this VPN provider has very easy user dashboard to connect and disconnect, very easy to setup on your Kodi device let it be Android based Amazon Fire TV or Android TV box like Xiaomi TV box. You can integrate IPVANISH VPN for kodi very easily and the streaming speed is also perfect. What you want from a VPN for Kodi more than that?

Install IPVanish on Kodi

You can install IPVanish on your Kodi devices using different methods. You can install using either Zomboided Repository or if you are on Windows devices then you can install manually. Both methods are described below:

Method 1: Kodi VPN Setup using VPN Manager for OpenVPN

If you are looking for ways to install VPN using Kodi addon then you can use this simple technique. It requires you to download and install OPENVPN addon first and after that you will want to put your VPN providers configuration file on that OPENVPN addon. Now let me clear few things here first. OPEPNVPN is an encryption technology which is widely used by most of the VPN providers. So first you are installing this Addon on your Kodi so that all traffics incoming or outgoing from Kodi is encrypted by using OPENVPN protocol. Secondly, you are putting your premium credentials that you bought from VPN provider like IPVANISH. This method is completely secure and there is no chance that any data transmission will flow without VPN. Follow the below steps to setup Kodi VPN using VPN Manager for OpenVPN

Download Zomboided Repository zip file and save it on your Kodi device.

Open Kodi and go to the “Add-ons

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 1

Now click on “Add-on browser” icon which is on the top left corner ( BOX icon). Please see the red mark on below image:

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 2

Now click “Install from zip file”

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 3

Now navigate to the location where you have saved Zomboided Repository zip file on step 1. And select the zip file. You will see a notification that the addon is added/updated.

Now go back and select “Program Add-ons”.

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 4

Here you can find the addon named “VPN manager for OPENVPN“. Click on it.

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 5

Now select “change or disconnect VPN connection“.

vpn for kodi vpn addon for kodi 6

Now from VPN configuration section you can put your IPVANISH username and password. In the top there is also a dropdown menu that lets you select the VPN provider.

After you buy the VPN subscription from IPVANISH website you will receive your username and password which you will need to put here.

VOILA! Now you have setup VPN for Kodi and you can enjoy the Geo-restricted TV programs without any further ado.

Method 2: Setup Kodi VPN separately on Android TV or Windows PC

If your operating system is Android and you have Playstore on the Kodi TV then you can just download VPN app from the Appstore. This method is pretty straightforward. You will need to install IPVANISH VPN software on your Kodi device and it encrypts system wide communication along with Kodi streaming using this VPN software. This method works with any VPN provider if they have standalone VPN app for your device. For example, if you own an Android TV then you can install their VPN app for Android. If you are using Windows then you can install their Windows VPN software and so on.

2. IVACY VPN – Blazing fast VPN with Kodi VPN Addon

Ivacy VPN is the only VPN provider that has the Kodi VPN Addon so you don’t need to manually configure anything on your router. You just have to install the Kodi VPN Addon just like you do with any of the Kodi Addon. After that all your internet traffic incoming or outgoing from your Kodi device is secured by the world’s strongest encryption algorithm. This is one of the main reason many users are now switching to IVACY VPN. Also, the price of IVACY VPN is very competitive compared with other VPN providers. Although they provide the VPN service in the lowest price but the service is not Creditable. You can depend on their service because they have one of the largest collection of VPN servers around the world giving you the opportunity to choose between the servers if you find your server is congested.

IVACY VPN is based in Hong Kong which is outside of the five-eye countries. Hence, you don’t need to worry about US-judiciary laws or Cyber Laws. They don’t log any usage details hence your personal information is never shared to any ISP or Govt. Agency.

IVACY VPN addon also works with any OpenElec OS installed device let it be Raspberry Pi, Or any other Media Box. If you are using OpenElece OS version 6 or above then you will also need OpenVPN addon prior to installing IVACY VPN addon.

The VPN addon of IVACY for KODI/XBMX player is free but you must have an active IVACY Account to use the VPN. You can buy such account from this link with an amazing 86% discount for Techspree users.

Step by step guide to setup IVACY VPN Addon on your Kodi player is described here.
Step 0: First Enable OpenElec. Recently I found that OpenElec is disable by default. To enable do this System –> Add-ons –> Disabled add-ons –> Add-on Repos –> OpenELEC Unofficial Repo –> Enable

Now follow the rest of the tutorial

Step 1: Go to your System tab and select Settings.



Step 2: Select Add-ons Option and then select “Install from repository


Step 3: Select “openELEC Add-ons (unofficial)” & then select “Program Add-ons


Step 4: From the list select OPENVPN and then click Install.



