Xbox Series X Vs Xbox One X What are the key differences?

Ever since computers were invented, there have been many major breakthroughs in terms of technology. Whether it is health or education or finance, technology has made the lives of people better in every field. When it comes to the field of recreation, there has perhaps been no greater development than the birth of gaming consoles. Our claim is supported by numbers. As of two years ago, according to Statista – one of the largest statistics research companies in the world founded a decade and a half ago in Hamburg, Germany, there were 2.8 billion gamers on Planet Earth. This number must have grown over the past couple of years as tech devices become more widespread and the pandemic has forced people to stay in their lounges. As far as this country is concerned, 211 million of the 330 million residents of the United States are gamers – that makes up more than two-thirds of the people living under the banner of the star-spangled flag!

xbox series X vs Xbox one X

In this scenario, gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation have become much more significant than before. Upon the arrival of the Xbox Series X in gaming stores in November 2020, the hype was unimaginable. And unsurprisingly so — Microsoft releases the latest version of its much-anticipated gaming device once in multiple years! According to estimates concluded after careful research, approximately 6.5 million Xbox Series gaming consoles had been sold by the month of July 2021 – eight months into the release of the gaming console. But, when we consider the fact that the total number of Xbox Ones sold is much higher climbing way above the 50 million mark, we realize that a lot of people have still not decided to make the jump from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series. And it makes sense; after all, upgrading costs hundreds of dollars! While some might have decided not to upgrade at all, we understand that many are currently deliberating whether to make the spend. In the case that you are one of the people faced with this choice, we are, by all means, here to help. The reason we say this is because we will be comparing the premier ‘X’ versions of both consoles in question – the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X.

Worthy Side Note

It is important to mention that no matter how powerful your gaming console is and no matter if it is the Xbox Series X or the Xbox One X, your gaming experience will be heavily impacted by your internet connection. After all, the last thing your online gaming buddies would want is a lag in your internet connection. In the case that you are currently subscribed to a low-quality internet service provider, we would really suggest a change. Our recommendation would be to go for finity internet. It is reliable and fast!


The Xbox Series X is one of the best in the world as it equals in power to a gaming personal computer. Now, that is a very big deal considering you would be hard-pressed to find a gaming personal computer at the price of the Xbox Series X. In comparison, the power of the Xbox One X is, indeed, much lower.


Perhaps, what gamers most look forward to in a new console is its graphics. You will be glad to know that the graphics are also much improved in the Xbox Series X as compared to the Xbox One X. Microsoft itself claims that the Series X is two times better in terms of graphics processing as compared to the One X. With the Series X, you can be sure that all games will run on 4K. This is because the gaming console features a custom graphics processing unit that has a power of twelve teraflops and as many as 52 compute units that run at 1.825GHz! You know what this means, right? The Xbox Series X is the most powerful gaming console in the whole wide world when it comes to the graphics processing chip. It really beats even the much-acclaimed PlayStation 5 by a significant margin.


The storage for both the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X amounts to one terabyte. However, there is an extremely significant difference between the two storage. While the one for the One X is a hard drive, the one for the Series X is a Solid State Drive (SSD). This means that the Xbox One X is much faster at starting up a game and loading a game.
In addition to the in-built Solid State Drive, the Xbox Series X also has a proprietary drive port. This port is situated on the rear of the console and lets gamers plug in an additional 1 terabyte Solid State Drive if they need more storage space.


Here is maybe the most important part of the article if you are considering an upgrade from the One X to the Series X. All the games and accessories of the One X can be used for the Series X! And as awesome as it sounds, it is not something new. Xbox has been making sure that its games work for all of its consoles for quite some time. This is significant because you can effectively keep whatever you like about your previous console after you upgrade.


Just like when it comes to games, the Xbox Series X is also backward-compatible when it comes to controllers. The Xbox One X’s controller received much acclaim from almost every famous person in the gaming community and it is awesome that you can use it on the Xbox Series X as well.
In the case that you wanted a change in the Xbox One controller, know that the controller has indeed been upgraded. The new D-pad helps aim for a certain direction. It is, in effect, a mixture of a rounded pad and a four-directional pad we all saw on the controller of the Xbox One. Just as the Xbox One’s controller can work on the Xbox Series consoles, the Xbox Series controllers can work on previous versions such as Xbox One as well. Besides, the controller has a USB-C port which means that it not only charges fast but it allows for charging and playing at the same time.

Yet another update in the Xbox Series controller is that it features a share button in the center of the controller. This is similar to the share button on the controllers of the Play Station 4 as well as the PlayStation 5. What the button does is that it allows you to share the screenshots and the recordings of your gameplay with others, including your friends and gaming buddies.
The controller costs about fifty bucks in the United States.


Xbox Series X’s design is quite different from other gaming consoles. Although it may be placed horizontally, it is supposed to stand vertically. The console is also significantly larger. A big motive behind such a design is to have a bigger grille at the top to allow heat to dissipate faster. Heat dissipation is crucial as the Xbox Series X is extremely powerful and will heat up if an effective heat dissipation system isn’t there.


It’s a wrap! We are optimistic this article has helped you decide whether the upgrade is worth it for you or not.


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