Best VPN for streaming HD [ TOP 5 of 2023]

Can there be something more annoying than buffering while streaming media? There is; yes, and it is the terrible pain-in-the-neck havoc of geo-restrictions. There are several fascinating online services to watch your favorite TV seasons and movies. However, these websites or services are not available throughout the world.

For instance, Netflix, the global leader in online media streaming services that helps users enjoy an exquisite range of award-winning documentaries, movies, TV shows, and much, much more on across-the-board Internet-connected devices. With Netflix, users can watch seamless content without the need to endure even a single advertisement.

Why do you need a VPN for streaming?

Geo-restrictions are one of the most frustrating things with Netflix in Canada, US, India, Australia, and several other regions. Geo-blocks are used for restricting users from gaining access to any particular content available on any website. Similarly, Netflix can’t be accessed partially or completely in several regions around the world due to geo restrictions, which tends to play a spoilsport for your entertainment needs.

The major reason for geo restrictions is due to applicable content license agreements. Copyright holders, as per set copy-protection laws, don’t permit their media content to be made available across the globe. It subjects every user willing to stream and watch their favorite movies or TV shows to a state of distress. When you try to view a geo-restricted content on Netflix, you might come across error messages saying that the video or music you are trying to access is not available in your respective country as per directions from the respective copyright holder.

Censorship regulations and policies restrict your access to a specific media on Netflix. In addition, geo-restrictions restrain Netflix content to a specific region – rendering you helpless with limited options on Netflix.

As a consequence, various movies and shows are not accessible by users of Netflix in US, India, Canada, Australia, and several other regions.

In such circumstances, the only potential and secure way to access such content is through the use of a VPN. Now, for all those wondering why I’ve used the word “secure,” the same act of unlocking access to copy-protected material on Netflix can be done through a proxy, yes surely; however, using a proxy service means compromising with your security aspect. However, on the other hand, a good VPN service helps you bypass geo-restrictions on Netflix without subjecting you to privacy concerns. The best VPN service for Netflix ensures you never have to miss out on your favorite movie, TV show or sporting event just because of your geographical location.

How Does a VPN Give You Access to Stream Geo-blocked Content of Netflix?

You can make the most of a VPN for accessing media, movies, TV shows, etc. not available in your country. A VPN (virtual private network) provides your device a secure, private internet connection so that no one can see your location or information, which helps you get around Netflix. Making use of a VPN server that is in the same nation as the web service you are trying to unlock access to should provide you access to services and media content usually not available to the residents of your country.

You can choose one of the best free VPN for Netflix to get around copyright protection and geo restrictions to watch your favorite movies and shows.

Best VPN for Streaming:

Provider Rating Price/Month Discount Link
1. NordVPN ★★★★★
Read Review
2.75$ 77% OFF
2. ExpressVPN ★★★★★
Read Review
8.32$ 35% OFF
3. IPVanishVPN ★★★★☆
Read Review
5.20$ 63% OFF
4. VyprVPN ★★★★☆
Read Review
3.75$ 25% OFF
5. TorGuardVPN ★★★☆☆
Read Review
9.99$ 86% OFF


The Best VPN for Streaming: NordVPN

Nord VPN for streaming homepage

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for streaming because of it’s high speed VPN servers and unblocking NetFlix with NordVPN is like breeze. Just connect with NordVPN, click on Specialty Server Tab and select Dedicated IP for Netflix streaming. If you select Dedicated IP you have better chance at unblocking Netflix. For all other streaming service like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc. you can choose any server that is nearest to you to avoid streaming speed throttle. As Netflix can stream HD in mere 2mbps connection because of their own compressing technology, you won’t feel the weight of NordVPN while streaming.

You can also get exclusive Discount link from our NordVPN discount Page.

NordVPN servers specially for Netflix


To unblock the Geo-restriction and use Netflix in US, Canada, Netherland or Japan you have to choose the correct VPN server. As the VPN will pretend that you are using internet from these location, Netflix will be tricked to let you watch the contents allowed for those region. So if you are expats in Canada you can still watch the Netflix USA latest TV series, Movies etc.