Step 5: Voila! You have installed OPENVPN successfully. We will now install Ivacy VPN addon. To do so , Go to System >> file manager. And click on “Add source” .


Step 6: Double click on “None” to open the keyboard option. Now type “” and click on Done button.


Step 7: Now give this source a name. For example, we have given “kodiaddon“. and then click OK.


Step 8: Now again click on, System > Addons > Install from zip file. Next you will see a list of folders. Select “kodiaddon” folder.


Step 9: Now click on the zip file showed. Now your system is ready to install Ivacy Addon.


Step 10: Again, Go to systems > Add-ons > Install from repository. Now select Ivacy Repo from the list.


Step 11: Next click on “Services” and then select “Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN“, Click on Install. All done. Now just need to give your Ivacy username and password.

Step 12: Go to programs Tab and select Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN. Click on Add-on Settings. Give your Ivacy Username and password here. Next click on the Monitor tab from the top. Click on the radio button next to “Automatically connect to Ivacy VPN at boot“. Click ok.

Step 13: Select “Connect or disconnect VPN connection” and select VPN server location and Ivacy VPN will connect with that server.

Thanks for reading till the end. Now Ivacy VPN is installed on your Kodi device.

Kodi users are mostly concerned with the download or streaming speed they will get while they are connected with a VPN. Ivacy VPN understands this and they have super optimized servers for Media, P2p downloads so you won’t notice any speed throttling. And if you ISP throttles speed when you download torrent files like movies or ebooks this will also be bypassed by Ivacy as the VPN addon is also encrypting your communication.

Ivacy VPN addon works just like any other addons and it is very easy to setup. Once you are done with the integration and server selection you don’t need to do anything from side.

Ivacy VPN is the best vpn for Kodi not only for it’s speed but also for it’s large amount of servers. You can select any server that is nearer to you and enjoy the high speed. Also the VPN company supports the latest VPN encryption protocol so you don’t have to worry about the security anymore.

IVACY VPN for Kodi – Pros

  • 275+ servers in 1000+ locations to access All Kodi Addons
  • Fast streaming speed
  • Stop ISP tracking while you are using Kodi
  • Zero Logging means complete privacy
  • Stop speed throttling and unlimited bandwidth and unlimited usage
  • Unblock Geo-restricted Kodi Addons and Programs


Monthly Package is costly but you can use Yearly or Bi-Yearly package which is the cheapest (only 1.99$ per month).

3. PureVPN for Kodi

PureVPN is the best VPN for Kodi in terms of streaming speed of their dedicated servers. It has a huge list of servers more than Ivacy that we reviewed above. You can setup Kodi VPN on your Kodi devices using two methods, either you setup it using VPN Manager for OpenVPN addon. The full setup guide can be found in this article in the IPVANISH section. All steps are same, you just have to import PureVPN configuration file (PureVPN username and password). PureVPN is conducting a discount page only for TechSpree readers and you can enjoy 75% discount from their official website.

If you are streaming torrents using any third party Kodi addon then PureVPN can save your privacy and hide your streaming activity using their military grade VPN encryption. I recommend this VPN because most of it servers has gigabit port that enables blazing fast streaming using them. Many countries like in UK, Kodi streaming is banned. So you can dodge the surveillance and watch your favorite contents without worrying about ISP crackdown.

PureVPN is a record breaker – yes I mean it, PureVPN is the only VPN provider that has servers in more than 140+ countries which is a great news for Kodi users.

PureVPN for Kodi – Pros

Standalone Kodi VPN Addon.

Super optimized Streaming servers for Kodi users.

Bypass ISP speed throttling.

Unblock all Geo-Restricted Kodi Addons.

Watch movies, tv series and sports on Kodi using super secure VPN tunnel.


Only 7 day money guarantee period.

Complex money back policy (based on bandwidth usage).

How to setup PureVPN on Kodi devices

You can use PureVPN on your Kodi devices using three methods. First method requires you to install PureVPN addon on your Kodi device, second method is using VPN manager addon and PureVPN username and password and third method is using their VPN software if you are streaming using Android OS, Windows OS, MAC or Linux OS. The last method is easy-peasy; Turn on VPN so it encrypts all connection including Kodi streaming.

PureVPN for Kodi – setup using PureVPN addon for Kodi (OpenELEC Krypton – Rasberry Pie)

Follow below steps to install PureVPN Kodi Addon on your Kodi devices:

First Get PureVPN subscription using Techspree Reader special 72% discoung link.

