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If you have been downloading apps and media from the internet, we are pretty sure you are aware of Filehosting services. There are a lot of filehosts that are being used nowadays and their premium accounts are expensive. LinkSnappy allows you to download from all major Filehosting services at price of just one typical premium account. LinkSnappy supports premium downloading from over 50+ Filehosts. It’s also compatible with popular download managers. Alongside Filehosts, LinkSnappy offers ability to download/stream torrents from your personal LinkSnappy Cloud. It’s your one-stop solutions for all your downloading needs

LinkSnappy Review

LinkSnappy Premium features for Elite membership:

  • Premium Download speed from RapidGator,, depfile and 60+ other filehosters.
  • Streaming Files from FileHosters and Torrents without downloading
  • Private download makes your download more secure
  • 24×7 live support
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • IDM plugin, Jdownloader plugin, Chrome and Firefox extensions support for premium link generation.

Visit LinkSnappy Website

Speed test results from some of the supported filehosts

FileHost Supported Download Limits Speed Test
Rapidgator 30GB 10-12Mbps
Uploaded Unlimited 10-12MBps
Katfile Unlimited 8-10Mbps
FileJoker 5GB 10-12Mbps
Turbobit 7GB 8-10Mbps
File.AL 3GB 12-15mbps
FileFox 2GB 12-15mbps
Uploadboy 10GB 10-12MBps
TakeFile 2GB 12-15mbps
Ex-Load 2GB 12-15mbps


LinkSnappy supports Uploaded

LinkSnappy is the only multi-host who has stable Unlimited support for, We tried multiple files through their website and through any of the supported download managers they have mentioned and we never faced any technical sags or slow downloads towards our files. We received around 10-12mbps on the individual files without any speed drops.

Linksnappy and Rapidgator

Rapidgator is one of the most demanded hosts out there and as per our tests, LinkSnappy has been providing the most stable support for it. The Daily download limit of Rapidgator from LinkSnappy is around 30GB which is more than sufficient for your downloads. We tested it out via the web and the various support download managers mentioned on their website, got around 10-12mbps on our individual set of files, and are happy to report that you will not find any stable alternative than LinkSnappy.

Linksnappy and KatFile

If you have been downloading lately, we are sure that you might be aware of the name Katfile. It is one of the known file-hosts out there and LinkSnappy provides an unlimited download support for it as well. During our tests with Katfile we got around 8-10 mbps speed for our individual files and LinkSnappy again proved that it provided stable support for the hosts mentioned in their list of services.

Recently added filehosts by LinkSnappy:-

  • Filefox
  • Nitroflare
  • Takefile
  • Ex-Load
  • Uploadboy


View full list here

LinkSnappy Download Speeds:-

Linksnappy review LinkSnappy with IDM

Download speeds using LinkSnappy were overall good, there was no major difference with/without HTTPS enabled. The fasted download speed is possible due to two reasons i.e. Stable service and Stable download servers offered by LinkSnappy. LinkSnappy has a wide range of servers in different locations around the world so you will always find the server as fast as blazing current. Most of the filehosters have limited number of servers and it makes their server overloaded when the number of user is high. But not with LinkSnappy, as they have top notch servers and optimizing their system to handle large number of concurrent users, I can assure you will get the Maximum speed your ISP provides. I am using a 20 MBPS dedicated line and I could reach upto 19.8 MBPS with LinkSnappy and Internet Download Manager (IDM). If you don’t know what a download manager is , you might look into this link.

LinkSnappy Supports Torrenting!

Visit LinkSnappy Website

LinkSnappy Review LinkSnappy and Torrenting

LinkSnappy supports torrenting not just multiple Hosting premium accounts. So, if you have one LinkSnappy premium account you will become the ninja downloader as you don’t need to buy zbigz and it’s alternative sites just for torrenting purpose. Other MultiHosters don’t support torrenting and few of them actually supports torrenting but doesn’t provide much download speed compared to LinkSnappy. I personally tested LinkSnappy and found it can cache the torrent files quite fast and also download speed is way better. The stable torrenting system and multihosting premium accounts all in one LinkSnappy premium. If you use Linkifier you don’t need to install uTorrent or configuring uTorrent to increase torrent download speed.

LinkSnappy offers free 25GB of cloud storage to its elite members which can be extended up to 1TB

LinkSnappy offers a desktop grade file management system, which helps you, Unzip the torrent files, Copy-paste the necessary files and remove the excessive files stored on the torrents. You can stream the video files via their streaming system, you can Zip the full archive and download it as a complete set, or if you want to download a single file from the full torrent archive, you can easily do that as well. After testing various multi-hosting networks out there, we found LinkSnappy’s File management system one of the most stable.

LinkSnappy Streaming Services

In addition to their filehosts and torrent downloading service, LinkSnappy offers online streaming for the content that is downloaded via their network. Any File host link, which is direct, links to a video file or Torrent Video archives or files can be easily viewed on LinkSnappy’s Streaming service on the browser or you can directly the high-speed direct download links and use VLC on your Desktops/Mac’s/Ubuntu or Linux devices and stream the content via their high-speed network.

LinkSnappy Browser Extensions

LinkSnappy extension for Chrome

LinkSnappy’s browser plugins allow you to take your premium downloading experience to all the websites you visit.

  • Generate premium download links from any webpage you are on.
  • Access your torrent files from the cloud
  • View uptime status of supported filehosts

Watch the chrome plugin in action below

LinkSnappy also supports:

  • Firefox
  • Safari

LinkSnappy Download Manager Support

LinkSnappy with Jdownloader:

Linksnappy review LinkSnappy with jDownloader 2

jDownloader is well integrated with LinkSnappy. After it has been configured with your LinkSnappy Premium account, it’s easily able to generate premium download links from linksnappy and start the downloads. Thereby, making your downloading experience even smoother and giving you an experience of having premium accounts on all filehosts!

