NordVPN Coupon Code [77% to 100% Off] Discount – June 2023

Are you searching for NordVPN coupon codes that are working? Many sites are promoting fake coupon code and most of them doesn’t even work. Sites like vpnMentor claimed 90% discount coupon code, upon visiting I found nowhere about the NordVPN coupon. Not only in Google search results, fake coupon codes are everywhere i.e. Reddit, Youtube etc. That’s why we are presenting to you three different coupon code for NordVPN by using these you can avail upto 77% discount on your NordVPN purchase.

Now you may also ask me how to get 100% discount ? Is it for real? How? Yes, it is. I know two way to do so. We will also discuss about it more below.


NORDVPN COUPON CODE – For Techspree Readers the coupon is applied on the link.


Note: We have also shared how to avail NordVPN 100% free below using two different methods. One of them required you to cancel the service after 30 day trial period. The private method is shared only to our Facebook followers. Like our facebook page and then Send us a message via Facebook

NordVPN Coupon Updated 2023

NordVPN currently has 3 coupon codes that are working for now. The three working NordVPN coupons are: If you buy 3 Years Plan you will get 77% discount, and if you buy 2 Years Plan then you will get 72% discount, and if you buy 1 years plan you will get 70% discount.


NordVPN 3 Year Plan with 77% Discount Coupon code:


By using this special coupon code link you can avail 3 years plan of NordVPN. The retail price of NordVPN 3 years plan is $430.80 but you can get this at 99$ by using this NORDVPN COUPON LINK . ( NOTE: This link already has the coupon code applied so you don’t need to type the Coupon again on the next page). The applied coupon code is “3ydeal”.

NordVPN 2 Year Plan with 72% Discount Coupon code:


This coupon code lets you buy NordVPN 2 Year Plan with a whooping 72% discount. Not as economical as the 3 years plan but the price reduction is not bad either. Without NordVPN coupon code the retail price is enormous 286.80$ which you can avail at 79$ from NORDVPN COUPON LINK (2 Year). Can you see if you can add only 20$, you can avail full 3 years at only 99$. Check the above 3 years plan discount section. For two years plan 72% discount the applied coupon code is “2YSpecial2017” . (YES, I know it is 2018, but the coupon started since 2017).

NordVPN 1 Year Plan with 67% Discount Coupon code:


NordVPN 1 year Coupon link will allow you to buy the 1 year subscription with amazing 67% discount. If you don’t like long term relationships ( :p ) then you can choose this option. The retail price is $143.40 but for you, the coupon will smartly compress the price to $48 . So follow NORDVPN COUPON LINK (1 Year). This will work for most of the VPN users as the price is not too much high and you are also getting one year plan on a reasonable price. For your information, the applied coupon code is “get1y”.

NordVPN for free (100% discount)

Now the interesting part. NordVPN gives 30 days full money back guarantee. Now you can use this opportunity for your gain. Just order the VPN by using any of the links above (you could use one year plan). After just 29 days, shoot them an email and claim the money. NordVPN generous support team will give you the money back. Now this is not an ethical way to use a service for free so we don’t recommend this.

Should you do this way and use NORDVPN for free? Absolutely not!! NordVPN team has invested so much money on quality servers and customer support team, let alone the development costs a hell lot of money. So if you hamper their business like this, then in near future they may short the 30 days money back period and offer 7 days period instead. So don’t misuse the opportunity.

Why we put this on our article then? Because if you buy NordVPN and use it for 30 days, I guarantee you , you won’t feel to claim the money back because of the blazing fast speed, quality service of NORDVPN unless you want to play evil disregarding the service quality.

There is also another legal but hidden way to get NORDVPN premium account for free (100% discount) which I don’t feel that I should share publicly. The reason is, NordVPN may shutdown the method if lots of users use the trick that’s why only few people will get the trick. Like our Facebook page and send us a message and we will share you the trick.

How to Use NordVPN Coupon?

If you use any of the NordVPN Coupon link from our page, you don’t need to take the hassle of typing the Coupon code. But if you still need to go the old school way then here is how to redeem NordVPN coupon code.

Step 1: Visit NordVPN website from this Link.