First Install OPENVPN addon on your Kodi devices

Step 1: Go to System , then Settings

Step 2: Now click on Add-ons > Click on Install from repository

Step 3: Now select OpenELEC Add-ons (unofficial) . Then Select Program Add-ons & From the list select openvpn > Click Install.

Congratulations! You have installed OpenVPN correctly. This protocol is used by Ivacy or PureVPN.

Install Kodi Addon of PureVPN

Now we will download and install the Kodi Addon of PureVPN. To do so, visit this link (copy paste this to PC browser) and then download and save the Zip file.


Now copy this file onto a USB flash drive and insert this USB thumb drive on the “OpenElec Kodi Box

Now open the Kodi App and navigate to “Addons


Click on the Box icon on the top left side


Now click on “Install from zip file


Now navigate to the USB Flashdrive where you have saved “” file , select the file and click OK.


At this point, PureVPN Kodi addon is now installed on your Kodi device and you will now setup your account credentials before VPN connection.


Go back again to the “Add-ons” section and click on “PureVPN monitor OpenVPN

A new window will open and from it select “Add-on Settings


Put your Purevpn username and password here



Select the country or region that you want to pretend so that you can unblock geo-restricted addons (US, UK etc) from “Change or Disconnect VPN Connection


Click “Display VPN Status” to show your current IP and Country which is spoofed by the VPN


Congratulations! you have completed the setup of PureVPN on your Kodi device.

If you are using Kodi on OpenELEC Isengard – Raspberry Pi etc. the steps are same as above.

4. ExpressVPN for Kodi

ExpressVPN is one of the leader VPN provider with high speed servers and top notch security measures to protect your privacy and security. It also uses OpenVPN technology and is Kodi friendly. Although the number of servers is not the highest but their server locations are in different regions so you can always choose the nearest server.

Although it doesn’t have cheapest plan available right now if money is not the problem then ExpressVPN will work as the best Kodi VPN for you. ExpressVPN servers has less load compared to the Ivacy VPN or PIA VPN so you will always get the highest speed your ISP provides.

ExpressVPN supports a wide range of devices including Kodi Boxes and routers so you can choose it as the idle Kodi VPN Australia, UK.


Access all IPTV Kodi Addon.

2,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries.

256 bit encryption to secure Kodi traffic.

Different Operating Systems and devices supported.

Whopping 30 day Money back guarantee.


Expensive price structure but the high quality of servers worth the price.

5. PIAVPN for Kodi

Lastly, We have Private Internet Access VPN (PIA VPN) which is one of the best VPN service with a cheaper price point. It’s affordable, has faster server, numerous server locations and early adopter of Kodi. PIA VPN is very popular among the Kodi community. There was a time when people would only choose PIA vpn because of their Kodi boxes. But now there are many other vpn services have emerged but PIA VPN still stands the top place on the heart of Kodi family.


No Kodi buffering .

Makes you 100% Anonymous.

256 bit encryption.

3062+ VPN Servers in more than 28 Countries.

All servers are stream friendly.


Only 7 day money back guarantee period.

Kodi without VPN

Wondering whether you need to use a VPN with your Kodi or not? Remember, Kodi is a legal software and all addons developed the official developers are also Legal. If you play by the rules, I mean, you don’t use any third party add-on then you might NOT need a Kodi VPN. But there are many advanced and wonderful streaming addons developed by these third party developers which let you stream copyright materials for free.

If you are using third party addons then using a VPN to protect your privacy and hide your online traffic from ISP is a MUST. Your ISP is continuously monitoring your online activity and they can see which IP address is visiting which website or connected with which servers and trace back the users. You might end up paying a huge fine or jail time if unable to do so. So using a VPN while streaming on Kodi is probably the best idea.

Dedicated Kodi VPN Addons – is it available?

If you are looking for dedicated Kodi VPN addons then you are not alone. There are many users looking for dedicated Kodi VPN Addons. But only few VPN companies offer dedicated VPN addon. We have listed some of them below:

PureVPN Exclusive VPN Addon for Kodi

PureVPN is one of the very few VPN providers which has exclusive VPN addon for Kodi. It has two addons though. One for Raspberry Pi and another for other devices. We have already covered how to setup PureVPN kodi addon above.

Ivacy VPN Kodi Addon on OpenELEC

IVACY VPN provides a Kodi Addon for OpenELEC operating system. If your media tv box uses any other operating system e.g. Android then this Kodi addon won’t work. Ivacy VPN Kodi Addon works perfectly with the OpenElec Media boxes and let you stream your favorite contents without worrying about copyright or geo-restrictions.

