1. you missed xtreme download manager ,it even works on linux and mac os .Its not popular but i must say i found it as good as IDM

  2. If you are chrome user you can use some extension that can download media file on any website. Most recommend is using IDM Module (may be it’s name changed). Here is the fix link.

  3. I have to admit that I am not using any download manager in Ubuntu. Simply don’t need that I need one. Modern browsers took good care over downloads.

  4. Thanks for the great list, I like the IDM, great to know I have a few free options available too in case I need an alternative or a backup. Eagle Get looks solid.

  5. Jason Matthew says:

    Hey, i think you might also see my listings for few more better idm alternatives.

  6. meherhendi0 says:

    jdwonlaoder is the best !

  7. Dude, you seriously need to work on your grammar. It’s hilarious. The same goes to most of the people who made comments.

  8. Nice article though, Thumbs up for that.

  9. Thank You for your great post. I need it as alternative to the IDM which not free. I also want to post it on my blog

  10. I really wanted the alternative of IDM because it irritates me every time
    Thanks to you,I get a alternate of it :)

  11. Wahh, better stuff you have shared & really thankful for it. IDM so far best download manager. No download manager may beat internet download manager in transfer speed.

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