WP-Rocket Plugin Review | WP Rocket VS WP Super Cache Comparison

wp rocket review
Another WP Rocket Plugin review? Yes, this awesome plugin forced me today to write about it. I got the license from the helpful WP Rocket team a week ago. I was surprised by installing it on TechSpree blog and the improvement in site speed and performance amazed me. Before using WP Rocket Plugin I was using WP super cache which is free. Now for improving the WordPress site’s loading speed the recommended method is using a caching plugin. A Worpdress Caching plugin reduces the page requests and decreases page size to improve the page loading time. If you have a wordpress blog and not using any caching plugin then you are missing an awesome features of wordpress CMS.

Aren’t there many FREE WP Caching Plugins?

There are many free wordpress plugins currently in the plugin directory of wordpress. Some of theme are as follows:

  • WP Super cache
  • W3 Total cache
  • Quick cache
  • WP Fastest cache
  • Hyper cache

The reason for choosing a premium plugin

Better Performance:

The premium plugins has better performance than the free plugins. The caching capability of the premium plugins are superior than that of the free caching plugins.

Simple configurations

I used WP super cache and W3 total cache on my blog previously. Both these plugins has so many options that often I get lost and become confused which features to use and which features to not use. The configuration takes time and you need to have advanced knowledge of web development to know which feature is the best suit for your blog. I have seen in my clients site that they are using free wp super cache plugin but the preload feature is turned off by default. You will never know how important this feature is to reduce your site loading time. But who will care if this feature is turned off by default by the plugin developer? WP Rocket has fewer options to play with but promises you better performance of your wordpress site.


Free WP caching plugins do not facilitates customer support. If you don’t know what you are doing you can end up converting your well written blog to a blank page due to some htaccess conflict or directory permission issues. But premium caching plugin like WP Rocket offers you dedicate customer support so that you can get the best out of the plugins and a rescue team always ready if you messed up your wordpress site anytime.

WP Super Cache VS WP Rocket caching plugin head to head comparison

Let’s first see what the speed was before using WP rocket plugin:

wp rocket review

Pingdom page speed test with WP Super Cache Plugin


Performance Grade: 83
Load Time: 1.91s
Requests: 53

The next picture show the page loading time after installing WP Rocket Caching Plugin

wp rocket review after install


Performance Grade: 91
Load Time: 699ms
Requests: 43

WP Rocket VS WP Super Cache Webpagetest Result

The comparison between WP Rocket and WP supercache is also tested on WebPageTest website. The result is pretty satisfactory.

WordPress site Page speed with WP Super Cache:

wp rocket review webpagetest1

WordPress site Page speed with WP Rocket Caching plugin:

wp rocket review webpagetest 2.png

WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Hyper Cache

WP Rocket website has a great comparison chart. It is very useful to know about all the extra features that WP Rocket offers.
wprocket review comparison

WP Rocket settings Review

After installing WP Rocket I have enabled the following the settings in the “Basic settings” tab. Please be aware not to enable CSS minify option in “Files optimisation:
(Minification & Concatenation)” . Your site design may become broken . At least this feature did not work out for me. Check the below setting to know about what I set for TechSpree Blog

wp rocket review settings

Conclusion of WP Super Cache Vs. WP Rocket Comparison and Review:

WP-Rocket is the best caching plugin we ever used on our site

WP Rocket worked like a charm. Site Loading speed was dramatically reduced and the user experience is improved after installing this plugin. I recommend you to buy WP Rocket if you want to rank your site well in the search engine ranking WAR. Please let us know which WordPress Caching plugin you use for your site in the comment section below.


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