Netflix US:
All servers except Canada, Netherlands, Japan.

Netflix CA:
All servers in Canada.

Netflix NL:
All servers in the Netherlands.

Netflix JP:
All servers in Japan.

Why You should choose NordVPN for streaming?

NordVPN has 4851 servers in 62 countries and it works flawlessly from any part of the world. The Great Firewall of China is also defeated by NordVPN. If you need a quality VPN service without compromising privacy and streaming speed, NordVPN should be on top of your choice. You can use upto 6 devices per month which is above the industry average. You will also enjoy No Log VPN service from NordVPN as it is based in Panama outside of 11 eye country.

NordVPN has dedicated VPN app for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone/iPad, Android, Android TV which is easy to use and you can also tinker different options like Kill Switch, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN or P2P mode for stremaing/downloading from torrent sites.

NordVPN for streaming – Pros

⚡ Supports Netflix on most of the servers.
⚡ Cheapest price with 3 or 5 years deal
⚡ Top Notch streaming speed
⚡ Up to 6 devices on single account
⚡ NordVPN has CyberSec feature to block unwanted ads,malware and other phishing threats.


? Double VPN is slow but you don’t need this feature while streaming.
? Less number of country


Top Notch VPN for streaming video – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for streaming and has huge network of 2,000+ VPN servers – all optimized for streaming and unblocking contents. ExpressVPN is the leader VPN in terms of integrating VPNs protocol such that streaming experience is not hampered by any means of slowness. During our tests, ExpressVPN performed much better than our expectation. But you need to carefully select the right VPN server for Netflix. As Netflix bans VPN server by blocking their IP, you may find that some of their US server is already blocked by Netflix. But fear not, ExpressVPN has 24×7 helpful technical support team who will let you know the current working server list once you send them an email. All servers in the “Los Angeles” city are working fine with Netflix at this moment.

For other service provide like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, etc. ExpressVPN offers you blazing fast streaming. ExpressVPN was also listed on the best VPN for torrenting guide.

ExpressVPN for streaming – Pros

⚡ Unblocks Geo-restrictions of Netflix and other streaming services.
⚡ Servers optimized for streaming.
⚡ Easy to use VPN software
⚡ Military-grade security
2000+ servers with unlimited bandwidth and speed
⚡ 30 days money-back guarantee


? Pricey but the server quality worth the money.
? 3 simultaneous connection only


IPVANISH VPN for streaming


IPVanish VPN is the top-tier VPN provider and they have dedicated VPN server and global network of VPN service. As all of their programs and infrastructures are in-house, there is no third party involved hence your data is secure with IPVanish. Our VPN for streaming article would be incomplete if we did not mention IPVanish VPN on the list.

You can get exclusive 63% discount coupon code from our IPVANISH discount Page.

IPVanish is very popular VPN for streaming because of it’s blazing fast streaming speed. Although the VPN program automatically selects the best VPN server for you, if you want the maximum speed you should choose the VPN server that is nearer to your current location/city so that you can minimize packet propagation loss.

IPVanish VPN has already circumvented the “VPN ban” of Netflix with the help of their thousands of different IP addresses making it hard for Netflix to flag and ban VPN server’s IP. Many sites mentioned that IPVanish doesn’t work with Netflix anymore, which is not TRUE. I personally tested IPVanish and could stream videos from Netflix using “Los Angeles” VPN server. I had luck with Netflix UK too. But I am not sure about Netflix Canada. Because last time I checked it did not work with Canada Server of IPVanish. But most people will be satisfied with Netflix USA and UK.

If you want to access Canada Netflix then you will need to contact the support and get latest working VPN server name from them.

If you are into Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer only then you don’t need to worry a bit about it’s streaming speed. You are getting dedicated VPN server as IPVanish has it’s own in-house server network.

IPVanish VPN for streaming – Pros

⚡ IPVanish VPN has streaming optimized VPN server
1,000+ VPN server with 40,000+ shared IP
⚡ Zero Traffic log
10 simultaneous connections ( NO OTHER VPN PROVIDER CAN GIVE THIS)
24×7 customer support
7 days money-back guarantee


? Less number of servers support Netflix unblock
? Congested server (Can be overcome by letting the app select server automatically)


Free vpn for streaming – VyprVPN


Golden Frog the company behind VyprVPN is the active supporter of internet privacy and freedom of netizen. Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is not bound to data handover laws of US, Canada, UK or Australia.