Datho VPN Addon for Kodi

Previously this was also very popular standalone Kodi Addon. But the official repository is now deleted from Github for unknown reason. But you can download the addon from alternate sources or other forked repo from Github. Datho VPN addon is free addon hence some users claimed that they only got 250kb/s speed with it although they advertised to give at least 800 kb/s. The speed is way too low for HD streaming. Hence we don’t recommend this addon. You may stick to PureVPN or Ivacy VPN addon for Kodi.

How to Stream Geo-Blocked Add-ons using Kodi VPN

Some official add-ons like BBC iPlayer TV Add-on are restricted to certain countries. For example, you can’t connect BBC iPlayer outside UK if you don’t have a VPN connection with your Kodi Device/TV. To access or download these Add-on you will need to turn on the VPN and select the server location where these add-ons support broadcasting. Hence, if you use VPN Add-ons you won’t need to worry about Geo-restriction anymore. It’s so easy to bypass the Geo-restriction that you can call their location tracking limit so outdated.

Kodi VPN supported Android Boxes

There are many Kodi Boxes AKA Android TV Boxes available in the market that turn your conventional LED TV into smart TV by connecting this device with internet and using the Kodi box to stream contents on your TV.


The setup process of a VPN for these Android Kodi box is same as setting up VPN with any Android smartphone. You will need to first install Kodi by searching it on Google Play Store. Then you can either download any VPN apk file from Play Store or setup manually on your Kodi player. The setup process is same as we described in the first part of our article.

How to Add New Channels on Kodi

Kodi doesn’t include any pre-loaded channels to comply with the No Bloatware, Free and opensource spirit. So, if you want to watch something you will need to add the proper Video Channel Addon on your Kodi. Here are the steps to add the Kodi Video channel Addon

  • Launch Kodi Player on your device
  • From Left side vertical Menu select “Video“, there will be three options: “Files“, “Playlists“, and “Video Add-ons“. From there you have to select “Video Add-ons
  • Various Video Add-ons will be shown on the screen
  • From bottom left corner select “Options
  • From this options panel select “Get More
  • Select any of the video add-ons that you like and then click “Install
  • After installation, you can open the Add-on and choose your content from the list of the programs presented by this Video add-on.

There are thousands of addon available on Kodi including BBC iPlayer, ESPN3, NFL Game Pass, Fox News, ET Canada,, etc. Some of the add-ons are geo-restricted e.g. BBC iPlayer. To overcome Geo-restriction use a VPN for Kodi and select the desired country in which the Add-on allows streaming.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Firestick /Fire TV

Amazon FireTV users can enjoy thousands of Kodi channels and using a VPN with Kodi lets you unblock every geo-restricted channels/addons/programs so you will have your full freedom. To setup Kodi VPN on FireTV/ Firestick you need to follow the below steps:

  1. First, we will enable APK installation from third party sites. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options > TURN ON “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB debugging“.
  2. Now go back to the Home Screen, Now from Apps select Collections and then New Releases and Updates.
  3. Search for a Free app called “Downloader“. After download , open this app. There is a browser in the left side Menu. Click on Browser
  4. In the Browser Address bar type This is the official page for PureVPN kodi VPN page. You can use any other VPN provider if you like.
  5. Now click on Get PureVPN.
  6. If you get error message ‘JavaScript is disabled, enable JavaScript to continue’, please enable JavaScript (To enable JavaScript go to Settings and then select Enable JavaScript). If you don’t see any error message then you are good to go. Buy PureVPN subscription and later we will use this credentials to sign up with PureVPN on Kodi. After purchase, go to the download options and from their select Android. PureVPN APK file needs to be downloaded.
  7. From Menu select “Apps” and then click on Download > Direct APK Download.
  8. It will take few minutes to install the PureVPN APK file
  9. From Home > Apps and Games > select PureVPN
  10. Login with your PureVPN username and password.
  11. Voila!! You have successfully installed PureVPN on Firestick TV (Kodi).

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Windows PC

To use Kodi on Windows PC you can do two simple steps. First of all install a Kodi VPN like PureVPN. Buy PureVPN subscription and you will receive download link via email. After you install PureVPN on your Windows Device just open Kodi app. As PureVPN is one of the fastest and secure VPN for Kodi , you will get HD streaming experience with no lag whatsoever. You can also follow the below guide to optimize your PureVPN especially for Kodi:

Step 1. Open PureVPN app. First login with your username and password.

Step 2. While you are on the Dashboard cpck on “Select Mode” option.

Step 3. Now select “Streaming” from the given options.