LinkSnappy with IDM:

Linksnappy review LinkSnappy with IDM 3

IDM is one of the most-well known downloaders out there.It’s very basic but very useful. It handles downloads pretty well and is capable of multi-threaded downloading in order to provide faster speeds. In order to use IDM with LinkSnappy, simply generate download links using their website and input them into IDM.

LinkSnappy with Mipony

Mipony is another Windows known download manager which also has a custom Linksnappy download plugin which would just use your credentials to authenticate and start downloading from LinkSnappy at accelerated speeds

LinkSnappy with Load!

Load! is a simple Non-Java based download manager which supports LinkSnappy through their custom developed plugin. It doesn’t require any special framework to be installed and is fast and stable and one of the recommended download managers out there.

LinkSnappy Pricing

LinkSnappy Review pricing

LinkSnappy’s pricing is on par with a standard filehost premium account. Only difference being you get premium downloading from almost all of them.

Premium subscription can be purchased from this link

LinkSnappy voucher, Offers and Promotion:

Currently LinkSnappy has an offer running for all of their customers, any customer purchases the 90 Day subscription package or the 180 Days subscription package, would be allotted a free 30 Day gift voucher and a 90 Days gift voucher. Those LinkSnappy vouchers can be shared with their friends and family members so that even they can enjoy the ultimate downloading experience, which LinkSnappy has to offer.

LinkSnappy Payment methods

You can purchase one of the above subscriptions via Credit/Debit Cards be it Visa, Master Card, American Express or Paysafecards or Amazon USA gift cards or via crypto currencies. Linksnappy accepts all the major crypto currencies out there. LinkSnappy even has a wide list of resellers who accept all the major payment methods as well as some local payment methods as well. None of the payment methods mentioned are recurring and LinkSnappy has always claimed that they do not support recurring payments and each payment has to be manually verified by the user. LinkSnappy supports PayPal also. To pay your subscription via Paypal just click on “Card/Paypal” option and then in the next page you have to select PayPal.

Premium subscription can be purchased from this link

How to use LinkSnappy Mulithoster

LinkSnappy has a very basic system, which helps even a first-time user to easily navigate through the website, and gain access to his/her file downloads.

Here are the basic steps on how to use

  • Visit the filehost link and copy the download link
  • Next, Login to with your credentials and visit their download section, which is here. LinkSnappy supports multiple download links, which are separated by new line on the download box.
  • Hit generate and your direct high-speed premium link would be generated.
  • You can directly download the link via your browser or use any of the download managers mentioned above as well.

LinkSnappy Customer Support

LinkSnappy Support is stable and offers support via Live Chat & e-mail. The live-chat was available for us 24/7 and the tickets were answered within few hours of being raised.

Linksnappy alternative

LinkSnappy is one of its Kind multihoster service with torrenting support. We also reviewed Linkifier which is a worthy LinkSnappy Alternative by far. You can read the complete Linkifier review. If you are looking for high speed torrent downloader you can read our Best Cloud Torrenting article. Remember your ISP is tracking your Download habit so make sure you hide your browsing history and online traffic from your ISP to avoid any kinds of Copyright infringing email, notice, fines etc. by using a Virtual Private Network service. A VPN software changes your IP address and location and also encrypts all transferred or received traffic and you can download from any file hosting service and torrent sites without worrying about your privacy.

Linksnappy coupon

LinkSnappy Doesn’t have coupon right now but you can get the special offer of extra 30 days Gift voucher if you buy 90 days plan. Also the 180 days plan will give you extra 90 days gift voucher. Although there is no LinkSnappy Coupon but using these vouchers you will be able to get extra time on your Elite Subscription.

LinkSnappy Review Conclusion

  • Supports over 50+ Hosters including Unlimited download support for hosters like Uploaded,Mega,Katfile and has provided support for major new hosts like TakeFile, and Filefox
  • Downloads were fast and reached maximum of our internet connection.
  • Cloud storage with ability to import and manage torrent files.
  • Affordable pricing starting at only $4.99

LinkSnappy is a downloading powerhouse and definitely worth looking into!


Visit LinkSnappy Website



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  1. Eric Johnson says

    Thanks for the share. Great information and article .i’ll wait for your next article.

  2. Filejoker daily limit is not 5 but 2GB which these days is almost useless.

    • Hi, Charloop
      Thanks for sharing your valuable information. We will update the page to reflect the change. Hope this linksnappy review is of much help regarding reviewing the service quality of linksnappy.

  3. About the section “Linksnappy coupon”, you can’t use the Gift vouchers on your account, it is literally a gift you can give to someone else.

  4. please support uploaders and don’t use linksnappy

    uploaders work hard to get new files to upload and they may pay money for it
    if you use linksnappy uploaders don’t earn anything
    and they will stop working so you will find nothing to download

    Bitte unterstützen Sie Uploader und verwenden Sie keine Linksnappy

    Uploader arbeiten hart, um neue Dateien zum Hochladen zu bekommen, und sie können dafür Geld bezahlen
    Wenn Sie Linksnappy-Uploader verwenden, verdienen Sie nichts
    und sie werden nicht mehr funktionieren, sodass Sie nichts zum Herunterladen finden werden

    please tell your friends to stop using linksnappy

    • Hi Mr. Engle
      This is not true. Linksnappy like services do use premium accounts to download files . Only difference is that it is downloading files to their servers instead of a computer or mobile. So rest assured, the uploaders will get paid for the downloads.
      Hope my answer clears you doubt. If not feel free to reply.

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