VyprVPN also works with Netflix US and UK. If you reside in Europe you are in good luck as both these service will be faster in terms of streaming speed. The physical distance from the VPN server plays a role in server speed so you may want to connect to the nearest servers.

VyprVPN has 700+ servers in different locations. The good thing about VyprVPN is that it can defeat ISP/GOVT. speed throttling. So if you are getting slower streaming speed on your Kodi device due to speed throttling then you can easily turn on VyprVPN and get your “speed freedom“.

VyprVPN gives unlimited bandwidth so you will get the speed your ISP is giving you despite turning on the VPN. Geo-blocking is matter of “Past” with VyprVPN. You can access any location-based content from anywhere in the world e.g. you can access BBC iPlayer UK programs from Canada and vice versa.

The thing we like most about VyprVPN is it’s usability. It did not clutter it’s UI with useless buttons, hence you can turn on VPN with just one click. VyprVPN works great with content unblocking and streaming without any prying eyes. VyprVPN has two plans, VyprVPN normal plan comes with 5$ per month if you commit one year subscription but you will miss the important features which is provided in the VyprVPN premium plan i.e. VyprVPN Cloud – you will get dedicated cloud VPN server so Netflix can’t ban VPN server IP that often and Chameleon Protocol which bypass restriction and keeps your digital footprints secure. All of these premium features with just 6.67$ per month.

If I were you and I needed Netflix then I would definitely go with the VyprVPN premium plan as it makes me super safe and I don’t have worry about server switching/trying different locations and guess what, nobody can track me online with the advanced Chameleon Protocol.

VyprVPN for streaming – Pros

⚡ Unlimited speed and usage with VyprVPN
⚡ Risk-Free 3 day FREE TRIAL
⚡ Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac OS app.
10 simultaneous connections ( NO OTHER VPN PROVIDER CAN GIVE THIS)
24x7x365 technical support
⚡ Streaming optimized VPN protocol


? No Money back guarantee
? Only 3 days free trial
? Costly package but worth every penny.


Blazing fast vpn for streaming video – TorGuard


(Use coupon code “TGLifetime50” to enjoy 50% discount on all plans)

Torguard is placed on the 5th position. The reason we put TorGuard is that it is the only VPN provider that will give you dedicated streaming IP from different locations so that you can defeat Netflix VPN ban. Although you need to buy this addon on top of your VPN subscription but if you want peace of mind while streaming Netflix you can get their dedicated IP. Although the price of Dedicated IP is 7.99$ per month and it may seem unrealistic to most of the people, but if you need Netflix for certain region and want a bulletproof method that will surely work then Torguard streaming IP is your only one solution.

If you also use Torrent sites like the pirate bay then you must also turn on TorGuard VPN to guard your torrenting. Torguard will circumvent your ISP speed throttle and increase your uTorrent download speed. Torguard is also listed on our Top 5 VPN for torrenting list.

Now lets talk about the service quality of TorGuard VPN. This VPN provider is so confident about their VPN provider that they give 7 day FREE TRIAL period. You can check the streaming speed on all your devices before buying the premium subscription. I would recommend you to buy “Anonymous VPN” and “Dedicated Streaming IP” addon for royal streaming experience.

Here is a livechat conversation with one of the support guys.


Torguard VPN for streaming – Pros

⚡ Dedicated streaming IP feature.
⚡ Blazing fast streaming speed.
3000+ servers in 50+ countries.
⚡ Stealth Mode bypasses any type of blockage.
⚡ Easy to use VPN software.
⚡ State-of-the-art customer support.


? Costly.
? User Interface is a bit tricky.


Frequently asked question regarding VPN for streaming:

Can I Stream Netflix through VPN?