Step 4. Cpck “Back” and then select “Purpose” Radio button from the top. And then select “Entertainment Channel Faster Streaming” option.


Step 5. You will see the pst of countries available, From here select any country nearer to you. Congratulations! PureVPN for Kodi is now optimized for faster streaming.

After You have successfully installed PureVPN, just open Kodi and install the necessary Addons. welcome to the world of unrestricted entertainment. All geo-restricted addons are now available for you and you can enjoy Kodi without any speed limit. You can now enjoy all of your favorite movies, TV series, Sports content with Kodi. Plus the good speed and minus the restriction – PureVPN for Kodi is the perfect choice.

How to Setup Kodi VPN for Mac

To setup Kodi VPN for Mac follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Your Apple Store from Mac, Search “PureVPN”

Step 2: And Install PureVPN.

Step 3: Open PureVPN and optimize PureVPN as shown above (follow the windows setup guide).

Step 4: Now Open Kodi app and start streaming Movies, TV series.

Setup Kodi VPN on Tomato Routers

Below we have shown how to setup Kodi VPN on Tomato Routers using PPTP protocol.

Step 1: Go to Tomato router control panel and Then login.

Step 2: From Menu select Basic > and then click Network.

Step 3: Select “Connection Type” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Now write your VPN login credentials .

Step 5: On Remote Network, must tick on the DCHP and Use Default Gateway .

Step 6: Type the server address of the PPTP Gateway.

Step 7: From Connection Mode select Keep Alive.

Step 8: Choose MTU to default and LAN or Wireless Settings to default.

Step 9: Don’t Change anything from Subnet Mask or Options field.

Step : 10Finally, Click Save and you are now done.

Now, your VPN connection is ready and connected to your Tomato Routers to encrypt your Kodi traffic.

Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices

You can use Kodi on your iPhone , iPad too. You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to use Kodi. Here is how to install Kodi and then use a VPN to fully secure your Kodi connection

Step 1: First get IPVANISH VPN account (Get 71% discount). And install IPVANISH app on your iPhone and use the username and password emailed to you by IPVanish.

Step 2: Download CydiaImpactor on your PC or MAC. Then download Kodi IPA file on the same PC or MAC.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone/iPad with your PC or Mac and close iTunes app if it opens automatically. Now, Drag and drop the IPA file on Cydia Impactor application that you have opened on your PC or MAC. Make sure you have selected your iOS devices from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Cydia may ask for your iCloud account username and password. Don’t worry, they will use this account just to sign the IPA file, you can also use a separate iCloud account if you are concerned about your iCloud account.

Step 5: From Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management , select the profile with your Apple ID and click on Trust

This way, you can use Kodi App on your iPhone and don’t forget to turn on your VPN while you are streaming Kodi.

VPN for Kodi on Android

Using Kodi VPN on Android is same as using Kodi VPN on PC. You need to download Kodi APK from the Kodi Website. Make sure you have turned on “App installation from Unknown Source” from settings. Or you can also use your PlayStore App on your Android and search Kodi. As of May 2018, Kodi app is available on Google Play Store.

VPN for android PureVPN 1

We recommend PureVPN for Android Kodi. It not only encrypts your Kodi traffic but also bypasses speed limitation hence you will be able to use any Geo-restricted Kodi Addon. As this vpn has numerous servers around the world and give top notch streaming speed making it number one choice as Kodi VPN android.

How to Setup VPN on LibreELEC

LibreELEC is a free operating system for RASPBERRY PI that works well with Kodi. To install VPN on LibreELEC and Raspberry Pi, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download LibreELEC on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

Step 2: Install this software and open it. You will get window with 4 easy steps to follow.

Step 3: On step 1, Choose your Raspberry Pi model. On step 2, Click Download. On step 3, choose either SD card or USB drive (you must insert this card/pendrive on your PC/MAC).

Step 4: Click Write.

Step 5: Finally, insert this SD Card on your Raspberry Pi and then boot it from the SD card. Now you can install Kodi on your LibreELEC Raspberry Pi.

Now, to install VPN on your LibreELEC, use this VPN manager guide.


OpenElec is the Fork of original Kodi and it is more or less same except OpenELEC can integrate VPN out of the box using addon. But quite frankly now it only supports Private Internet Access VPN and Pure. PIA VPN is cheap but it has top notch VPN server with high speed network infrastructure. So if you want to use OpenELEC on Kodi make sure you have PIA VPN account already.

If you want you can use PureVPN too. But you will then need to configure OpenELEC manually. Please use PureVPN Kodi Setup guide .

