Free Teletalk 3g internet trick [first on the net]

Teletalk free internet trick

TeleTalk is the Government run 3G provider in Bangladesh. Though its service is limited to Dhaka and Chittagong only but it has a noticable Users already specially youth. Teletalk is giving their 3G internet service in a fair prices, no doubt.There are alot of trick on Grameenphone internet but there is not a single article on free teletalk internet trick. Our this teletalk free internet trick is working in Dhaka Tested. So Today we are going to make Teletalk 3g internet free for everyone. So, its time for you to grab a Teletalk modem now and test the taste of highspeed internet for free because this Teletalk free internet trick works. This trick is first provided by our website

Free teletalk Internet trick Features:

    • HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported : Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.
    • Zero Balance Condition : Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.
    • Torrents Supported : Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported.

How to setup this trick in Windows Platform?

First setup “PAY as YOU go” 3G plan. don’t keep any money in your sim

Connect Teletalk Flash Modem

Next download this vpn

Download VPN :

free teletalk 3g internet trick

Sign up Here

Open Pdproxy.exe

For first time it may install TAP Driver So allow it.

Enter your Account details i.e Username and Password and press CONNECT button

VOILA ! connected ….

Browse and Download using teletalk 3g with zero taka balance.


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  1. hi, I have tried it in chittagong but it didnt work for me. I have used my iphone as modem and my balance was zero. It simply doesnt allow me to tether when the balance is zero whereas gpinternet works like charm. In that case do I have to by flash modem or there is any issue going with pdproxy. Please let me know asap. Thankz.

  2. thanks for ur quick reply but the problem is when my balance is zero the network doesnt allow me to tether!!! here is my question to you…t is it possible to connect flash modem with zero balance or u hv to buy any package first?? if its possible then m gonna buy a flash modem tomorrow…pls let me know..chee

    • @Istiak, Brother , There is a package in 3G named as PAY AS YOU GO. this package has been introduced few weeks ago. By this package, you can connect to 3G speed with some 10KB/paisa may be. if you don’t use any package then it will not connect. You don’t need Teletalk 3G modem. You can use GP modem and inside Teletalk sim and configure it accordingly

  3. Also u can buy any package like 2 GB for one month. Then finish it and after finishing 2GB they will cut PAY AS YOU GO. I think u should call 121 for activating PAY AS YOU GO package. Thanks

  4. I already had 1GB internet. So after finishing 1GB it should automatically go back to pay as you go mode. Last time I topped up with 10 taka and used internet for few minutes and when all my money was finished I tried pdproxy for free internet but it doesnt allow me to connect. May be teletalk has become Anyways, why dont you give it a go and then let me know…thankx

  5. John, PdProxy works with every operator and it does not have any speed limitation but it has a 100 mb per day limitation. But I already have shared a trick for bypassing 100 mb limitation. Start any download and dont disconnect it. Thus you don’t need any Premium Voucher as you are getting premium feature for free. Follow this post :

  6. This tricks does not work anymore

  7. This trick is disabled by teletalk so does not work anymore. sorry!

  8. Bro i tried so much thing to hack teletalk 3G but failed, and today i got you and i think you can discover something hopefully …. i will keep my eyes always here ….

  9. Vai notun kichu ki pailen …

  10. This Trick Doesnt Work ANyMore… Really need a New trick

  11. hi.hope u doing good.
    Its me kabir,from Ctg.Could you please tell me that how can I read Bangla writing or install Bangla font in my Htc Radar(c110e) Windows phone 7.5 OS.
    Thanks bro,
    keep it up good works,

  12. ভাই টাকা শেষ হইলে আর কাজ করেনা

  13. i didnt get any activation link in my email

  14. shamrat khan shawon says

    If any new free offer for teletalk you know plz send me. and i am a new user so i don,t know how to cake balance and any think els so plz help me to send some code off balance chake internet pakage activition and internet mb chake .

  15. Fahim Faisal says

    Is there any way to use teletak free internet on my android via router? If is then please tell me ASAP.

  16. Fahim Faisal says

    Is there any way to use teletak free internet on my android via router? If is then please tell me as soon as possible. My devices name is lg pad 10.1 v700. And my router is hauwei .

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