The answer is, of course, yes. Choosing the right VPN service, you can bypass copyright and censorship holds on a particular media on Netflix. While streaming media on Netflix, you get a wide range of benefits, including anonymity, different IIP addresses and security over the Wi-Fi connectivity. All you need to unblock restricted content on Netflix n your country is: install a VPN service, activate it, and that’s it, you’re all set to watch content on Netflix that’s blocked for other users in your region who have no concept of a VPN service.

Using this comprehensive guide, you can easily find the best VPN for streaming TV shows, movies, games, and more without any sort of geo-based restrictions or internet censorship hiccups.

What’s the Best VPN for Kodi?

You choose one of the best free VPN for Kodi to help protect your security and privacy without upsetting your streaming experience or slowing down your speeds. VPN helps you enjoy Kodi without hackers or your internet service provider spying on you.

Kodi is a popular multi-platform home theater service, earlier known as XBMC, which can easily be customized with an exquisite range of content programs, tools, and repositories to achieve an entirely personalized entertainment. It overlays any Raspberry Pi, Android, or computer system with an effortlessly easy-to-master interface that is compatible with a wide range of remote gamepads and controls.

Most Kodi users deploy a VPN for concealing their activities from their internet service provider while watching pirated stuff; however, there are several other reasons that make sense for everyone to use a VPN while using Kodi, the biggest of them being security and privacy protection against hackers.

A VPN encrypts the internet traffic of your Kodi device and routes it from an intermediary server corresponding to the location of your choice to ensure you stay safe against cyber attacks and can watch media restricted in your geographical location. Some of the best VPN for Kodi include IPVanish, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

How to Choose Best VPN Service for Streaming Netflix?

Streaming on Netflix mainly has to do with shifting your geo location to bypass copyright content on Netflix. If you wish to view content that is available only in a specific country (for example if you want to access the coverage of BBC Olympics that is only available to people in UK) then you need a VPN service that provides you a private network and server located in that specific geo-location.

Speed is another fundamental factor that you must consider while choosing the best VPN service for streaming Netflix. In particular, if you intend to stream movies and TV shows, you must go for a VPN service that provides very high speed. Tools such as ExpressVPN are, no doubt, the fastest VPN services available, followed by NordVPN which also offers decent speed. If you fail to choose one of these two best VPN services, read and follow the instructions provided in this brief guide to find the best VPN for streaming Netflix.

Similarly, you must choose a VPN service that provides you a virtual server of most locations of which you intended to view geo-based content. Other important features that you need to consider while choosing the best VPN for streaming music include anonymity and plausible deniability along with features to ensure security and privacy protection while using a Wi-Fi network. Considering these factors, you can effortlessly and accurately find the best VPN service for streaming movies on Netflix in Canada, US, Australia, India, or almost any other country in the world.

VPN vs. Proxy – Which is better for Streaming Netflix?

For all those who might be wondering why to go for a VPN service when you can use proxy tools and services to unlock geo-restricted content on Netflix, the answer is “Privacy”. Unlike proxy services, a VPN helps you bypass geo-blocks to unlock restricted content without compromising your privacy and security. While using proxy tools, your personal information is not secure and can be accessed by hackers and other cyber criminals. On the other hand, a VPN service completely ensures that your privacy is kept intact and that none of your personal information is tracked by hackers.

Using proxy service is not secure and reliable for bypassing geo-restrictions or for coping up with content and media censorship. A proxy uncovers various portals for hackers who’re in quest of an opportunity to break into your computer.

Using proxy service subjects you to security vulnerabilities; therefore, using proxy services is not recommended.

A VPN makes the most of encryption for securing your internet traffic and channelize the data via highly secure protocols. As a result, if you are streaming Netflix media using a VPN, you have better chances of safeguarding the confidentiality of your data along with your identity.

What is VPN on Popcorn Time?

A VPS assists you in securing your internet connection along with making you anonymous by making the use of ultramodern encryption technology. It conceals your identity along with protecting yourself from anyone looking to track your internet activities. Since it provides anonymity to your actual IP address, you can securely use the Internet and services like Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time is a groundbreaking media streaming service that is based on the BitTorrent protocol. As the nature of Popcorn time is regarded as illegal in numerous locations around the world, principally because its working is somewhat similar to that of a torrent, numerous users have experienced problems with it of late. Moreover, Popcorn Time has also been blocked in several different parts of the world. However, if you use the best VPN service for streaming media, you can make the most of Popcorn Time and all the exciting entertainment it has on offer, such as movies, TV shows, and much, much more.