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Kodi

kodi vpn free 3

Using a free VPN for Kodi is not a good idea. The reason is that, for Kodi the thing you need most out of your VPN software is the speed and almost all free VPNs have overloaded servers and their bandwidth capacity is also below the par. The best thing in life is not free and by saying this we mean that free VPNs are not capable of giving you dedicated streaming speed. So our suggestion would be to use any of the above mentioned premium VPN for a trial period and check their server speed, streaming quality etc. to finally make up your mind to buy the subscription.

If you still need to use Free VPN for your Kodi then we would suggest you to use only well-known VPN provider. But remember these free VPN provider may have some limitation in place to save their costing, like Bandwidth limitation, Speed limitation or showing advertisement (which is the most bothering thing while streaming videos on Kodi).

  1. Speedify
  2. Tunnelbear
  3. Ultrasurf VPN

These VPN providers will give you moderate streaming speed depending on server load. Speedify has 1GB bandwidth limit per month, Ultrasurf shows ads during usage, Tunnelbear is also limited for free users.

Kodi Proxy vs Kodi VPN


Proxy or VPN for torrenting can be used to browse blocked sites like The pirate bay , Extratorrent etc. torrent sites. But Proxy is not enough to unlock Geo-restricted Kodi Addons. Also Kodi proxy is very insecure because all data are sent to the proxy server before it goes to the internet. Your proxy server acts as a middleman. This can create privacy hazard as proxy sites can harvest your sensitive information like username and password. Hence, Kodi proxy is not only useless for Kodi users but also really insecure way to hide your internet traffic.

But fear not, Kodi VPN has come for your rescue. On the other hand, Kodi VPN works in background, encrypting all traffics ins and out of your Kodi device by using a secure tunnel between your device and their VPN server. Now you must opt for no log VPN service for this though. After doing some research we have included only those VPN providers that do not save logs. You can use our Kodi VPN comparison table above and buy one such VPN.

Kodi VPN Reddit Reviews

On reddit the users have expressed their reviews regarding Kodi VPN and I have found that some of them have mentioned that they are switching from PIA VPN to ExpressVPN or other VPN providers. Although during my personal testing I have found the streaming speed while I was on PIA VPN is quite impressive. The reason why people are shifting from PIA VPN to other VPN provider could be that PIA VPN is based on USA and it’s one of the 14 eyes countries that share information for legal reason. Two type of users needs most secure VPN: Torrent users and Kodi users. Torrent VPNs and Kodi VPNS both needs to be super fast and also ensure top notch encryption to protect users.


Reddit users also given their opinion about PureVPN and most of them are positive. During our personal test we have found that PureVPN streaming speed was fastest among the pears like Ivacy, IPVanish etc. So Kodi VPN Reddit reviews also suggest that you can follow our guide above about how to setup your Kodi devices with these VPN providers.

Best Kodi VPN for Exodus Addon

Exodus is not a Geo-Restricted Addon so you can use Exodus from anywhere in the world. But ISPs like Comcast tracks users who use Kodi and sometime even throttle speed for Exodus addon to comply with the copyright laws in the US. Hence you can use Kodi VPN with Exodus Addon and enjoy no restricted entertainment. If you use a Kodi VPN with Exodus then you will understand that using VPN makes the speed slightly lower than without using a VPN. So use VPN only if you find that you can’t use Exodus addon or your streaming speed is a bit low.

Smart Kodi users also prefer SMARTDNS instead of using your ISP DNS server. Make sure your DNS server is encrypted.

Kodi VPN in UK

In UK, due to Snoopers Charter law, Govt. agencies now can hack any electronic devices as they want with only the permission from a federal judge. What this means for Kodi users in UK in particular? This means Kodi users should be more careful because all UK ISPs are now working hand to hand with Kodi haters. UK’s leading ISPs like Sky, BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, EE and TalkTalk are now working with FAPL to block servers that is streaming live matches.

Also Kodi box resellers are also the latest target of the authorities and several well known Facebook pages/groups related to Kodi has disappeared already. To protect yourself from these crackdown, you must use a Kodi VPN like IPVANISH.

Using a VPN has two advantages in UK. First, you are hiding yourself from “Snoopers Charter” as it will be harder for them to track your online activity. Secondly, you can unblock any Geo-restricted Kodi Addons as well as bypass your ISP blockage.

Frequently Asked Question – Kodi & VPN

How do I remove ISP blocks for Kodi to work?

To remove ISP blockage you must use a VPN. Your ISP will make your connection slower if they detect that you are using Kodi. So if you use Kodi VPN then the VPN changes your original IP address to their own server IP address and encrypt your internet traffic. This way your ISP can’t block Kodi for you. Once you install VPN, you will be able to install any Kodi addons and protect your privacy.