Step 2: Click on GET NordVPN button.

Step 3: From the next page, type in your Email. From radio button select your payment method. Either Paypal, Credit/debit cards or other anonymous payment options like Bitcoin.

nordvpn coupon how to apply promo

Step 4: On bottom, you will see Coupon field. You can either click on “REMOVE COUPON” button and then paste your custom coupon here. Or if you don’t have any coupon just proceed with the payment option. You will still receive -$95.40 discount on your yearly package.

Spot the fake coupon sites

On Google you may find a huge list of fake sites. During my last test, I found 7 out of 10 first page results contains those fake sites. See this site claims to give you 90% discount code!! But alas, it also fake one. You will receive only 77% discount as officially given by NordVPN. ( I am not mentioning the site name just yet)

nordvpn coupon code fake

You can only get 77% discount max if you buy 3 YEARS plan so stop wasting your time visiting these phantasm site to get 90% discount.

NordVPN coupon and refund policy

As we mentioned earlier, NordVPN has generous 30 days money back guaranteed. There is no hidden conditions and you won’t be asked any questions when you claim the moneyback. This is better than getting one or two days trial period. After using NORDVPN for whole month then you can decide whether you want to buy it or not.

So, will the applied coupon have any relation with the refund policy? No, if you use Techspree Discount Link and buy NordVPN premium account, the 30 days money back guarantee is still applied.

NordVPN discount overview


So from our above discussion, you should already know that NordVPN offers three different coupon code and discount. If you consider the service quality of NordVPN I would just say “top notch“. Here are the glimpse of what NordVPN offers.

NordVPN – Features

✅ Based in Panama so out of 5 eyes countries.

✅ Upto 6 devices are allowed per account.

✅ Supports OpenVPN IPSec/L2TP,IPSec/IKEv2,PPTP protocols.

✅ Zero Logs and No Leak detected.

✅ Works with Netflix, unblocks Great Firewall

✅ Blocks ads and tracker using CyberSec and has 24/7 live chat support.

Which NordVPN discount package is the most econimical?

After through review, I would recommend you to choose the three years plan from the above discount link to get NordVPN at lowest per month subscription of $2.75 which is much cheaper than it’s competitors. (For example, IPVANISH offers 4.87$ per month on their Yearly package. Check IPVanish Discount for more information.

NordVPN coupon code

Do you need to type the coupon code to avail the offer?

No, if you use our given link then you won’t need to type the Coupon code on the order page of NordVPN because the coupon is already given in the link and NordVPN processes the coupon code from the URL. This is a plus point for users because copying and pasting the coupon code from sites are problematic. Instead, NordVPN offers discount and coupon code via discount link only.

NordVPN lifetime subscription

NordVPN doesn’t offer lifetime subscription. Here is why, most of the Lifetime subscription based VPN companies provide very low service quality and they don’t offer money back guarantee on the lifetime package too. So it means if you buy lifetime subscription from these companies and if you don’t like their service then you are stuck with them.

Most lifetime subscription is a scam. They also deactivate accounts after 3 years on average so what you are paying for lifetime is complete waste of money.

NordVPN hence offers subscription based model. I wish NordVPN in future would give 5 years package too like IVACY VPN in much cheaper price.

NordVPN coupon

To conclude our NordVPN coupon coupon guide, these are the best NordVPN Coupons which are working 100% in 2018. Many TechSpree users already used these coupon codes and nobody told me otherwise.

NordVPN supports cryptocurrencies too, so if you have some BTC, you can buy NordVPN using BTC for complete anonymity.

If I find any more new NordVPN discounts, specials, and deals, I will update this page accordingly.

NordVPN is by far the best VPN service for streaming, downloading torrent files, and unblocking contents on Kodi, Firestick TV box and it also beats the Great Firewall of China.

You can choose NordVPN without any hesitation as it is one of the most popular VPN companies with huge number of servers for its tremendous and large user base.


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  1. nordvpn is worth to buy and if you get a coupon u can consider yourself a winner!

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. Yes, NordVPN is one of the most secure vpn and using NordVPN coupon code, readers will be able to save some bucks during purchase. Take care!!

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