You can also use Cloud torrenting sites like zbigz to stream movies or can also direct download torrents with IDM download manager.

Use a VPN for Streaming Sports from Anywhere

A wide range of sporting activities keep going across the globe on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it gets extremely tough to watch them all from your one particular geographical location, unless those events are getting broadcasted on your local television. Having said that, you can always view these events through online streaming.

Unfortunately, the channels which broadcast different types of sporting events are either geo-based (available only a few selected geographical location) or come with applicable internet censorship. To get rid of this mess, you can use a VPN for streaming sports to make sure you never miss out on your favorite sporting event ever, no matter in which part of the world it’s going on.

Another splendid advantage of using a VPN service is to buy different pay-per-view sporting events at affordable cost. For example, in UFC the cost of pay-per-view varies from one region to the other. By shifting your virtual location through a VPN, you may latch on to the event at the lowest price. In the same manner, a VPN service for streaming sports may assist in overcoming the havoc of blackouts, such as those witnessed in the NBA.

Unlock Netflix USA with VPN for Streaming

When we talk about finding a streaming service online for watching movies and shows, there’s hardly anything better than Netflix. Its worldwide presence has helped it achieve a cult status to emerge as the undisputed leader in streaming services thus far. Moreover, Netflix also makes its own proprietary content like House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Narcos, and many more.
However, one massive challenge encountered by Netflix users is its strict disparity with various content libraries in different locations. At present, Netflix US consists of the largest media library and it humbles the Netflix libraries at all other regions.

As a consequence, to surmount this problem, users must make use of a VPN service to stream unlimited content on Netflix. Making the most of its tremendous IP cloaking abilities and an exquisite range of servers, users can easily unblock Netflix USA with a VPN service from almost any other region. We have analyzed with several VPN service providers to detect which VPN service works the best with Netflix and have shared some of the best VPN for Netflix in this post. This post provides you a detailed overview of almost everything you need to know about finding the best VPN for streaming Netflix USA in any other geographical location where the contents of Netflix media library USA are otherwise blocked.

Best VPN for Streaming Twitch

Twitch has gradually evolved as one famous online media streaming service that is being heavily preferred by people of all age groups across the globe. In particular, Twitch is loved the most by gamers. The service provides you with a decent opportunity to stream and watch your preferred digital video broadcasts. Moreover, Twitch has, of late, introduced a wide range of stunning features such as TV series, talk shows, music, and much, much more.

Interestingly, users can enjoy ad stream a wide range of music events on Twitch platform. These music events consist of exciting dance appearances from several renowned clubs as well as music festivals from across the planet. Therefore, Twitch streaming service has shaped up as one of the front-running choices for most music lovers.

Why you need a VPN for Streaming Twitch?

As a matter of fact, not everything in the world of Twitch is exciting and thriving. The users of Twitch can’t access the services because of numerous reasons. Users may run across various bottlenecks when they try to access their favorite music video due to geo-block issues.

Similarly, streaming your favorite game like the League of Legends at your workplace or school can be really difficult. Therefore, in such circumstances, the role of a VPN service gets really essential.

You should look to use the best VPN for streaming on Netflix when we talk about accessing Twitch from any geographical location. Therefore, you may try out any VPN you choose from those discussed in this article. However, it is strongly recommended that you use PureVPN since it provides a tremendous listing if VPN servers from around the world. Moreover, PureVPN offers several cost efficient pricing packages together with an exciting range of power-packed features.

How Can I Watch Movies & TV Shows From Anywhere?

Think of a situation when you are on a trip to the Caribbean for holidays, but you need to stay on top of your favorite TV shows that you follow on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the streaming website or service you need to view those media content won’t be accessible anywhere outside your nation. What do you do in such circumstances? The best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix ensures your fun and frolic is not busted, whether you are home or overseas.