What is the Best VPN Add-on for Kodi/XBMC Player?

PureVPN is the Best VPN add-on for Kodi/XBMC player. The reason why this is the best VPN for kodi is their the high speed VPN server, lots of server locations so you can choose your nearest server, modern encryption technology, streaming mode, optimized servers for Kodi, thousands of usable IP addresses, Great customer support, 30 days money back guarantee etc. just to mention e few of the features.

What is the best VPN for the Nvidia Shield Pro/Android/KODI? Is there a good one available for free or just a one-off fee (instead of subscription)?

You can use PureVPN or Ivacy on your Nvidia Shield Pro Android Kodi Box. As always free VPNs are useless for Kodi users as they can’t give high speed due to lots of users using the same server at the same time. If you are looking of long term subscription then you can choose PureVPN 5 years pack. And hey, I think it will be great to buy 5 years plan than buying lifetime subscription. Because not a single VPN provider may survive such long period and also running a VPN company costs money and hence, you are good off paying 5 years payment at a time than paying for lifetime subscription on such high prices.

In Canada, do we need to worry about Kodi use, and do we need to use an IPVanish account?

Yes, You should use a Kodi VPN in Canada as copyright Laws are pretty strict on this country. Without using a VPN, your ISP can track you and send you copyright infringement notice via email and may ask you to pay compensation to the Copyright holders. To avoid such , you may want to install and configure a VPN for Kodi and become worry-free.

Is streaming on kodi illegal in Germany?

Streaming media on a Kodi Box plugged with your Android TV box is grey area to be honest. Let me explain why, if you live in the UK and watch BBC, iTV, Channel4 thorugh Kodi TV then you are safe because these channels doesn’t charge subscribers to watch their shows. This is 100% legal.

Now suppose, you visit Germany and want to watch these UK tv channels. If you visit BBC website you will not find the streaming option, or it would say, you are not allowed to watch this channel due to your current location. The website tracks your IP address and matches if the IP address is from the UK or not. If they find that you are trying to access UK channels from Germany then the streaming option will be disabled on the fly. So, if you are clever, you will turn on VPN or use UK proxy. This way you can watch the channels even in the Germany. If you ask if this is legal? I don’t think this is illegal (though I am neither a judge nor an attorney).

But copying media that you don’t own is illegal. Suppose, you download a single music or movie you may end up receiveing €300 to €1000 fines. In 2018 alone, more than €770,000 fines were sent and copyright trolls are hunting down users who download copyright materials online. So, you should not try to download any media on Germany without a VPN to be safe.

On the contrary, streaming is a grey area because it is unlawful by the courts, yes, but there is not clear guidelines regarding streaming by the specific laws.But if you are convicted the decision will be made against the viewers. In 2013, there was sent one warning about streaming through illegal streaming sites like some tube sites with copyright materials.

So, this is 2018 and should you still be streaming via Kodi in Germany? Well, as long as specific laws are not imposed on streaming you can do so but do it on your own risk because not all ISP is very friendly with Kodi users. If you want to be 100% sure that you won’t get caught then you should always and I mean always use a Kodi VPN.

Is there a VPN Addon for Kodi available for OpenELEC devices?

Ivacy VPN has Kodi Addon for your OpenELEC devices. Follow our Ivacy VPN kodi addon guide above.

How to setup vpn on kodi

Kodi VPN setup is very easy. We need to install OpenVPN first, then you have to add the VPN repository and finally, you have to install the VPN repository. We have added three VPN setup guide with this article. These are below:

How to setup IPVanish VPN on Kodi
How to setup PureVPN on Kodi
How to setup Ivacy VPN on Kodi

Should I use a Free VPN or Paid VPN with kodi?

For Kodi users, Free VPNs are not suitable because most of the free kodi vpns are slow and your Kodi streaming experience will be worse due to buffering. Free VPNs may or may not log your personal details, usage, emails etc. to sell those information to advertising companies. Some of the free VPN providers show ads during usage so it’s annoying and you would not want ads on your Kodi boxes, would you? Free Kodi VPNs lack advanced leak protection such as IPv6 Leak, DNS Leak, Switch kill feature so if you use free Kodi VPNs then you will never be fully secure.

Hence, you should always opt for paid vpns like Ipvanish, Ivacy or PureVPN on your Kodi boxes. They will give blazing fast streaming speed and also provides you the strongest encryption and leak protection. You should take the advantages of their money back guarantee policy and if you don’t like their service you can always take a refund.

