FastestVPN Review | Blazing fast VPN for streaming and security 2023

FastestVPN Review – The FastestVPN for Streaming

Springing in the year 2017, FastestVPN has proven itself to be equivalent to the VPN industry leaders with its excellent service and milestones achievements in such a short time span.

FastestVPN is a Cayman Islands based company that has launched their Virtual Private Network in the market with rich and advanced features. The VPN has servers spread across the globe and users can easily select the location they want or the one that is close to them (for better speed).

Why FastestVPN is The Right Choice?


FastestVPN is the best candidate in all avenues. This is because it devotes to protect the user’s data and online identity as priority.

FastestVPN for Geo-Unblocking

FastestVPN provides access to various geo-restricted content from all over the world. It unblocks content that is locked in your country. The VPN aims people who want to access region locked services like watching BBC iPlayer from US or anywhere else. In order to access content of a particular channel, you need to connect to the server of the country that the channel belongs to for e.g. UK server for BBC iPlayer, US server for Fox Sports and so on.


FastestVPN for Streaming

With the most popular events going live every now and then, such as FIFA world cup, it is apparent that the world wants access. But most channels are either paid and cable subscription based or free and geo-restricted. Opting for an alternative that is free is a more viable option, of course, with the geo-restrictions taken care of by FastestVPN.

All protocols work equally well for streaming but OpenVPN is preferred. OpenVPN has UDP and TCP protocols, which are both preferred for different purposes. TCP is great for browsing while UDP works better with video calling, streaming etc. UDP is recommended for streaming as it offers reduced latency and doesn’t wait for acknowledgement from the client side and retransmission of lost packets; therefore works faster than other protocols.

FastestVPN for FIFA World Cup

There are plenty official broadcasters who will telecast FIFA world cup 2018 live but majority are subscription based. For people without antennas, the options are limited. Though there are official websites available that will stream the whole event live. The glitch is that there are geo-restricted. And that’s the upside of having FastestVPN. You can easily circumvent the limitations and enjoy the footballing event of the year with utmost convenience. Here’s what you need to do in order to watch FIFA:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Connect to UK or Russian Server
  3. Open BBC iPlayer (UK) or (Russia) on your device/browser
  4. Start streaming FIFA

FastestVPN Speedtest

During speedtest from our VPS server of 900 Mbps connection we could retain 819+ Mbps which is quite high if you consider the overhead that comes with VPNs.

fastestvpn speedtest



FastestVPN Pros and Cons


If we’re going to analyze a company and their product, it can be best done evaluating its pros and cons. Thus we will have a detailed layout of all the pros, cons and solutions of FastestVPN. This will help you decide the worth of the VPN yourself.

Pros of FastestVPN

  1. Pricing


FastestVPN has very economical pricing patterns. Their cheapest plan is for as low as $1.66 per month. It is their bestselling subscription plan as well billed at $39.95 biennially, saving 83.3%. They also have a current plan which is FIFA 2018 recommended, that is $5 per month, billed at $15 quarterly which is 50% lighter on the pocket. Another plan is for $10, which is a monthly plan without any savings. Talking about pricing you can also check our VPN discount and deals page to avail HUGE DISCOUNT / Coupon codes. Recently we published NordVPN coupon code and IPVanish Coupon code. You can also check how to download torrents anonymously guide.

  1. Advanced features without additional charges

fastestvpn review 3 features

FastestVPN has all the top-notch features that any other VPN service provider may offer. What makes it a unique selling proposition is their advanced features, such as NAT Firewall and Malware Protection, which is offers without any extra costs to the original pricing plan. While most VPNs may sell it as an addon, FastestVPN charges no such additional charges, prioritizing customer privacy and security.

  1. Ad Blocker

This is yet another feature of FastestVPN that frees you from all annoying ads and pop ups and still doesn’t charge an extra dime to provide this service.

  1. Zero Logging Policy

Zero logging policy is definitely most important factor taken into consideration when choosing the right VPN for yourself. This is also one reason why a paid VPN is better than a free one, as free VPNs always keep logs. What adds to the credibility of FastestVPN’s zero logging claim is that they are Cayman Islands based. This means that there is no such law of land that bounds them to retain users’ data. No data retention means higher privacy for the user against all data snoopers.

  1. Wide Protocol Range

FastestVPN offers the largest number of protocols on its app. From most basic security to the highest security, they have all on the spectrum. The protocols they offer are:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN (UDP and TCP)
  • OpenConnect
  • IKEv2
  • Xsec


  1. P2P optimized servers

What’s great for all torrenteers and people in habit of large file sharing is that FastestVPN has P2P optimized servers facilitating large database transfer at high speed. It’s great for torrenting as it provides full anonymity and frees the user from the fear of torrenting. If you use uTorrent a lot then you can check how to increase uTorrent download speed by using torrent tracker list and also you should always use a VPN like fastestVPN while you are torrenting. There are two types of torrent trackers public and private trackers that will help you to get full speed and anonymity along with the privacy tool like a VPN.

  1. Apps for all prominent devices

fastestvpn review devices



FastestVPN has excellent working apps for all devices including iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Android Box and FireStick. The apps are very user friendly. It is not complicated to use or not which makes it so great for even a user who is not very tech savvy.

  1. Compatibility with 20+ devices

The devices that FastestVPN doesn’t have designated apps for, still can be connected manually using the guides and tutorials on the website. There are 20+ such apps including Linux, Kodi, Roku, PS4 and more.

  1. Compatible on routers

The connectivity of FastestVPN is not just limited to apps for phones and other devices, but it can also be configured on router. Once you configure VPN on router, you can connect any of your device to the VPN-enabled router.

  1. Convenient and safe payment methods

Other than the service, this is another factor weighing in FastestVPN’s favor. The Payment methods are super secure. They accept payment via credit cards, PayPal, AliPay and Bitcoin. Customers who want to keep their payment path anonymous, opt for Bitcoin.

  1. Connect 5 devices at a time

While others may offer 3 connections, FastestVPN offers 5 connections simultaneously with 1 account. Which means you can run the app and secure 5 of your devices at one time.

  1. 24/7 live chat

FastestVPN has a dedicated customer support. They are very useful and friendly. Available for assistance and to clarify any queries are their representatives present via live chat round the clock.

  1. Money back guarantee

Even though FastestVPN doesn’t offer free trials, it offers a 7-day money back guarantee which is just as good! You can ask for refund if you’re not satisfied, which is unlikely given their superior services and persistence to satisfy their customers.

Reasons why FastestVPN should be your first choice


Cons of FastestVPN

  • No free trials

FastestVPN doesn’t offer any free trials, which might be a con for some people, but for the existing clients it is great as there are no free loaders slowing down the server speed.

Overall Review of FastestVPN

What we conclude after testing the app and running a few speed tests is that FastestVPN is definitely the VPN for anonymity, security and privacy. Setting competition high in the market, we vouch for FastestVPN as it surely makes a strong selling point with all of its advanced and immaculate features.


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