Use Best VPN for Streaming TV Shows

Here’s the finest solution – use the best VPN for streaming TV shows. The global server spread of a good VPN service will come handy for you in bypassing any media streaming service you use, and access your favorite movie and TV show online right from anywhere on earth. Be it Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Westworld, Silicon Valley, Scandal, House of Cards, Strange Things, The Flash, The Walking Dead, or almost any other TV season in the world, geo-blocks will hardly ever be an issue or factor of concern for you with a robust VPN service on your side.

Get Best VPN for Streaming Movies

With millions of movies available on the web, geo-restrictions, certainly, can play a spoilsport for you when we talk about media streaming online. Several famous media and content streaming services online such as Crackle, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, CinemaNow, and several others limit users from viewing media content from different regions around the world. However, by using a VPN for streaming movies, you can effortlessly bypass geo-blocks and access almost any streaming service. In this manner, you can relish latest movies from any location in the world.

Best VPN for Streaming as per Reddit

Reddit is unmistakably the largest online community in the world that features an exquisite and diverse range of avid internet users. You can easily resolve even your toughest of queries by asking them on Reddit. We also did exactly similar when choosing the best VPN for streaming. We narrowed down on an exhaustive list of leading and the most popular VPN services by visiting several relevant sub-reddits.

Next, we queried fellow Redditors to express their opinion about the VPN service, which one they consider to be the best and which not in terms of streaming capabilities and performance. As per accumulated results, we found some top-rate VPN services for streaming such as IPVanish that was choose to be the third best VPN service for Reddit. While ExpressVPN was voted second, PureVPN was the unanimous first choice for a VPN service by Redditors.

The best VPN for your PC

There are several popular VPN service providers available out there, but not all of them provide No-Log privacy feature. Though there are several free VPN service that retain activity logs, but most of them are making the privacy of your online data susceptible to privacy and security attacks. This post on the best free and paid VPNs will help you choose a service that hardly keeps any sort of logs or lead to data compromise and breach.

The bottom line

To summarize things, streaming is no doubt an utterly entertaining and fun task as long as there are no roadblocks along the way to mess things up and play an absolute carnage for your streaming and viewing experience. Over a period of time, the trend of internet censorship ad geo-restrictions has flourished to a fair extent around the world. Numerous nations teamed up in one voice with the online liberty victimization and started aggressively promoting the content restriction.

However, there is no real issue in the online digital ecosystem that can’t be resolved. Against every problem, we tend to find various solutions and quick fixes and for every type of restriction, we have the best VPN for streaming in 2018. By making use of any of the VPN service providers mentioned in this post, you can effortlessly unblock and access any media streaming service and relish a wide range of content from any part of the world.

VPN services are extremely safe and secure to use. They are definitely the most secure privacy software available out there that helps you hide your original IP and replace it with its own private IP, thereby masking your identity and activities online. A VPN offers stringent 256-bit encryption that comes handy in creating a tunnel to keep your data secure and protected under the tunnel.


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  1. You should also test out Surfshark. So far it was the best vpn for Netflix that I’ve used and trust me I’ve tried quite a few. I mean at this point there are many that do work with Netflix but still experience hiccups every week or so. That’s both annoying and risky as per account ban. Maybe they are just too well known by Netflix people by now or easy to spot due to the tens of thousands of users under the same ip.

    • Hi Kirby.
      Thanks for your valuable comment.
      Nothing is permanent regarding Netflix unblocking. We will try to update this post from time to time.

  2. technicianhomesick says

    I’ve talked to my family, and we decided to purchase a Netflix account and stream the US version. After speaking with a few friends, we bought NordVPN, reviews say that for Netflix it’s one of the best. So far US servers work fine, speeding drops a little but nothing that bad.

    • Hi
      Thanks for comment. Please before connecting with any server look out for the current server load. Try to connect with server that has less than 10% load.

      Thanks for your review.

  3. James Peter says

    Hi Munna & Technicianhomesick for clarification as:
    After speaking with a few friends, we bought NordVPN, reviews say that for Netflix it’s one of the best.

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