Your ISP is watching you!!

In UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other countries people are wondering if Kodi is Legal. Though streaming in Kodi is perfectly safe and legal but copyrighted content streaming can lead to fines and prison sentences due to the strict copyright laws in these countries. Day-by-day new copyright laws are introduced and imposed to block illegal streaming of movies and tv series.

To make things worse, your ISP is watching and logging your online activity. It’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

United States: In the US, all ISP has the legal authority to log your every activities and bound to pass the information to the Govt. agencies whenever they ask. DMCA law is applicable here and hence companies like Netflix, Amazon and all the Hollywood studios can collect the users information from these ISP and send them Legal notices asking for money as compensation to avoid the legal action that could be taken if you don’t pay up the money. Actually, US is the worst place on the earth if you are using Kodi or any other third party streaming services.

United Kingdom: Like US, UK also has harsh copyright laws like “Digital Economy Act” under which Kodi users can face up to 10 years jail time if you violate the copyright laws by streaming through third party Kodi addons. Not only this, UK also banned all pre-configured Kodi boxes by pirates and all ISP in the UK logs user’s internet activities.

Canada and other EU countries: EU recently passed a Law that bans any copyright material streaming by using third party Addons or software like Kodi. In Canada, they also impose despotic copyright laws.

In a nutshell, always use a VPN with Kodi to protect your privacy and avoid these copyright laws and hide your browsing history from your ISP. And you know what they say – “It’s better to be safe than sorry”.

Does a VPN improve the use of Kodi and similar?

No, a VPN won’t improve the use of Kodi if you are talking about streaming speed. Because of the encryption there will slight speed drop and if your VPN provider has dedicated server then you won’t even notice the speed drop. But if you are looking for a cheap or Free VPN for Kodi then it will really hamper your streaming experience. As per personal experience we found that Android Kodi Box works great with the VPN and you can watch your favorite programs in Kodi Box without any issue.

Is kodi legal?

Kodi is a free, Opensource Media player. Using Kodi is just like using any other common Media Players like VLC Media Player, KMP Player, Windows Media player etc. There are many free and legitimate addons for Kodi available. But the question arises when you are going to use the Addons that are for pirating copyright materials like Movies, TV Series etc. And for this case, it will depend on the Laws of your country. In some countries streaming copyright materials are prohibited. You need to be very careful while using the third party addons because the streaming source could be a piracy channel and as your ISP can monitor your browsing data hence you may end up getting warning emails , fines etc from your ISP.

To protect your privacy, you must turn on fast VPN for Kodi. There are very few VPN companies that gives dedicated Kodi Addon so that you can hide your streaming or browsing traffic from the ISP, Govt. Agency, Copyright trolls. If you live in UK, Australia, Canada, USA, France, or Germany using a Kodi VPN is more than just necessity.

Kodi VPN Errors/Not Working/Issues

Below we have put together some common issues on Kodi devices and their respective solutions.

Error: Check Log for more Information

This is common error if you are trying to install a Geo-restricted add-on. Some add-ons are restricted to certain countries and you are trying install the add-on outside of those countries.


The simple solution to this problem is to use a Kodi VPN. When you use VPN, it spoofs your current location to the vpn server location hence you will be able to access those geo-restricted addons. Just switch to USA, Canada, Australia etc. vpn server.

Error: Failed to Install a Dependency

This error occurs when you use an outdated VPN repository. Firestick users often face this error.


Often times, a VPN repository might be updated or the repository URL is changed. Make sure you are using the latest link and just reinstall the VPN repository.

Error: Size Check Failed

When you try to update the version of ION system of Jarvis version v16, this error may occur.


To solve this issue, through Tuxboot resize the partition as it treats new partitions as SDA1 and SDA2.

Error: Script Failed VPN for OpenELEC

Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2 users may face this error as the CPU processing power is limited.


For Raspberry Pi 3 users the fix is to update the OPENELEC version and use SD card for storage. If you are using Raspberry Pi 2 then update to Raspberry Pi 3.

How do I fix the covenant ‘no stream available‘ on Kodi 17.3 Krypton?

NO STREAM AVAILABLE error occurs if the stream is not available due to several reasons like the movie is released lately and there is not enough movie stream, the server may be busy, if during transfer connection timed out, Issue with your network, modification of the streaming link, outdated addons and most important one is ISP Throttling.

To solve this error, turn on a VPN and then check if you face the same error. Usually using a VPN for Kodi will solve the issue. If not, then try Updating Kodi, repository, and add-ons. Please note, when you install a new Add-on URL Resolver will automatically be updated.


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